This Makes Artillery Too Good or Not? | World of Tanks Overpowered Artillery Equipment 2.0?

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Source: DezGamez

World of Artillery New Equipment Best Accuracy and Aiming Setup. World of Tanks Best Artillery Equipment 2.0 System Testing on Sandox Test Server – New Equipment Test. World of Tanks Object 2 Gameplay. World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary.

Back with some more fresh builds, equipment setups and memes, this from Soviet Russia.
I am going to boost the accuracy on Object 2 to the max with one of the new equipment units introduced with Equipment 2.0. Object 261 has the best stock accuracy on SPGs in the game, so boosting that even more together with crazy good aiming means some dirty things. I definitely have to take a shower after this one! 🙂

What next tho?

Enjoy the show!


  1. And this comes from complete Arty Noob! ;P
    Anyway, have you tested it out, what do you think about it? Should it stay or be removed? Have a nice weekend! 😉
    Chapters in this video:
    00:00 – Build Introduction
    01:55 – Setup (Equipment, Crew, etc.)
    06:08 – First Build
    07:03 – Battle 1
    12:42 – Second Build
    13:32 – Battle 2
    20:25 – Conclusion
    21:33 – Giveaway Winners
    23:00 – Announcement

    • After years of nerfs, arty finally gets a buff!

    • Maybe the Aim buff equipment should be only accessible to Conq GC, G.W E 100, and T92? I can’t say anything specifically since I play on console but… uh… _Hit me up with these equipment’s when I get T92 ;)_

    • @Cherry Noble it can also be used to T49 and Sheridan..

    • @ALTRAX Channel arty wise, but even still- put it on Tusk *3s aim time 🙁

    • 😀 I hear again nagging about arties. There so much else broken things, invisible tanks and spoting system. But first vid “This should not be in game” haha the hypocrisy. Go play armored warfare, no arties. its solution.

  2. You are exaggerating about this artillery, you want tanks that you don’t like to don’t have access to new equipment but other thanks that you like and play yes.That’s not an objective opinion.

  3. These equipments are a mistake

  4. I’m loving these “Build” videos please keep em coming

  5. finally something for arties. Please leave this equipment to be available for arties. What else can arties actually boost? Their abyssmal survivability? Or non-existent view range? Arties cannot equip vents, even when not open-topped, that is enough already.

  6. It’s like the test of the second death star… monster!

  7. What u actually did with obj that makes u feel its op its not like u did 5k dmg or ended up first in team and yes using obj 261 as reference for accuracy is silly i remember when they nerfed arty accuracy long time ago obj 261 was only one that actually felt like playng arty before nerf so u basically reviewed obj 261 great accuracy gj 🙂

  8. me: getting perma-stun and farmed/focused by arty all the time
    comunity: artys are op
    wg: let’s give arta some op equipment
    this comment section: arta are not good in current state, finaly some deserved love
    me: thinking about opening goulag for arta players and wg staff

  9. I think that equipment should be avaliable on the arties, speaking from an arty player point of view. If it should not be avaliable for arties, then it should not be avaliable for TD’s like the strv103B, if anything that tank has amazing accuracy already and now people can get it smaller, but no one complains about that !!!

    Why should you be able to reduce the aiming circle for tanks that dont need it to be reduced, but its TOO POWERFULL for arties.
    B S !!
    Arties are in the game. Deal with it. I for one also want to have my Aiming circle smaller in my arties.
    Think about the arty players as well !
    thank you.

  10. Arties have always been too good. There’s nothing you can do at them to make them, not too good, if you dont remove the indirect fire. You can’t balance indirect fire.

  11. Michael Bridgeland

    currentlyi have bounty rammer , bounty gun lay drive and bounty hunter vents on cgc arty and its very effective . you like to complain about arty frequently but not so much about the ebr which is turning out to be very cancerous in game

  12. REPLACED THE AMMO with an ATOMIC BOMB, crazy development.

  13. EBR105 with +5kmh top speed

  14. how about M53/M55 that thing is the most OP artillery out there high tier

  15. “it’s time to stop” meme is needed

  16. Dragonhunter993

    But there is one thing, that im Missing, And…




    For better Capping


  17. wtf…
    my t8 russian arta does usually 450+ dmg (when i hit or splash sth)
    why are the shots on the t10 doing 230-250??? isnt it the same gun?

  18. Why even bother with aiming? Give artillery ability to deal damage and stun anywhere on the map, just by clicking the area. Trajectory, relocation – no need of that crap. Can overload one cell brain.

  19. what does it matter if you have that accuracy and aim time when you do 230 dmg per shot and also no arty plays with food consumable because it’s not worth it rng is gonna fuck you most of the time anyways

  20. Really we are all winners for watching Dez videos….Congrats and happy hunting to the gold winners!!

  21. had 8 games in a row with 3 arties per game just now and had a ragequit because of it
    After this update it wont even take 2 games before the arty ragequit…

  22. T92 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  23. TD build thoughts
    Scorpian G/SU-130 PM stealth/dpm
    Heavy TD (TS-5/T95/Badger/268 v.4) mobility/speed

  24. After the clown cars have ruined the game and normal scouting, were talking about Arty?!???!!!!?

  25. Bertalan Kovács

    I think they should just nerf the 261’s accuracy. It was always the “sniper SPG” that was all about precise shots, not damage. This equipment should be fine for the rest of them. Showing the effect of the equipment on the most accurate arty in the game doesn’t prove it makes every single SPG overpowered.

  26. Fastest firing lefh18b2?

  27. Arty is Life

  28. Mazvydas Kairys

    And they say that WOT is not pay to win.

  29. OK your bias towards SPGs is palpable and you did a lot of craptalk about taking shower and so on. But then, while running 13 skill crew and all that premium equipment on CC account, you werent able to achieve at least class III performance. It only tells us how noninfluential and underpowered this class is, even after crazy sandbox ideas.

  30. Thank you Dez. Collected it!
    Only a shame that I have to see my name in a video full of arties ….

  31. That is like arty used to be

  32. Barnabas Nyulaszi

    just imagine these builds on the lefh tierV french arty

  33. Would love to see this on conqueror gun cancer

  34. in first battle …..cap in sandbox server 😛 lolololololololol

  35. can you try out premium wz-120-1-ft ? i think it will be ridiculous now

  36. Igor Vasiljevic

    There will be more fun at cost of silver because experiment with equipment cost more than tank 🙂

  37. As soon as I saw this Improved aiming unit I immediately thought holy crap Arty. The first thing I went on sand box and tested was this. It really did not feel better. I know it is better stat wise however arty still felt boring and frustrating and slow. I did not use improved or bond stuff and I did not use a directive. Most people do not use those things because most people are pretty casual. It really takes those top level things to make it OP. Just another thing that pushes the extreme top players even more ahead then they already are.

  38. Aim time and accuracy over rof

  39. Do you realize what a hypocrite you are saying that this build should not appear on Arty?!

    You are very pleased about the changes that allows a Maus to drive at 25kph or an ELC to disappear when it would have been seen before – yet the moment that Wargaming brings out something that improves the aiming of Arty – a class that only has TWO premiums whilst other classes have dozens of them – you complain bitterly about it.

    You are just a standard tank driver who hasn’t a clue how to avoid being hit by Arty – so you want them nerfed instead. Arty has NEVER been buffed, we’ve always been nerfed and the moment that Wargaming suggests tool that improves performance, you whine like a baby.

    Where were your whines when they brought out the innovative gun rammer and gun laying drive? You didn’t whine because they improve tanks performance. Well they happen to improve Arty performance too – but if you suggested that Wargaming remove the innovative rammer and GLD that would have hurt tank players.

    This proves that you are a hypocritical prick.

  40. Seriously will make spgs so much more fun to play.

  41. French tier 10 should have vents,but it doesn’t. It’s a close top arty.

  42. This is good. I’m a arty player. This is going to make my T92 a very happy girl

  43. Dez using the most accurate arty in this example, which doesn’t prove the point of this equipment.

    How about trying in other arty? The equipment is not supposed to use in already accurate tank in the first place, it’s supposed to use for those horrible accuracy tank(like cgc or jpze100 for example).

    In this video you didn’t prove anything other than one-sided hatred for arty, how about try other arty for this equipment set up? If you can even hit a single thing…

  44. Your so dirty cause you did 2200… damage? Are you joking? Every class can do that and much more in 5 minutes. This class in a joke now. Good luck making any of the tougher personal missions. It’s about time they made this class playable. Oh, and I am all good with anything that destroys the light class. F, wheelies!

  45. You can use vents on the Conq GC and the BC 155 58. And the BC is an autoloader, it would be nice to see what builds would work better with it.

  46. I love your videos dez keep going 😍

  47. This in a M44 or a lefefefefefefefefe…. RIP anus

    How to kill your game: Add wheelies that are totally not tanks and can fire accurately on the move despite 70km/h speed, add skycancer, match making not based on player number of games and win ratio creating unbalanced teams, crappy maps, powercreep, crap stock tanks

    Can’t wait for GHPC game to come out

  48. Dez! 12:30 You managed to hit TVP a tank with 65 mm max hull armor and you managed to deal a whooping 380 hp damage 😀 How op is that, did any i mean any tier 10 tank coud do less damage than this on the TVP??.
    At 12:20 you gushing about the 4k combined damage in a TIER 10. Did you noticed hat the Obj 261 has a 2173 theoretical dpm and you did 2214 damage during 4 minute.

  49. Dez , not everybody has a 7skill crew and so much special equipment, remind that .

  50. No, artillery is so underpowerd it’s impossible to make it OP. Like 45 seconds reload for 250 dmg. Just get rid of stunning mechanics and let them do like 600 dmg every shoot. I rather get killed by that then the disgusting wheeled vehicles

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