This is what Oneshotting tanks looks like || World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

Derp Gun Gameplay. World of Tanks OI, Tier 6 Japanese Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Best Battles / Best Replays.

Today I am going to show you a battle featuring tier 6 Japanese Heavy Tank O-I… When this tank is on battlefield with working derp gun, there is nothing stopping it!

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. First to watch and like 👍👍👍

  2. Hi? First?

  3. Everyone is the first one lol

  4. Love your videos

  5. Superb, i like it

  6. he did the right move 🙂

  7. I loved the O-I when I played it, I’m on the type 4 heavy now and man do I love that tank, derp guns are great fun on that tank cuz when you top tiering you can go one on 3-5 and still survive

  8. It’s an epic battle actually he deserves all those decals at front, can you please make a video how to penetrate some tanks like (badger, karv, Russian tanks with small commander hatchet) I know it’s easy from side or back or lower front but what about when they cover it.

  9. Nice one at least it’s not a broken tank like Caliban which wasn’t needed in the game

  10. I loved playing the O-I before the changes in 9.19, or just when there is only 1 or no arty.tbh I have not played in awhile but ive come back for the holidays, and heard of the HE changes that could make derp tanks no longer fun . so should I keep my O-I or sell it for another tier 6 heavy?

  11. editing and cutting is good

  12. Dez, you could show 30 minutes of static and I’d watch your to hear your voice. 🙂

  13. “I don’t know what that guy was thinking” is a standard, common response while playing this game anymore.

  14. o i is my favorite tank played more then 3100 battles whit it and 2 marked it

  15. I loved OI but I would never have that luck with arty not shooting me

  16. What vehicles use HEAT rounds??

  17. I like one shot battles

  18. I’m not sure about this “smooching the like button” … As Inigo said in Princess Bride, “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.” 😉

  19. I miss playing the Japanese heavies when they were OP lol

  20. im a new viewer but i enjoy the action focus. I need help on how to currently play the IS-2-II and its further tiers but i cant find anything recent.

  21. I really miss the big derp games.

  22. Old Skool OI

  23. ok so i guess my 4k dmg with kv2 aint that special anyway 💀

    • Five hits are quite O.K., i lost a battle having killed 7 already, but had no clue how to conquer Campinovkas south east.

  24. When RNG blesses you – you get those juicy medals in spades. TBH, last time I’ve gotten a Radley-Walters was over 2 years ago.

  25. Players asked me if i was lost playing O-Ni on Arctic Region going north west alone having spawned east.
    Later some meds joined my course and the game was won, like expected.
    Happy Advent Time all.

  26. I just picked out my “free” tier 4 tank from completing “Arnie” mission. I wanted something like my Hetzer, but with more degrees of gun travel. I settled on the Swiss Sav M/43. With a virgin crew and a new tank I tried it out. First I tried sniping from a distance, but accuracy was terrible. So, I got down from the hill and went in up close. BEAUTIFUL! I was one-shotting most tanks I came to and even though it has less armor then my Hetzer, it still bounced an adequate amount. The only tank I couldn’t pen from the front was the Matilda and I was even using expensive gold rounds. If I could’ve gotten to the side I could’ve gotten him, but he was a professional seal clubber and never gave me that chance! Anyway, first game and I had over 1,500 in damage and 5 kills! Yea, I’m gonna like this little TD a lot!

  27. Guess you haven’t watched many many of my OI games that i shared lol. Also KV2 has become more usless then any derp i have seen. The HE isn’t as good anymore since it can’t really damage OI and OI has armor and more pen. SO it has been left behind with new HE, also they nurfed the KV2 premium and wargaming said they never would hahaha.

  28. You don’t have to talk like a in a show for kids, “smoosh the like button” ?

  29. Thank you , Dez ,
    Smoochy smooch !

  30. just stop playing this game… get a life or so…

  31. Kantemirovskaya1 Lightning Armor

    Nice one Dez=love it!

  32. A good video, but I enjoy your normal longer videos better. More introspective Dez commentary, it allows us to savor you.

  33. Concerning your arty bot assumption, 5:00 was an arty shell impact wasn’t it?
    Anyway, this vid reminded me of the old O-I Experimental on WoT console, that was a fun OP tank. Pity it was nerfed to death later 🙁
    Kudos to Dudorian, epic result. Now I need a shower, the vid makes me feel dirty 😀

  34. Looks like all paid actors lol

  35. nice match lol
    and tech tree
    I should dust off my O-I and test the new HE changes lol

  36. Alexandru-Ionut Bîrlea

    The O-I or the Sheep how i call it, is amazing or was amazing against tier 8 where was the best for trolling armor 🤣.
    In tier 6 and 7 is still nice if u know to play it.
    I have 2 marks on it but i stoped playing under tier 8.

  37. this is my
    favorite tank 😀

  38. Vladimír Procházka

    Sick. LT graveyard

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