This is War Thunder with INFANTRY

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Source: DOLLARplays

Enlisted Pacific War campaign gameplay.
Today I’m back to Enlisted to check out the newest update which added tanks (LVT(A)(1), and Ka-Chi), float planes, the Pacific War campaign and a new playable nation — Japan.
Enlisted is slowly becoming War Thunder with infantry.



Intro: Corp Has Funk Soul – Style da Kid

Background: Going Equals Winning – Magnus Ringblom
The Cast – Wendy Marcini
Destination – Oleksii Abramovych
Playtime – Margareta
Funky Flat – Martin Landstrom

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

Enlisted is a free to play squad-based first-person shooter game based around major World War II battles, developed by Darkflow Software and published by Gaijin Entertainment (War Thunder developer).
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Enlisted is playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows, GeForce Now


  1. A little bit of something different this time. I haven’t played Enlisted in a while.

    What I should play next?

  2. MOOOOOR !!

  3. The only time this year enlisted is getting a video with a youtuber that has more than 100k subs feelsstrongman

  4. Kiyoshi miura is useless person in enlisted, he’s like doss didnt shot

  5. Very nice 👍

  6. i love the game but i would sell half of my organs for them to remove the AI, im so sick of getting killed through 2 buildings bc the AI thinks it saw me

  7. If only they’d make it possible to play this on Linux…

  8. 9:47 Was that a Last Flight of Noah’s Ark reference?

  9. The Armored Georgian

    I don’t get they they made the most iconic vehicle of the pacific war cost 30 dollars

  10. Wow warthunder litteraly ctrl c and ctrl p the old warthunder]
    nice work gaijin

  11. Does the link for the did you angle today decal still work? I wanna get it

  12. Well, it’s a free to play

  13. Well, in Enlisted you can actually buy and obtain the Ka-Chi, unlike WT…

  14. It’s cute how he’s got everything in every campgain, and still can’t use it properly. Ah yes, promoting videos.

  15. Waiting your new video man

  16. Famous last words: “I’m a pro pilot!” … proceeds to crash seconds later :))))))

  17. Hahaha
    The best war thunder videos

  18. That’s battlefield 5

  19. Obamaprism The Typo Master

    I’ll just wait until the ka-chi is free

  20. War Thunder without the Thunder

  21. you can press T to dismount only 1 tanker

    edit:yours is set to the G key

  22. Marchel Anonymous

    “dat one bounce”

  23. as a heads up when in tanks you can select the crew slots to us the gunner and driver seat, so if you have dead crew mates you can get into the driver seat to drive and the gunner seat to turn the turret. the other useful thing is that the gunner seat will show if you are able to penetrate an enemy tank when aiming at specific parts and gives you a better zoom than the commander.

  24. The infantry, The infantry is real!

  25. They get the E13K ;-;

    My pain is immeasurable, and my day is ruined

  26. Enlisted doesn’t give the Abrams a stabilizer like the actual Abrams this is Russian Bias

  27. Fucking enlisted took my life for nothing the game sucks ass now

  28. Battlefield v in low budget

  29. Lol remember to deploy take off flaps next time 😉

  30. I love your accent lol makes everything 10x funnier

  31. yup.. Is the infrantry version of WT. Remembers me some other games.. like Red Orchestra (tank views & other thins). and also COD:WAW, that have tanks but not soooo muuuchh disturbing because the speed & vision of the tankist.
    The turre movement with little jumps I suffer too.

  32. The first truck you killed Was me

  33. Man i was missing elisted, is a pretty god game to play and now have more eficcient things and stuff 👌

  34. I subbed….. for the culture

  35. I LOVE these enlisted gameplays, please do more Dollar!

  36. Beatrice Tomasetti

    Dollar I play enlisted too 🙂 wanna play ?

  37. Minni war bluder with less of the blunder 🤣 I mean all they got to screw up is tanks and plans for axis 🤮 109 G10 ya big help for team 🤣

  38. Really Useful Trackmaster Fan

    Pacific yay

  39. R R R R R R R R R R R R

  40. 7:23 my man ran out of HE rounds so he started popping them with APHE rounds PURE MASSACRE

  41. this game is very normal and realistic… all in one in an online game

  42. Wait, why you pay in euro ?

  43. Don’t get the war thunder devs any ideas

  44. Enlisted is a shut game most lobbies are just full of bots

  45. Gaijin should connect the two games over time

  46. airsoft player 69 404gg gamer

    Personally I think they should combine the 2

  47. I love your accent

  48. I honestly prefer battle of stalingrade campaign, much more fun and has better tanks and better aircraft and weapons overall

  49. XJHANGH XIINA 👁️👁️👃👁️👁️ 🙏

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