This is NUTS – AUTOCANNONS & MACHINE GUNS in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Machine Guns Testing on Update 1.21.1 Patch Test Server. Autocannons (Automatic Cannons) in Overwhelming Fire – XM551E4 Hailstorm, Flakpanzer VIII Flakmaus, M5YE2 Thunderclap.

00:00 Introduction
00:30 Why we get it?
01: What is this mode?
03:15 All 8 Autocannon tanks
04:35 Hailstorm
06:08 Hailstorm Battle
11:45 Thunderclap
17:09 Flakmaus
20:38 Conclusion

Now this is definitely something you do not see every day in World of Tanks… Automatic Cannons and Machine Guns are real!

What do you think?


  1. A completely new gun system under testing in the special event – Autocannons. Is this something you have been waiting for or… What is your take on it?
    Have a beautiful weekend, Legends!

    • Brother imagine the Hailstorm against a Leopard 1 💀 or literally any lightliy armored vehicle. 💀💀💀

    • Something else the game does not need……all new maps would be a start….. then adjustment of over good prems….. limit of gold ammo and removal/nerf of toxic reward tanks with said vehicles stats reset so marks gone.

    • This just means Scimitar might come to the game. Invisible autocannon British LT.

    • I wonder how much in credits this is going to cost especially premium ammo, think it’s just a credit sink

    • @SoraGaming_2020 I play AW 5 years ago and a get 5x tier10 premium mbt tanks for free,just playing (Battle Path) and many-many more premium tanks for free.
      AW is a realy playerbase f2p game… i like it, i love it… (BUT…its not perfect,i know)

  2. When WG runs out of ideas for making money they look to see what the other tanks games got and how they are doing it. War Thunder and Armored Warfare has had rapid fire cannons and miniguns in their games for quit some time now. WoT doesn’t really have anything in it’s game that the other tanks games find desirable. But WoT has a good list of things “ideas” they can grab from them. The only thing I think WoT will never try to take from them are there PvE game play modes that they have as it won’t serve there desired money wants.

  3. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    When i asked for KV-1 double barrel 57mm i didn’ mean to swap all tanks for this purpose…

  4. Looks fun. I hope PC can adapt the cold war mode from console with modern tanks. I play both

  5. HolySwordofLight

    What they did with hailstorm ammo, is how gold rounds NEED to be. More pen, but less actual damage. Make it Happen WG

  6. We need the machineguns activated, so If wheeled piece of sheit comes too close, then it automatically shoots, like secondarys in world of warships

  7. Looks fun.

  8. we literally already have autocannons in the game all of these new things are useless.

  9. I can’t seeing it ending well

  10. Well the final nail in the coffin for the Game we call World of Tanks

  11. the game mode looks fun, but they better not make it into the random Q. that would be devastating

  12. TehButterflyEffect

    I’m glad I finally quit playing this game.

  13. Vorname Nachname

    old pz1c 🙁

  14. 2k video quality when? did I mention the videos look very pixelated unless I frame them on 1280×720, but still they look pixelated.

  15. this has GOT to be a joke
    and in the match..i still see MM doing great…one sided as always

  16. Omg finally A10 thunderbolt in wot

  17. I don’t like it, it just looks like chaos everyone just yoloing in. just not for me.

  18. wuhhhhhhhht the fuuuuu

  19. premium shells should have always been like that .. higher pen less damage due to over pen punching a clean hole does less damage then punching a sloppy hole that sees the projectile bouncing around in the hull doing all kinds of bad things..

  20. seems like low tier mechanics that we have had for years to me. Machine gun autoloaders are not really a new feature but still looks like a fun mode.

  21. Haven’t tried, it looks pretty darn fun. HOPEFULLY this expands into utilizing the machine guns on tanks in the future. But, let’s be real honest here, it all depends on how WG balances this mechanic when they put it into the game proper. At these inflated values for testing purposes, who can say.

  22. just think how many crits you will get with a autocannon

  23. looks like the perfect counter to EBR tanks. easy to adjust your aim if you miss and many shots to insure you get some damage, so no big deal if you miss at first

  24. LOOKS FUN!!

  25. IFFFFF WG can implement these right, it looks hella fun and will be cool, but thats a big fat IF. For the love of god wargaming take a lesson from the WOWS department and dont fuck this up… the subs in wows were a total fuckup.

  26. The video Title should be name ‘ BBBRRRRRRRRRTTTTTT ‘ 🤣🔥🔥

  27. Maybe for a special side mode like steelhunter or frontlines….PLEASE not random queue…..ever…

  28. Synthetic Danimal 90

    Imagine firing all gold and paying 200,000 dollars at end of game. Lol

  29. Idea for upcoming April Fools Day: Autocannon KV2 (semi)derp slugfest.

  30. Instead of focusing on game improvement like smoke grenades, arty smoke, night maps, or more maps. They come up with more cancerous game play.

  31. they better not add this sh*t to the randoms

  32. I want the current machineguns on the existing tanks can be fired.

  33. Think about bringing the ZSU-57-2 in the game?

  34. Hailstorm legit dumps its whole mag on enemies


  36. They basically nerfed the Pz1C so they could put it in another game mode…

  37. Armoured Warfare had auto cannons since for ever. And have the most DPM. WoT is late to the party.

  38. stolfyadventures

    I wonder if they’re deciding what autocannons will be like in game, and will only have one or two of the three options of the common test when they come into WoT

  39. wish we could use our existing machine guns on our tanks. Would be interesting if we could use it to destroy tracks and small objects. The same way like in war thunder

  40. 4:54
    I wonder what Dez would feel if he played War Thunder and saw m163 and A-10 lol

  41. EBR 1C 😮

  42. if this is some game mode im okay with it…if they add this in random battles, oh boy. cuz this looks stupid af.

  43. first time we see apds rounds in wot

  44. They have to put larger belts but faster heating so you cant spam the rounds. Also reduce the dispersion (100m) to 0.10 so that they can snipe and be more flexible than forced to play at point blank

  45. *Wot The biggest stupid crowd I’ve seen in my life in 43 years, first they brought cars to the game, lost 2-3 million players, now they bring this nonsense, these idiots are trying everything to close the game* *The RNG system is already in the ridiculous game, there are 80% bots in it 10% cheats but nobody cares 10% normal players only play a few matches and close them and give free gifts to bring back stupid WOT players*

  46. So Chems was a true prophet

    • and they should have called the thunderclap the “Phant”, as in Elephant. In the garage it was the only thing I could see, and elephant

  47. A question to those playing the test server, is the player base of a higher level than in WoT servers? (Played the game many years, but never checked it out)

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