This MAD Machine Gun Surprised Me! | World of Tanks Type 61 Best DPM Build

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Last time I showed you the fastest reloading 10 medium tank K-91, this time let’s jump into the fastest reloading tier 9 tank – E-50. We are going to use the best DPM version of this tank, with the L/100, pumping out close to 4,000 Damage Per Minute! 🙂

Enjoy the show!


  1. Sorry for the lack of uploads in the last few days. I decided to spend holidays with my family, so now I am fully charged and ready to SMASH the content once again! 😉
    BIG THINGS COMING, stay tuned!

  2. SU-152 also with 390 Alpha gun 4000 dpm (Tier 7)

  3. SU-152 with 122mm gun 4345 dpm

  4. The pen is too low unfortunately, this could have easily been an alternative gun for Type 61, but no, its always upgrades with wargaming, waste free xp to upgrade the tank. Stock tanks that are actually playable are so rare in this game, 99% of stock tanks are completely unusable, i mean you cant do anything in a game with them, you basically load in the battle as an XP pinata, and you waste your time until you get enough xp for the upgrade.

  5. Conway with stock gun has 7 sec reload and 400 alpha

  6. Isn’t the Kpz. 07 RH also a very fast reloading medium Tank?

  7. Day 3 — please play the Obj 703II with only Salvo shots..

  8. my stb with 4,200 dpm : really lil bro? am i a joke to you?
    type 61 : *shrugg* don’t blame me, but i’m a great tank thou

  9. With adrenaline you have 4485dpm 😱

  10. I actually prefer DPM over Alpha – it’s making a gun much more efficient in terms of damage overhead and opportunistic shots. It can get stressful to effectively distribute the damage throughout a match, though.

  11. Why are you keep saying tier 9 tanks have the best mm? plus one minus 2. Tier 10 tanks have plus 0 minus 2

  12. No body else noticed that if the T54 Light in the first battle did not kill the arti he could have gotten a Kolobanovs medal

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