This is What Happens when I play a tank 100% Stock xD

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. I love the kv1s. It just feels like a much better kv1 because of the mobility.

  2. first? yies?

  3. 277 is a good tank.

  4. Hail Mighty Rush , may all your shots penetrate and your vision be long ; b

  5. Old school players will remember the old KV-1S.. literally one shotting the entire enemy team. Gone but never forgotten.

  6. Derp that bitch when you unlock it. HE is hella fun from that baby.

  7. The Tokyo Craftsman

    Always learn something from your videos, thanks.
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  8. KV-1S is Probably my favourite so far out of the KV-1, KV-1S, KV-85 and IS. The KV-1 is so damn slow and the KV-85 feels like it has zero armor in tier 6, which is made worse on low XP because you can’t snap shot for shit, and you can’t snipe because the view range sucks, I really struggle with the KV-85. The stock grind on the IS is horrific as well, but apparently that’s good when you unlock the better gun.

    • IS is great when u unlock modules. I played it as a slow med, and with 100 mm gun and I loved it.

    • Yeah I’m keen for the better gun on the IS. The KV-85 is making me wanna rage quit ?.

    • I kept the VK-1s after grinding it, but i love my KV-85, i run the 100mm gun and the armor dose work against equal tier heavies if you can side scrape well. Actually completed some of the dmg block missions for the T-55a with the KV-85.

    • @Rich Wiki yeah see that’s half my problem, those heavies that I side scrape against that are same tier can just Yolo infront of you and block at least 50% of your shots, meanwhile they pen every single shot. Even T34’s start licking their lips when they see the KV-85 lok

  9. nice channel you explain game play very well i enjoy alot

  10. hmm, nice tip on the stock grind. why the heck am I being a martyr and firing silver with my stock guns @_@

  11. Playing stock tanks is why I stopped playing wot

  12. Hey Lemmingrush, what do you think is the best **stock** tank in the game?

  13. thanks for making me normal. almost.

  14. Great tutorial. Very helpful to watch you play with stock tank and 80% crew. It takes a totally different strategy. It’s difficult to find CC vids that show us tomatoes how to play tanks without multi-skill crews or loads of gold for initial training. Please do more of these.

    One question, how did you get real-time stats on the M7’s alpha (at 9:59)? I keep gg.tanks open on a second monitor but almost never have time to look up alpha/pen/armor of tanks, in the heat of battle. That would be helpful info and I’ve always wondered how CC’s seem to almost have all tank stats either memorized or easily available.

  15. Thanks for doing a vid covering these mid-tiers. ?

  16. Ffs, Lemmimg…You should play KV1s with the derp. It’s ment to be played like that. The way you’re going now, next thing we will see u do is play KV2 with T150 gun. XD

  17. I recently unlocked my tier 9 M46 Patton. It’s stock cos i cannot free XP nor afford gold to convert to XP. It SO painful to grind the M46 stock. That and my teams are so toxic about my stock and orange status too!

  18. That bad pen….thats the issue when you play a lot of these Premium tier 5 russian tanks. Both the KV-220 and the Matilda IV have the same gun as the stock KV1S only 102 pen with
    gold. Now thankfully you will never see tier 7’s in them but the games’ meta has soooo passed these tanks by. Literally everything is better than you and you just spam gold so you cannot make money in these things. Don’t ever buy them. I was lucky that i just got them for free ( or maybe I was UNLUCKY because once I get a tank in my garage I just have to prove I can play it. )

  19. i suck in m48 patton for some reason. Armor is useless. Mobility alone and small profile are more important imho.

  20. Idiot gold noob lemming! 🙂

  21. TRy with ”regular” ammo.

  22. come on LemmingRush you know where weak spots are on tanks by now? You must have studied tanks armor after playing this game for this long You can get all them cheap shots in and pen no problem….

  23. I love that you play stock mid-tier tanks.
    Too many content creators put out videos where they play mid-tier tanks but still have advantages that free-to-play players will not have.

  24. When I saw how you tried to sidescrape with the KV-1S I instantly noticed it was the first time you played that tank lol. Well, everyone makes mistakes.

  25. I wish WG did more for their fans and made more cha he’s to the game I used to play WOT so much :/

  26. Love this! Thanks lemming. Please may you do a video showing us your entire tech trees. It would be very interesting. Thank you! Xx

  27. there is not many youtubers playing stock tanks, they just buy free exp and free exp modules, I like what you doing and showing struggle to play stock tanks, thumbs up from me

  28. Hey LemmingRush! Have you stopped streaming completely or am I just banned? 🙁

  29. I spent so long thinking I suck at this game only to later realize that everyone else is just grinded so long that they have these million percent Cruz and all these skills

  30. Tbh the Obj 277 is my first tier 10. T-10 is way better tier for tier, you will love that tank. Reliable gun, ok turret and very mobile.

    KV-1S, worst HT in the line, derp is the best gun, you have 5 depression while with the 85 you have -3 (if you use that gun, you are a worse in everu single way KV-1, I am not even joking)+horrible stock grind (76mm stock)

    KV-85, somewhat mobile, no armor, very good 100mm gun (horrible stock grind, youhave to use the 85mm (imagine how it is to verse tier 8 tanks with 120 pen) till you get the upgraded turret)

    IS, hard hitting gun with decent DPM (almost 2000) and the armor is omega troll (absolutley horrible stock grind, you will have to fight tier 9 tanks with an 85mm with 160 pen max, takes the KV-85 stock grind to a whole nother level (dont worry, you still have to get the upgradrd turret, but now the tracks too, but at least you can mount the 122mm on the KV-85 as soon as you have the top turret))

    IS-3, dont rely on the armor, it will only bounce lower tier tanks. Is faster, has lower DPM (from 2k to 1.7k) but 50mm more pen than the IS (175 pen vs tier 10 tanks till you get 44k XP for the BL-9, enough said (you can mount the gun on the stock turret)

    T-10, talked about it earlier, the best tank tier for tier in the line, used to have the second higest DPM (2150 at tier 9 HT after the Obj 705 (with the 122mm, 2200) but now since the Emil II was buffed to all hell (now it has something stupid like 2550 DPM) has now the third highest DPM. (While stock is still somewhat playable, the pen sucks, the alpha is lackluster, DPM is mediocre. But to help you grind this tank, here is a tip: get the top gun, then the turret, but herr is the deal: you cant have any equipment. And you might think: well, why not get the tracks? Cuz the turret is so damn weak, thats why! You can be penned with standard in the front of the turret quite reliably)

    And finally, the Bobject 277… oh man, where do I even start? Is faster, has higher DPM, has higher alpha, higher pen (the best base pen for a standard HT (265)), is way faster, more mobile, has way more armor (the best part is you can overangle, plebs will bounce off the upper plate, but make sure you DO NOT expose the tracks and the bit underneath the turret) than the T-10. Sounds like a massive upgrade? Yeah, it is. But is it worth it at tier 10? Kinda…? Is still like the T-10, my fav tank of all time, but now I dont have a crew for it cuz like a moron I moved it into the 277 and I dont have the time to grind nor the nervs fo play with a 85% crew (BiA, wtf would you expect?)

  31. 13:00 look how balanced the LefH is…

  32. my lowly win rate is solely down to grinding lots of different tanks from stock on free account 🙂

  33. KV1S is one rather nice, but slower medium tank 🙂 As we saw – just occasional bounce, like any other medium 🙂 KV1 bounce a lot but is too slow…

  34. churchill 3 is stock….yeah its a premium lemming haha

  35. Object 277 is awesome until Jgpz E100 pens you in upper front with HEAT

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