This Makes Some Tanks Too Good? | World of Tanks Equipment 2.0 Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks New Equipment 2.0 System. World of Tanks Sandbox Server – New Equipment Test. World of Tanks 2020 Anniversary Rewards.

Today I am going cover one very big upcoming changes or even overhauls in this game – The Equipment 2.0.
They are going to change many of the old equipment units, are going to add plenty of new stuff to mount and some more new features in the system.

What do you think about that? Let me know!

Enjoy the show and enjoy the weekend!

►Tanks in / мир танков :
– No tanks, just equipment.


  1. Have a nice weekend, beautiful people!
    What do you think about this stuff? Can’t wait to test it out actually, so stay tuned, will cover it on my channel! 😉

    • Would be nice if we could change all equipment sets for free with this variety of new stuff

    • I think that for the most part the new equipment is good, but they should refund all players by letting them demount equipment for free for, lets say, a week. Then, let each player choose 3 new things of equipment for each tank, that way everyone can try out new equipment completely for free (sorry for the long read lol)

    • I think its over complicated. Maybe its just the first time opinion,but in my opinion the equipment meta wont realy change

    • I am personly courious abot turbo charger and low noise exhaust system, if it effects the engine sound that would be awesome. Also if you could save these setups in a slot that would be good too.

    • Nice vid as usual,

      cannot wait for your 1150hp turbocharged E50M ramming build 😀

      Have a nice weekeend 🙂

  2. Thats equipments will change game meta slightly more fast paced.
    I am just thinking about EBR…

  3. Lot of changes to justify their jobs… Changes are garbage

  4. Lloyd McKibban Jr

    I am extremely excited. Good job Wargaming. I can’t wait

  5. This system of Equipment is in WOTBlitz active for like 3 Years

  6. what if EBR 105 can mount the new equiment that is additional kmh?95 to 105!:O

  7. Mitchell Gillett

    some of those modules are gonna make the EBRs spooky good

  8. RIP Grille – not even the Reverse Speed boost will save it from Triplex and Commanders Vision

  9. Okay but they need to NOT make binoculars only available for TDs, that is the absolute dumbest idea ever.

  10. The shit storm beginn now! .-)

  11. Do not force me into a meta. If I wanna scout in a maus. Let me. arseholes

  12. “I strongly suggest to play with categorized sluts…”
    Change is nice, even if it means op tanks getting more op, lights spotting possibilities nerfed and speed of the games increased.

  13. This will be a nightmare for me I have 170+ tanks most with equipment say they give all players 12 remount kits I’d need about 450 kits or 4500 gold to fix all my tanks

  14. So far I see almost no reasons for any of the new equipments except maybe the ammo rack equipment for russian tanks that optics would be useless on.

  15. I’m not sure about this. It’s good they made changes to the use of equipment & consumables in low tier.
    But making it so you can’t use or are forced to use certain equipment modules, kinda takes the whole choice aspect away. I feel like this will defeat the purpose of this update & in 1 week everyone will use the same equip-consumable setup again.

  16. I hope the new vision equipments mean that they are uncapping the render range and spotting range in particular modes. Would love to see a new gamemode set for tier 10-12 vehicles in the style of grand battles but without nebelburg, the second worst map at higher tiers. Tier 11-12 vehicles of course being tanks like the t-72, chieftain, M11P Abrams, Leopard 1a5, and all the other 70’s meme tanks. (The chieftain is still not in the game yet so it would be cool if they added it to the game, what is clan wars btw?)

  17. Luca the chappie

    Soo they are fucking UP the game again congratulations

  18. WG: Its to difficult for new players…..too much options
    WG: Lets introduce bounty equipment and a lot of new consumables
    WG: lets nerf Shitbarn reverse speed
    WG; lets introduce consumables to increase reverse speed

    • WG. We have streamlined the tech tree because it’s too complicated to follow a tank line with arrows pointing to the next tank.

      WG. We are going to make equipment soo complicated now.

      One minute they are saying the player base are thick and the next minute intelligent.

  19. Really impressed they thought about the game 😍
    And not about Prem. Tanks
    Big hand for WG

    • But what will the cost of re-equiping 100+ tanks going to cost in gold to remove the old gear for the new be ?. Sounds like a big bonus in cash for WG.

  20. feels like as a heavy tank you are set to get fcked by others 🙂

     BTW if you can’t see your enemy, having an extra 300 HP won’t make you last longer for 1 second.

    Having those different boost slots is gonna change the balance of a lot of tanks. I’m sure a lot of poeple are happy to see some new content added to the game. But you better not fck up the balance more.

  21. I think its overall a good improvement, although the additional speed is a bad decision, if heavy tanks start going as fast as medium tanks in tier8+ then medium tanks will only get even worse

  22. Wet ammo rack on T69 KEKW finally

  23. 90% of the changes wargaming make the game worse, ie Clown cars, its all about WG maximizing profit , they couldn’t give a shit about the average player experience

  24. Arturas Milasius

    so lets be real wg just found a way how to suck more gold 🙂

  25. Jugoslav Cvitkovac

    Great. Thats what this game needs, more speed……. just great……
    We can rename this game and call it “counter strike”.

  26. Now they just need to add a feature that if you researched the whole line that you and turn national blueprints to universal blue prints.

  27. Wonder if season 3 battle pass would be france and china or germany and italy

  28. Oskars Random Things

    so my strv s1 has 1036 conclement, i wonder how much more i could get hahaha

  29. binocs will only be for TDs

  30. The call for hacks in battle will be huge now and on the forums.

  31. -10% on enemies concealment ? So i work hard to get my concealment skill on my crew and opponent scout just pays 600k credits and completly deny my for weeks grinded skill ? Ok, so no reason to stay and scout anymore cause wheeled scouts will become more usefull. Thats gamebreaking.

  32. Better be a faster traverse speed equipment so I can get my AT-8 back the way it was before WG nerfed it. Then brought in faster vehicles … Grrr.

  33. You: “I hate EBR’s”
    WG: equipment 2.0
    Me: You won’t be as quick as me anymore

  34. Thanks for this review, I look forward to trying this out. It should help us equip tanks we don’t yet know and adapt the equipment to our own playstyle. Good job from what I see.

  35. Janjoš Sibinovski

    Hope leo 1 will have firepower and mobility

  36. I agree with making cheaper equipment available to lower tiers and those things to reduce seal-clubbing. The other stuff seems like a load of unnecessary complexity to change something that wasn’t broken. Why not have a slot where you can exclude EBRs or SPGs from your battles instead? (I don’t mind SPGs, but I know many people are against them…)

  37. So 15 meter behind a bush isnt gonna work anymore i quess with the new equipment

  38. Well this is not that bad, i will sure apply a spall liner for my elc if i can just to not get rng’d
    P.S gun rammer or spall liner

  39. Game becoming whit every Patch mor and more Shiat !!

  40. EBR 105, 95km/h now after this it will be 101km/h

  41. Nightmare before Christmas

    2020 : WG find out Armored Warfare equipement system 😂

  42. not needed not wanted at least for me, i wanna play easy not beeing hours in garage and try different attachments

  43. New players play tier 5 and 6 immediately now. All this talk about tier 1-4 is irrelevant. Tier 5-6 are full of new players with 1-200 games WOT total. These developers haven’t a clue what’s going on in their own game.

  44. I’m impressed, WG really have pulled this one out the bag. And all it took was a global pandemic, a whole country to burst into flames and murder hornets.

  45. Demounting kits? Is this a new gold sync…

  46. So if they improve loading time, and aiming time, then players will use something other than rammer and gun laying drives.

  47. Will definitely makes gameplay interesting for tanks, but of course extending wheeled vehicles advantages. Anybody who’s refusing to play those vehicles just got slapped in the face again.

    I do think it would be better to just refund all equipment on all our tanks so we can start fresh. But I’m guessing them wouldn’t even think about it because it costs gold to demount. Hopefully they give us plenty of demounting kits.

  48. They say they nerf the wheeled vehichles so they wont be the most op tank in wot…. Then they announce new equipment mechanics which will make wheelies even more potent….
    What did we expect from a pay-to-win game.
    Thanks DezGamez that you make these episodes for people too lazy to read it from wot website 🙂

  49. Next step for new crew skills load out?

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