This might be my favorite tank..

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Source: Circonflexes

This Kampfpanzer 50 t crazy.


  1. love it

  2. First comment…

  3. Notification squad 🙋🏻‍♂️❤

  4. Hey Circon, I’m wondering if you have seen anything about the Sheriff accounts on NA being used by platoons to 3 mark tanks? They apparently had the ability to pick maps most suited to the tank they were marking etc. Do you feel it has effected the integrity of the game? What about WGs response?

  5. Nice meme

  6. I want this tank so much,got the Bonds for it,but ranked is not my cup of tea #Rage

  7. I think I’ll stick to my T55A. There are couple problems with this tank:
    – You need to get lucky in Ranked Battles to get it
    – It looks completly made up and I hate napkin tanks
    – If someone press 2 this tank is armorless

    • it’s not even close to a T55A

    • @Thomas check lol, it’s literally T55a but with less DPM, more standard penetration, better hull armor, less p/w, better top speed and more gun deepression. They are very close

    • @DeadBoi666 in what scenario lmao? Frontal turret armor is 80% penetration with T55A HEAT. T55A has better gun handling due to soft stats and +200 DPM. You can’t “just” get it with 20k bonds, you have to get to 2nd devision which is nearly impossible if you’re unlucky. Ranked Battles are more luck based than Randoms, and this comes from person that has 59% in last 1200 battles.

    • @Szymon Klimann looks like u are lucky one having 59% recent win cuz only noob would say t55 is better than kpz and turret armor doesnt mean anything that tank has best gun handling u can hit shots that t55 would never hit and t55 is least armored than kpz everyone knows that plus t55 has no gun depression hull armor sucks too but truth is nowodays u cant rly rely on armor its about gun and mobility

    • if u judge tanks by pressing 2 key u have to be a no lifer when people press 2 key no tank has armor nowdays

  8. I dread having to play against this thing

  9. Kairoru Iced Mocha

    Grinded my way up the Ranked Battle to get this tank, I gotta say it is so much fun to watch shells bouncing one after another

    Definitely one of the best German tanks that I have ever played.

  10. yea man not a suprise its a broke ass reward tank
    no suprise there

  11. Whats that background music tho?

  12. Star Platinum ZA WARUDO!

    Circon on the chillbeats. I dig it.

  13. What mode are you using? I see you have a pen indicator?

  14. I can Pen This tank front side with o-ho derp HE

  15. I just researched Skoda t50 top gun. But I am having problems with that since I never really played autoreloaders . But so far I like it it just I have to learn more.

  16. Got Ace in 2nd battle and didnt touch that tank ,since i dont want to ruin stats i have in it 😀 you can check Steve_the_RU_heavy_man or if you want to check replay :
    No bragging or anything just sharing my happiness 😀 GL Circ and HF 😛

  17. 2:08 those shots remind me of this time I ricocheted a shot off the front of a wolverine straight up into the underside of his turrent to penetrate, do damage, and destroy the turrent ring

  18. This recently came out on console. Way too good

  19. This is my favorite tank too, it’s just such a beast. Got 3.5k average dmg so far. I love it

  20. Another well balanced tank by ClownGaming. I wish people would stop giving money to these muppets.

  21. So sad I can’t be bothered to play ranked 🙁 This tank is so OP and awesome!

  22. Hmm, WoT looks kinda crap with this graphics settings of his, it looked like we went back to 2015

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