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  1. *Jokes aside about Tiger 1s and Panther Ds the Type 63 is insanely gooood*

  2. Attempt #53: Phly! i think youll be impressed with the Ju-188 and its ability to bomb extremely well and then get out quick! when i use it, i dont even use the bomb sights…i just kind of play it as an attacker more than anything else. and it really is kind of an oversized attacker with some good defensive guns! So please, before i leave for BMT, can we see it on the channel???:)

  3. Day 119 can you play the conqueror mk.2?

  4. Day 143: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  5. Take my bilibili acct


  7. “it doesn’t matter if your ugly, it matters if you can perform”

  8. 16:33 a BT-5 kills a Panther D. I don’t know why I was looking at the killfeed at this moment, but I’m really glad I did lol

  9. Phly: “this tank is so ugly.”

    All the Chinese WT players: “how dare you criticize China! Reeeeee”

  10. This thing is surprisingly decent but only for the gun and _okay_ mobility, kind of like an M56.
    It dies if you sneeze at it and the Type 62 is better in every fashion.
    Note that both of these should absolutely be played with the APCBC round and a few HEAT-FS if APCBC doesn’t pen. I take 20 and 10 repsectively.

    Would still love to see the Type 63A though with a stabilized 105mm cannon and gun-launched ATGM.

  11. Wechat is the best APP in the world. Everything you need for living in China is that APP.

  12. Just recently started playing the type 63 and have been doing quite well in it

  13. 4:41 don’t we all do Phly

  14. his shell at 1:14 hits the side skirt sheet metal and the lip where the tank goes over the track and doesn’t get fucked because of volumetric. *wait that’s illegal.*

  15. Why is this 6.3 but the PT76 is 5.3

  16. Does anyone have tips for grinding in war thunder??

  17. James the Other One

    OTOH, if das kitties were rated at higher BRs they would have more skilled and experienced players/crews.

  18. Day 2 for the exclusive Triplex RP load out for the Sea Fury

  19. I think the type 63 looks good

  20. Day 143: Play the BF109-K4, its been years

  21. Does someone else here ever dream in War Thunder either floating atop of the tank you control or sitting in front of your PC but being so immersed that there is no distinction between tank and player?? Had one about the KingTiger waking up today .

  22. I really missed played war thunder 🥲🥲

  23. C’mon Phly!!!!! SM 91 or SM 92, viva Italia!!!!

  24. Hey Phly,
    Appreciate the entertainment you provide, keep up the awesome work!

    I was playing War Thunder with my friends the other week (been playing as a squad together for years now) and one of them asked how the heck do I hear engines coming towards us, I asked them what their volume setting was for other player’s engine noise and we found out that the default is very quiet.
    Could be why a lot of players do not hear you coming.

    I just wish they would put a separate volume control for ground vehicle engines and plane engines… planes are way too damn loud sometimes lol..

  25. I just don’t understand how your games look like this and my games look like its a pro tournament. Seriously though, you got hit SO many times in a light tank and lived, they didnt even kill your driver, gunner or cannon breach. No one on the enemy team seemed to have eyes or communication. I drop artillery on enemies and they suddenly spin their turrets to kill me. You shoot and kill one after another and they continue to drool on their keyboards. We are just playing completely different games. It can’t possibly be MMR as I lose like 90% of my games, I should be playing with keyboard droolers but instead I am a chew toy for the chadiest players in the game.

  26. The beginning is how Russians play when I face them as low tier German lol

  27. That One Gaming Channel

    Attempt 2,Phly you have to play the Ka-chi derp land battleship!

  28. Can you play deimler mk2

  29. “I’ve got a small depression issue here” Me too Phly… me too =[

  30. I did this the other day using the M24 *Italian*

    I was just sitting there
    Not killing people coming out of spawn

    Just marking them endlessly

    I felt so bad yet I was laughing my ass off
    *They had no farking idea*

  31. That play at the start is cruel
    I like it

  32. can you still get the maus

  33. floating type 62

  34. Hey Phly, would you Kind giving me your Silver lions? I mean… You dont needem

  35. 63 for the win

  36. this thing played again after 2 years and 6 days ago

    the Saddest Tank in History | TYPE-63 – 6 august 2019

  37. At this point I’m more scared of a Pz.III M than a Pz.V (tiger).

  38. Play war thunder with an eye tracker

  39. And then theres to jumbo 76 going to 6.3…so i heard

  40. day 4 play the USS Cleveland

  41. *china pancake*

  42. I had to upvote this video just for attributing that quote to Benjamin Franklin

  43. 13:47, that tiger must have ULQ or some shit, how fuck could he even see over that hill/through the bush ahaha

  44. “Why put off calling someone an asshole til tomorrow, when you can BE the asshole today?” -Berjaberbormun Frunkloin, or whatevs.

  45. I hope that the Chinese line can also introduce M41 tanks

  46. Phly play the jumbo 76 before it goes up to 6.3

    (Day 2)

  47. Looking forward to the Type 15 main battle tank

  48. Yeah, and that poor jumbo couldn’t pen anything that you left him to “find”

  49. Give us Panzer 1 Aust F warthunder. For the Lolz. 80mm armor, 2 7.92mm MGs for armament.

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