This is War Thunder in 2020 | ROCKET GATLING TUBE boi? (War Thunder)

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This is War Thunder in 2020 | ROCKET GATLING TUBE boi? (War Thunder)


  1. sorry tiger 2s

  2. Sebastian Schmidt

    no its not funny

  3. C’mon phly you have not yet played the chi-to! Japanese medium tanks are actually really balanced

  4. As long GJ can’t decide if the game should be realistic or a game nothing will balanced…

  5. nousername gaming

    Did anyone whiteness the 125 god shells that was broken a few days ago

  6. And here comes the lunchbox invasion at 7.0

  7. Ush is eww in swedish

  8. Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Attempt #610!!!
    Play the M48 in stock conphiguration on 7.7 br (old lineup).

    If you have phun during it, i can guarantee you are not doing it right
    . The challenge is to not lose your mind or uninstall right after.
    Good luck with the APCR, you will need it.
    Requesting it bephore the sh!tst0rm of the stock syndrome

  9. Plhy using a blue and yellow “cammo”
    Also plhy “i wonder how he spotted me so fast”

  10. I Love When Phly Shoots The Rocket At The Same Time I Got Mentioned At Discord 🙂

  11. Lol “realistic” most non legite doesnt exist vehicle ever

  12. Ah yes the new cancer machine

  13. Alright, task for you guys that watched this, go into 6.0-8.0 battles and see how many of these things you see running around

  14. i game i do research too

    so apparently i cant get the event vehicles unless i play with bombers which are the only aircraft i have on rank 3…..i hate gaijin

    (i cant use bombers, gaijin made them a new rule called the: 1 second burst kill rule) :_(

  15. PrettyMuchTheApexOfHumanEvolution

    5 tons and only 90hp? How tf does that thing even move?

  16. tigers, bears, oh my….predator 2

  17. I think I’m gonna grind sweds after operation suffer

  18. So the way Gaijin balanced this tank is by giving it more random number generator at angles so it can bounce more, and it used to be 6.7 now it’s 7.0. Hmm 🤔 yeah the Swedish tech tree is a big ol selling point hahaha 😆

  19. Francesco Boselli

    Clearly is also balanced thanks to the bright colours of the Swedish flag: they make it more easy to spot 😂

  20. i don’t know why they don’t just make every vehicle in this game op at this point, i feel like that would actually just balance the game.

    people would still bitch about it though but there’s no solution for that

  21. Please do a video exposing the bias tank which is the object 279. Germany Suffers!

  22. Is it good at 7.0? To be fair, Phly can make ANY vehicle good at ANY br. Usual side effect of being good at the game.

    Meanwhile I’m sure some of us would still struggle using a 10.7 even at 1.0 (myself included)

  23. yea it was a funny Joke.

  24. “We’re being really sneaky”
    Says the bright blue and yellow lunchbox

  25. bofors40mm of pain

    Sweeden: ok guys make me a main battle tank
    tank company: gets go kart and super glues 2 revolvers on to it

  26. WP PhlyDaily now everyone will spam this lunch box from hell.

  27. Martín González Capriles

    ah yes, the embodiement of no armor is best armor

  28. Play more ultimate epic batle simulator

  29. Love your War Thunder Gameplay! Specially the mighty Patton series, but hadn’t see you play the most powerful tank of Patton, the CM-11 in Chinese line

  30. I haven’t laughed as hard as i did throughout this video in a while, thank you so much for this experience

  31. phly: *have blue and yellow camo*
    also phly: “we don’t want that guy to spot us”

  32. 6:57
    *ignores the teddy bear*
    WHY are you so meeeeeeeeeean? BibleThump

  33. 19:46 this is why rockets don’t have kill cam

  34. how about the type 60 SPRG??

  35. M-47-105

  36. 10:34 What the heck just happened with that X-Ray?? lol

  37. Everyone hates that pickled fish delivery van. I call them out every game and most focus on them hard, in a AAA truck, and so does everyone else as they are cancer. THey are a dream vehicle as I know nothing of them in any real world sense…more akin to WOT than WT. (How’s that for snobbery? 😉 )

  38. Why no Mr. Moon?

  39. 6:42 what is that peeping noise?

  40. Hi phly i love your videos❤️

  41. Legitimately Thanos

    u and bo gaming should do a collab

  42. I watched helplessly as one of these tore through my team’s flank one round, it got put down by american .50 cals after securing 4 kills

  43. Phly: has swedish flags all over

    Also phly: how did he spot me this fast

  44. Anna - Let's Get Acquainted

    1:20 neat

  45. Can confirm phunny joke phly.

  46. In the first battle it looks like a Mad Max or Fallout vehicle…

  47. ליאור פייגנבוים


  48. I hate u I am in the German tech tree at 6.7 now I am going to get reacted

    BTW I don’t hate u

  49. 15:55 : This screams War thunder moment so hard 😀
    Sums up all my games when I suddenly feel like I wanna hurt myself and play this game again!

  50. can u play the t34 next?

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