..this little TROLL – ELC EVEN 90 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. I like shoting even with He

  2. 100k subs, nice.

  3. Try and play the Pershing with the 105mm derp….would love to see that in a video!

  4. Seems like this tank will never get buffed…

    • ​+Dicka die Folie ! All tanks are supposed to do damage, its absolut nonsense to think lights arent meant to deal damage. And its not a good tank, that it works for you is fine, but it does not mean that it works for the majority of the people.
      The tank is not stealthy enough for that poor baseviewrange,
      its mobility (especially the acceleration) is not good enough to get out of trouble fast when youre spotted,
      its hp is so little, that you cannot make any aggressive plays, because youre a 2-3 shoot for the majority of the tanks, not counting in the derpshitters like kv-2/OI/O-NI etc..
      And its gun isnt even good enough to defend itself properly, its clippotential is low, its gunhandling is abysmal and its clip reload is way to long.
      And in my opinion a bit better camo and a small size does not justify such a even in light tanks terms, bad gun.
      The most important thing to remember is that in wot you cannot rely on your team, so you have to rely on your tank.
      And you cannot even rely a bit on the even 90.
      But thats my opinion.

    • Too small to be buffed

    • better DPM would be great like a 20 sec reload for the autoreloader the bc 12t is better now

    • Aron Vanhaeverbeke

      +Gewel ✔ When 1.3k base is not an ace, the tank does NOT need a buff. This tank just rocks, people get as much avg dmg in it as in other tier8 LT’s, with a ton more fun. It having a 660clip makes up for all the other shitty gun stats in my opinion (buff any and the tank would be OP)

    • +Aron Vanhaeverbeke you have no idea what you are talking about. 1300 base XP means that it’s played mostly by unicums

  5. “small tank, big heart”

  6. Proper fun game, great to watch.

  7. The little troll that could

  8. Maximum effort, minimum tank.

  9. The T 25 Pilot hiding behind the base, 0 damage. Well paid mate, gold well spent.

  10. 1:23 Circon’s perspective
    3:00 Enemy ELC “Am justa smol tenk, nobodie can heet mey, na nana na na” xD

  11. Even90 best tank ever

  12. gg , buuuuuuuuuut … the flee where the enemy elc was behind was a total mistake , you should have told someone to blind fire the bushes behind you

  13. Well you see sir con, it’s a small tank. So it’s very hard to hit.

  14. Now I dare someone, I fucking double dare someone tell me you can’t bounce with this tank… around 5:09 and again 8:18 When I commented that this motherfucking piece of crap bounces my shots almost always (never said it has armor, just RNG) people got so infuriated, called me idiot etc. yet here is a löwe who bounced on the lower fucking plate of this shit. Fuck me sideways with a cactus I hate these shits. You can’t really hit em, so small and fast but when you do you fucking bounce.

  15. Great video as always ?❤️

  16. 5% gold ammo *APCR and HEAT from T54s*

  17. All skill, almost no tank

  18. they need to buff the elc even.. More horse power would be nice, another shell in the mag and more better gun handling and maybe more view range.. Cause this thing you need camouflage skill without it your fucked lol

  19. What a piece of shit

  20. Gotta feel for the waffentrager 4

  21. I hate those little fu%&ers! Even if they are on my own team I want to kill them.

  22. I get fucking arty one shoted while on the move in mine

  23. 10% 90% skill

  24. blind kill on fellow streamer and NOMI player iyouxin in the t54 lwt for extra lols

  25. Marthijn van Oorschot

    Little tank, big memes

  26. The ELC EVEN 90 Clan [EVN90] is looking for friendly and competent ELC EVEN 90 drivers.

  27. You´re a small tenk so you´re hard to pen

  28. General Saufenberg

    it`s WALL-E again^^

  29. It's not what you think

    Smol tonk

  30. How can u instantly repair after being hit and detracked? There is not a millisecond delay between both actions…

  31. That elc trolled u pretty hard

  32. Jousting with the enemy Elc at the end!

  33. That EU server top WN8 reroll accidental killshot was epic 🙂 Nice.

  34. Looks to me like you’re running a track auto repair mod….AKA cheating.

  35. Hacks! paper armor bounces a 200+ pen gun

  36. I miss my old french tier 5 “AMX ELC bis” before WG nerfed the engine into the ground.

  37. i call it my Mini Mouse (not to be confused with mini maus).

  38. Shout out to the enemy elc for actually going toe to toe with you in a light V light game decider

  39. If only you would use this tanks size to its fullest potential, and park next to other tanks and them not having a chance of shooting your tiny ass XD

  40. He is just a small tank from an ELC family. Spare him some spots he’s a scouting monstrosity.

  41. You can litterally feel the HEAT at 3:17

  42. A fun game in WoT? What? Not just another blow-out like 90% of games?

  43. Yet another great example of world of premium ammo, both ways.

  44. Does anyone know what mod does circon use for the server reticle? Any links

  45. sigh I have to play with humans eh

  46. Do you EVEN 90?

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