This is The Boss of World of Tanks | JagdPanzer E-100 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks E-100 Gameplay. World of Tanks The Best Penetration. World of Tanks The Best, Most Dangerous Tier 10 Tank Destroyer JagdPanzer E-100, With Highest Damage.

This is the top of the tree I have been waiting for, The Legendary E-100, tier X German tank destroy, with 170mm boomstick does magic. Today we are going to play couple battles with it using new equipment units.

Enjoy the show!


  1. “The Boss of WoT”, for TDs, goes to FV215b(183). Sorry, anything that can delete you with one shot takes that title. I’ve eaten Jageroos for lunch with my 183.
    Perhaps the Jageroo can be called “The Secretary of the Boss”?

    I dunno, I have both and get way better results in the 183.

  2. hanikrummi hundursvin

    Ammo Roll Out 8 8 8 Yes Please 🙂

  3. I unlocked entire british medium line german arty line US arty line ussr td line US Lt line all with fragments, I just grind the special missions….

  4. Stay naked?! 😨

  5. I’d like you to use a randomiser after each shot so rng picks the next round for you

  6. Dan-Alexandru Bucur

    I want Roulette Jg Pz E100 ❤😀

  7. BlackGost SchwarzGeister

    do Stug 3 G turning speed setup

  8. No, Its not. Bey.

  9. It has highest pen, but cant pen ebr’s tire. That is why I stopped to play it

  10. The autotext writes Coast Town. I just like: nice, new map! Then realized it was due to the brutal cool Dez pronouncing.

  11. Stop lying to the poor noobs, gold ammo isnt going through anything because you meet UFO russian tanks with angled turrets hull down most of the time and you bounce and they dont. End of story.

  12. My highest hit in jagpze100 is 1625 damage 😀

  13. First fight was my day grinding the Jagdtiger, I am finally there and everyone yoloed and died……..

  14. The paid actors doe xD

  15. You are just another WG’s puppet who tries to sell whatever WG puts on sale, in this case “top of the tree” then play 100 games with all premium consumables and even improved equipments and choose 3 best games and brag about it here on YouTube.

  16. ah.. 667th like on this video – feels good man
    I have a turbo on my object 704. 😀

  17. I will get you Jg.Pz. E 100 just wait for me

  18. 3 Star Perfect Deer

    Im at 59% for damage in my attempt at a 3MOE run with only HE for the Jageroo.

  19. Hey Dez, I’m the guy who named S.Conq “Skunk”. Did I also give you an idea to test those Spall liners?
    By the way, judging by their description, spall liners don’t increase ramming damage any more, they just make you take less. Can you look into that too while you’re at it?

  20. please do ammunition roulette, I was never here long enough to see those videos but it sounds like a cool concept

  21. Ahhhh Im still stuck with Jagtrash… Gun is ok but mobility…armor… not fun to play at all…

    • If you can’t make jagdtiger work, you won’t do well with jpz e100. The gun is ok??? It’s one of the best guns in the game while being at t9…

    • @Priorix Bro i have 6 Masters in Foch B , 2 Masters in Obj 268 4 and im still with 2nd Class badge with JagdTiger…

    • @Priorix Im just sick of it

    • @MARDE 11 no ones cares about aces. Still jpz is not a foch nor a 268 4. It’s a jagdtiger with big boy alpha at t10. If you cant stand the jagdtiger dont expect anything to change with jpz. You are still slow and without real armor and ontop of that you trade dpm and gunhandling for alpha. Thats an aweful deal in 2020 meta…

  22. I have a love/hate relationship with this tank. The mobility and accuracy let me down fairly often, but that gun has has one shot potential even at tier X. Last week I one-shotted an IS-7.

  23. The JagdPanzer E-100 be like: I like ya cut G

  24. So I was on stage 45 of battle and didn’t realize it ended at 7pm US Central time. Didn’t finish. Needless to say, beyond livid, fml

  25. jg100 still suffers from powercreep, but at least it can hit hard
    I’m too poor to afford to test ammo roulette in my jg100 lol
    please do it for me lol


  27. roulette sounds fun

  28. JpHE100 is the best

  29. Turbo is a favourable means of rebalancing!

  30. I like the view at 12:31 ^-^ it’s so peacefull ^-^

  31. JP E100 is good when you snip and no miss. it balanced free to play. but it was worse in reload, flat armor when gun faced towards enemy. the main problem for this tank was not about tank but RNG. 70% miss every time

  32. hey des use turbocharger with traction together

  33. Either buff the reload or nerf the absolute f#*k out of the 279 reload and aim time

  34. You didn’t get flanked because no one wanted to deal with you 😂 everyone who tried, died

  35. Turningspeed is the key.

  36. Dez I did it. I grinded that marathon but I am not sure is there any sanity left in me 😶😶😶

  37. Did i hear, Godpanzer e-100. You’re not wrong

  38. 21:04 what a moron, with HE rounds did more dmg than him rushing the cap with standar b

  39. thats my first and only X tier panzer. I love it to penetrate trough the IS – 4 TOWER. BOOM HEADSHOT 1000 DMG in your FACE

  40. Why not hide behind that rubble against tortoise instead of giving lower plate.?

  41. Yesterday smacked amx50 for equal 1000 from my HE100. That was glorious.

  42. Highest pen you say…but can it pen wheels sir? Noooope

  43. Spall liner on Jagdzilla works fine, but I’ll switch it with Turbo.
    Fine games in a meme TD.

  44. IS7 didn’t lean the first lesson of WOT…never poke on a Jagpzsta E100. Not too smart.

  45. Spall liner does nothing. Had it on my 60 TP and still regularly got hit for 600+ by arty.

  46. I will say with jg 100 if you HE at the capola of tanks it does tons of damage

  47. Slow, weak armor, horrible accuracy, long reload time! this tank is trash

  48. I’m very close to getting to it, especially with the present special
    Sees Dez playing E-100 – gotta have it
    Me. I see the future, I’ll get it and get trampled every game. (I hardly even play my Jagdpanther II nowadays.)

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