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  1. *British Brtt be like- teateateateatteateateattetaeatttttttttttetaeetatateataetetaetet*

  2. Falcon goes brrrrrr

    Maus goes… *HOUSE*

  3. Phly: Ok, we don’t have too much ammo left. I don’t know what happened to it.


  4. 1:03 comet is now 5.7

    also, unpopular opinion charioteer should be at 6.0 (especially centurion mk1 is now 6.0)

  5. Day 7: Phly play the Ar-2 Russian bomber, it can outturn some fighters

  6. Please take more tanks and planes in your lineup. You’re someone with a lot of viewership and promoting taking ONE tank out.

    Not many are as good as you and probably like to leave early

  7. The Youtube Algorithm


  8. Nerf incoming.

  9. Hey phly I subscribed and that intro was funny

  10. how you get the tiger I wanted it for a long time

  11. If this thing goes to 8.3, you know who im blaming…

  12. that thing defenetly should get nerfed

  13. I die to the Falcon 7/10 when I am in the air.

  14. Day3: play Merkava Mk3D, you havent featured it

  15. Michael D. Uchiha90

    By the way this gun was also on Britisch Warships.
    Naval gun on a tank no wonder.

  16. DCA 30 now has back up.

  17. PhlyDaily can you pls make video on Mi-4AV

  18. i once killed a falcon with a centauro felt great but most of the time its the other way around

  19. whats a good 7.7 line up ? cent cong or vicors mbt, would pair it with the action x

  20. You forgot the Chinese aa that is 8.0 without any radar

  21. This vehicle is cancer. Why can it pen the IS-3 frontally, while my Pak 40 Bounces of a T-34?

  22. the highest SPAA without radar would be Chinese ZSU-57-2 at 8.0.

  23. They should just take away the APDS from the falcon or make it like the Gepard. And it would be much more balanced.

  24. bro, do u sniff ur food b4 u eat it ?

  25. Real sad when that title isn’t just hyperbole but fact

  26. Phly: ” your worst enemy is the Russian but normally Britain and Russia are at the same side so you don’t need to worry about that”
    First kill: bmp1

  27. I got my Tigore.
    I got my Tigore.
    Its a plushy, thats named Tigore
    Do you have a, plushy Tigore?
    Well thats to bad because i got my plushy Tigore.

  28. i like seing squad getting rekt, so frustrating to play against when you don’t have friend 🙁

  29. gaijin fixing spaas maybe?

  30. Tea and biscuits? Certainly, Squire. Do you fancy some ginger nuts, sir? They are indeed rather tasty .. and perfect for dunking. ;o)

  31. unforgiveable

  32. Thanks… now they`ll nerv it. 😉

  33. Christopher Gazzella

    Because That things have huge belts than the other have 60 apds ammo unfair

  34. Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi

    Darjeeling: “we never spill a drop of tea”

    She is correct, because she dropped the entire cup, not a drop.

  35. Make a video with A129CBT pls

  36. Is that how British Royal engineers free their tanks? By using their teateateateatteateateattetaetea gun and not their armed recovery vehicles?

  37. Stellar intro my dude

  38. Me wen my tank gets stuck reeee

  39. my favourite moment fighting these things has happened twice, they got a little cocky around my IS4, yes the took the barrel out then proceed to face hug me, they play ring around the rosy meanwhile the commanders machine gun catches up and puts a lovely few rounds through their turret killing them.
    Other than that they can burn in the deepest darkest corner in hell

  40. NΣ • 卂ҡเɾα

    I didnt know war thunder was a point and click

  41. Okay, i like you, but making a Video about a OP Cancer Vehicle playing made me Puke.. De-Abo

  42. ı hate this vehicle so cancer

  43. FV107 Scimitar light tank needs to be added to the game. Best of the British sports cars.CVRTs

  44. I have fired the naval version of the turret on the Falcon… SOOO AWESOME!!!!

  45. Please take out the British vosper 1 and 2 they are the speedy boys of low tier naval

  46. Best thing about the Falcon is that revenge bombing is just dessert.

  47. One of my favourite SPAA, it really pisses people off at 10.0. 😂

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