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Source: DOLLARplays

War Thunder Hungarian subtree tanks gameplay in Italian tech tree. PART 1

I'm playing with Hungarian Csaba, IIA, Turan I, and Turan II tanks from Sons of Attila update.


Intro: Made in Taiwan – Lupus Nocte

Background: Transhumanism – ELFL

Stealing Mushrooms – The Fly Guy Five
Stefano Mastronardi – Lovely Soul
Vice City – Ben Elson
Jürgen Brischar – Delicious Ambitious

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

#dollarplays #WarThunder #worldoftanks

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  1. Part 2 should be out on Tuesday morning (UK time)😉

    I wasn’t planning to do it in 2 parts, but the video would be nearly 40min. There’s so much action to show, especially in part 2😉😎

    I hope you guys are having a nice weekend✌️

  2. for turan 1 i found the solid ap being the better round since the aphe atleast for me was very unreliable with post pen damage

  3. the next video should be called “THIS IS WHERE THE FUN ENDS”

  4. I love seeing the other perspectives the puma and m3 were hilarious. Loved it man 👌

  5. Another day, another DOLLARvideo😊

  6. When u say the name of the wheeled vehicle,that makes me laugh (then the google translate makes me laugh even harder)

  7. damn nice video anyway who would love to sit in that metal coffin on wheels bruh

  8. hungarian boiz
    hajrá Fradi , testvéreeeeeek gyerunk , aki magyar adjon egy likeot

  9. Please more czech vehicles Dollar please ❤❤❤. (I like you videos Its funny 😂😂😂)

  10. I love your videos dollar. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK WITH VIDEOS.

  11. “Bersaglio colpito” excellent pronunciation! 😄

  12. Such a good channel, so entertaining 👍

  13. Can you make a video about the new Italian destroyer? The Impetuoso is overpowered at 4.0.

  14. Keep the change you filthy animal its my favorite part

  15. Alex Jones slapping Next, anything Monty Python and “Samir, you’re breaking the car” quotes are instant laughs from me. Love these videos.

  16. I love how the Turans have, like…fencing around them lol

  17. Imagine one day gaijin says:
    Yeah, we should just throw every treeless nation (Finland, Hungary, Czechia, Norway,etc.) into one tree. Just imagine it…

  18. Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii

    “We attack from the shadows, nice and sneaky”


  19. The italian tree really got a treat with the hungarian tanks.

    I play Italy for fun and britain for pain. Perfectly balanced.

  20. Hey Dollar , next year is Release from Steel Aces are you Test it ?

  21. What was the first song in the video? I was jamming.

  22. LMAO my buddy is Doomer_One, the Panzer around the 10m mark 😂

    Good video man!

  23. the Turan 2 doesn’t have a stabiliser but the gun handling is exceptionally smooth at low speeds

    • More correctly, exactly like.most british 2pdrs, it is a light gun that can be disconnected from the training gear, and aimed manually, thus allowing for the gunner to stabilise it by eye at low speeds.

  24. “I Hate this game!” I felt that

  25. I mean, the flags are close enough..

  26. The “M” series? like, all US tanks lol

  27. Bojler eladó

  28. Please play some polish tech 😅

  29. i just love it whe Dollar Slaps His helmet on at the beginning of the video

  30. cant lie, the turan from 3.7 is the best thing on Hungarian line, so good

  31. It´s always funny watching War Thunder ads when watching videos about war thunder lel

  32. YourLocalDeveloper

    most normal war thunder gameplay: 105mm sherman in 2.3

  33. Oh man. The next part is gonna be fun. The Turan III is an absolute MONSTER. Most fun I’ve had in a tank in a good while. And I play the IS-7, so that’s saying something.

  34. Hungarian Kürtőskalács : Attack!!!!

  35. Interesting; Dollar always juggles like 16 different types of ammo on each vehicle…
    I always just have my one favourite round type loaded all the way, I prefer to pick soft targets apart with APDS bit by bit rather than pack HE

  36. Day 4 asking: Tigers and angle

  37. Dude, I’m going through the worst stomach flu of my life right now and your videos are very entertaining to watch so thank you!

  38. Hi dollarplays how Are you ?
    I ❤ ur videos mate

  39. i always say it, but men ur edition is awesome. LEGENDARY

  40. Lopez Martinez Bolívar Edgardo

    AMAZING INTRO MR. DOLLAR and and montage, i love it:)

  41. Nate the cewchie man

    i dropped a like before watching the video because im cool like that

  42. I love the hungarian tree.
    I wish they’d make the toldi 2 available again somehow

  43. Ohhh it’s been a while since I played WT i miss the very good times and the very bad times in my tiger 😢.

  44. Im actually playing warthunder right now and its……………….

  45. Awesome videos! Always make my day

  46. Hungary is proud in you

  47. illyasviel Von Einzbern

    Well played dollar

  48. He casually has 27k GL, excuse me I have to go cry in poor

  49. 1:30 yes, hungarian voice

  50. I’m the guy who yeeted dollar im alexus 😂😂😂

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