This MELTS Armor and PENETRATES! (Ho-Ri 3, Tier 10 Japanese Destroyer)

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks Japanese Tank Destroyer – Tier 10 Japanese Destroyer Ho-Ri 3. World of Tanks New Crew Skills in Update 1.20.1 Patch – 1.20.1 Test Server.

00:00 Introduction
02:10 Announcement
04:20 Review and 2nd Battle
10:17 1st Live Battle
17:25 2nd Live Battle
24:30 Conclusion

Article to the update:

Let's talk about one of the more positive things coming to the game with update 1.20.1 – tier 10 Japanese tank destroyer Ho-Ri 3.

What do you think?


  1. Wot Addict Global

    DezGamez, I hope you don’t mind that I tell my subscribers to watch your content, ESPECIALLY the last videos you have made about 1.20.1
    Love your content, my old friend!

  2. Notsogoodguitarguy

    Ho Ri Shi Tu

  3. Ho-Ri 3 is not similar to JagPze100, not even close, IMO. Jageroo have bigger gun, bigger alpha and reload time. It is so slow, going forward/backwards no matter what you put on it xD it would be nice to see Ho-Ri 3 and JagPze100 side by side and compare for how faster Ho-Ri can make full circle.
    I think Ho-Ri is a little bit too good (stats overall). But we will see after 6 months or year what will WG do about it.


    Ho-Ri-Shit !

  5. garbage. uninstall.

  6. Nice to see there’s something good in the patch considering i won’t be playing it.

  7. I like how lots of people are saying how this looks very similar to the Jag E100, of which it does, but the fact it was a tank that was actually built, compared to the fictional Jag E100, is kind of funny to me how everyone is referring to it, as being what they wanted the Ho-ri 3 to be similar to.

    I haven’t explained this all to well…


    Historically the main gun for Ho-Ri was to be the Type 5 105 mm gun newly developed for this vehicle. And similar to the main gun in the Chi-Ri it was equiped with a tray that assisting the gun reload so it is a semi-automatic reload but unlike the Chi-Ri which had 2 trays , the Ho-Ri only had one tray.

  9. from what it seems it’s a mix between jgpz and ob268v4; alpha and mobility in the middle, but not as tanky

  10. 14:30 camo is from pass when wargaming did collab with game workshop and their warhammer 40k, stb got the ork 3d sking and this is the “regular” skin from it, iirc

  11. I found more success with this tank playing it at mid to long ranges.

    I was getting killed again and again when I tried to brawl with the heavies. This tank is purely a supporter of the line.

  12. Might be pretty much pointless content if and when the next update drops (unless WG smartens up and cancels it) because it seems like there’s a massive revolt coming.

  13. here comes the nerf. wait 2 months for it.

  14. When there was battle pass for stb-1 3d camo “Teefbreaka” You get that camo wich can be use on japanese tanks only.

  15. I don’t plan on getting Ho-Ri for now, but maybe if it’s still interesting I buy it at some point in the future.
    Server: EU
    Username: OrcaSpiderJay

  16. this gun hits !!! you cant compare it to grille !!!
    the shells on grille are so unpredictable its like you click and hope the shell fired , and you keep hoping to hit !!!! leo 1 gun is way better than grille gun

  17. Can’t wait to get my hands on the tier 6

  18. Hey mate! Absolutely, we have to do something together as a community about it.

  19. Sigurdur Bjarnason

    What is that gold/bronze thing that pings on the screen in few seconds?? Is it part of new experimental stuff or???

  20. James Irwin-McConnell

    I’ve been very excited for this new line, but all the other garbage supposed to release with 1.20.1 is just NOT worth it.

  21. Jagdpanzer E100 alt tier 10 premium

  22. Wot Addict Global

    You know what, Dez? I just realised that, MANY years ago, you were among the first WoT YouTubers I found. You, Skill, Daki… My favourite CCs! And YES! We must do something about this situation! What do you suggest?

  23. I have a question when come this tank to the game and when comes the new update out to the game ?

  24. Idk. I can’t see the positivity in this update. I genuinely wish people would realize just how bad this new update is going to be. Extememe push to pay 2 win and the massive crew issue.

  25. 22:30 you’re quite surprised that you hit Minotauro’s cupola. I’m surprised you’re penned by his HE and rolled like a 150mm regular.

  26. do we really need more OP gun in this game? Hiding in the back is not a skill. We are going from brawling, to line fighting.. like they did in the 1800’s. This whole game is ass backwards. we miss more than we hit. Having +/- 25% RNG, is really saying there is a 50% variance in your shots, which in any school college/military training/etc…. a 50% variance is a fail. Also, the better we do, the more credits we lose… so carrying a game for a win, is not supported by WG. You took too long, and cost them dollars per minute, so you lose credits.

  27. It’s a bobject with better gun, less armoured but more mobile.
    It can bounce shots…. One of the better td’s at t10

  28. i do not like tthe new crew changes or wot plus wot can take a fly leap of a cliff with this idea

  29. the camouflageof that you have was from the battle pass event that was 40 k style it was stage one of the battle pass

  30. Syahareen Sha Rani

    So basically is a better version of a Grille 15 …

  31. i real wish the give evey one that has a grill there waffle e 100 back i like to see the new meta tanks get one clip more often

  32. Luís Augusto Panadés

    JagdPanzer E 100 has ultra atrocious gun handling: .19 when turning the turret and 85mm of HE pen in a 170mm gun. This japonese has 90mm pen in a 149mm gun. Something seens very wrong with german gun, simply they are ridicoulously bad.

  33. In wot blitz mobile this td is a beast, it’s front and top plate is pretty good and quick fire rate and absolutely good pen so you can pretty much use it as front line tank rather than sot back

  34. Yeah its like a jpgz , but with speed no armor almost, and diffrent gun, so i guees it looks similar and thats all? XD

  35. big brother of 114 SP2

  36. HO RI SHI-TO

  37. Fook wargaming and their new updates! They r money hungry scum!

  38. Japanese TDs can be very feel so KIMOCHI, aahnnnn~

  39. Dez I hope you are not over hyping us with new top tier tanks, like you did with BS rino in test client, you where extatic about rino, jet its garbage. give us honest stuff!

  40. I think you cry abit too much. (No offense) The update’s good, I think. I say WoT+ is better than the premium account. Atleast now, you are getting SOMETHING, (I agree with the equipment demounting thing tho. It should be free for everyone.) for paying up. The game has to stay alive somehow, since it’s free to play. I get it… Wargaming is just greedy. I’m not saying that they aren’t. (Example: Lootboxes) But the premium account, was basically something… You NEEDED to be able to play the game, competetively. For the crew 2.0 – I feel like there isn’t all that much of a difference, from how it was before. It’s just abit reworked. It recieved the love that it so desperately needed. For example the AMX Mle. 54 nerf was… COMPLETELY UNNECESARY. (I don’t think I have to mention the progetto, and 60t being nerfed.) They made the tank worse than it was, before the buffs. Like… WAY WORSE! I think that, that was a way, way worse update. Another thing you were whining about, is the none friendly nature of the game, towards new players. And to that, I’ll say just two words. The thing that’s been here, from the very begining, and that’s just… Disgusting! But no one ever talks about it, because they have their garages filled with tier 10’s, cracked up on bonds. S.T.O.C.K T.A.N.K.S

    Conclusion: You say that WoT is going to end, for content’s sake. People have been saying that, since like…. 2015. And yet the game is still going strong.

    Don’t take this comment, as me, defending wargaming. I absolutely agree, wargaming Are a bunch of greedy bitches, but like- Stop crying about everything. Try to enjoy it, when they give the game, And the players some love, when they do it so rarely.

    Again… No hate towards you, Dez… Just my humble opinion.

  41. This tank is made out of paper when someone loads gold. You can auto aim pen with gold. This line is going to be bad

  42. cammo is from a past battlepass where you got it when you grinded the STB line from the warhamer40k theme

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