This is what I FEARED in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Lion everything I feared in World of Tanks and A_luokan_makkara shows us why!



  1. Aleksandr "Sasha" Leonov

    Starting off the match with an ammo rack was glorious XD

  2. A-luokan makkara is finnish and means “Class A Sausage”. So basically some Premium sausage.

  3. Please do a vid on the best tanks in the game you can get with gold. Or the top Pay to Play Tanks!!!

  4. 10th !!!

  5. Bounces FV4005 AP shell, which could have been as any normal FV4005 player HESH and 1 shot him and end the battle there.

  6. Добромир Дамянов

    Another day, another round of shenanigans from WG, mate….

  7. I want my Hesh barn back. My cannon is right now smaller than kv2. Then again the kv2 did at one point fight and kill teir 10 tanks. Which is insane

  8. Wargaming is such a shit company. The way they playtest things is absolute garbage.

  9. i hate playing tier 10’s right now nothing but teams of lions.
    i wont be playing any tier 10’s for the next month or so until this cools down

  10. The BZ 176 in Tier 8… the Lion in T10… WTF is WG doing????

    W T F is the point of their Super Tester, they’re just playing giving zero feedback??

    Honestly getting sick of imbalanced paid for tanks being brought into the game

  11. QB downloading an Asian client to practice his APM is amazing.

    And corporations not caring about the majority of players and focusing on a small “premium” elite, is nothing new. Annoying and frustrating yes, but not surprising.

  12. I’ve been able to stop myself from buying this.

  13. I love the lion and my number 1622 and i bought it with 3 sec delay per issue with using national fragments and XP which I just opted to use XP only

  14. just casually ricochets a FV4005 AP shell

  15. I have more than enough free xp and blueprints to buy this tank but I refuse to pay these prices

  16. It’s true, for must of us, it will put us off playing higher tiers as you’ll meet one of them in a t-44 and think “Why am I doing this?”. Too powerful. The BZ’s are the same imho…

  17. It’s even more obvious now that the former tanks have no place in the game nowadays, since more and more overhauled and supreme kind of tanks are getting into the game. Autoloaders are hell!

  18. OK let’s take rng away, but shall we just not talk about how enemy, even those who did saw him basically ignored him entire time… Dude, give me this conditions and I, as an average player, will do the same. That’s a fact!

  19. When all monney is spend nerf will come!

  20. the prem Bz as already been nerfed 4 times, wargaming doesn’t give a flying fuck, they can and will nerf whatever they want, people will still play and buy the tanks. if you dont like it dont spend money or play the game its that easy..

  21. After this video i’m remembered why i quit this game

  22. Just one thing: fu wg

  23. Reality Dysfunction

    This tank, and the BZ-176, has cemented my plan to quit playing. I used to really enjoy WoT and have played since beta. But there’s just been too many shitty changes that have turned this game toxic.

  24. Imagine making the Italian Heavy suck so much and then overly compensate the Minos and this tank.

    Haha funny

  25. I don’t know if you talked about this or not but will you be talking about or playing the modern armour game mode in the console version of world of tanks

  26. It is not true, Wg nerfed kv2 premium

  27. It’s easy to see this game is collapsing quickly and WG has entered emergency milk mode

    • Something tells me with 180k logging in on the EU server things are far from collapsing

      Wot console has had peak 16k players for 2 years now and that game is still going lmao

  28. I thought I’d love the lion, cus I love the progetto 65 and carro. But for some reason the lion just is not working for me right now. I have bond vents and aiming device with vstab and the gun still feels so damn derpy. Just this morning I could at least 8 shots in 2 games were the gun missed fully aimed shots at less then 100 meters, and the tank gets ammo racked everytime someone farts at you.. so far the progetto 65 gun feels much better, but maybe it’s just cus there are so many other lions out right now, I think I’ll wait a week to play it again.

  29. Also they would by this argument need to nerf the 279e.

  30. Most of us suck so we will not be able to work a ridge like that. It doesnt really matter if it is a Lion or a Leopard that owns me.

  31. Thomas Quanter Films

    I don’t think it’s op… the Gunhandling is just rubbish when you compare it to other tier 10 Meds

  32. WG are laughing at the big spenders again from their ocean side villa in the Bahamas. Tier 10 is best avoided, the game is so much more fun in the 4-7 zone where Pay to Win vehicles are far less common. One thing that makes me smile is that this tank will soon be outmatched by the next Pay to Win tank. Your fun will last a couple of months, then the next overpowered cash machine will be rolled out. WG need a bigger villa.

  33. If you bought this tank you need to take a look in the mirror and reflect upon your life.

  34. I just don’t play this game anymore. Tanks like this are the main reason. Still like to watch qb videos though

  35. The problem with this thing is what’s broke about it. It’s too fast with ridiculously good dpm and gets in position to fast to use it. Feels like it almost just as good if not better than the leopard now.

  36. Lion is a pretty apt name considering how it’s devouring other players rip

  37. I looked at purchasing this yesterday when there were 5k left on the NA server. Even after using all the resources I had it would have still been $75 in gold. I decided this game wasn’t worth spending that much on one tank.

  38. It helps that all of the tanks on the other team are ignoring him.

  39. I got 1479 is 10 seconds lol

  40. this game is on wot replays channel too

  41. Rather play progetto tier x

  42. This lion has ruined the game
    I get 4 or 5 lion tanks with leps and progs…. what does that mean… they are all behind the tds its ridiculous
    The games are over so quickly

  43. No conseguí ningún camuflaje por mi Ping 😅 me moleste pero igual lo compre

  44. With that game mode and bots all over the field no wonder he got that.

  45. I feel a good player could’ve done that in any good DPM medium tank. All the lions I’ve faced have been driven by tomatoes and rushed to the front, got caught out, and killed. It’s not so much it’s OP, it’s just got the “next best thing” hype which will eventually fade

  46. So happy I uninstalled last week, the fun has sun out of WOT. :/

  47. i buy it in first 35 seconds (i even start a countdown to se how fast i’ll click) and got number 21714….LUL!

  48. I don’t think this tank is broken. Bz-176 causes much more problem especially for the low tier players.

  49. I got lion in Asia server with number 1976 and it was only 15sec after started ,all 10000 lion were sold within 1 min ,so crazy

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