This missile doesn’t care about the M1 Abrams, Challenger or T-64B (War Thunder 1.77 Gameplay)

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This missile doesn’t care about the , Challenger T-64B (War Thunder 1.77 Gameplay)

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  1. Congratulation you found a spot where you can shoot down into the other teams spawn. Great Sportsmanship.

  2. If it’s ok with you can you make 200 tiger tanks against 5000 Spartans and 2000 Sherman’s

  3. WT seriously needs something to balance this thing… like shoot the rocket with MG or something

  4. Once APS(active protection systems) gets added this will be less of a threat ,since gaijin has already included modern mbts and ERA armor this might happen in the distant future thou tandem charges maybe also added..

  5. Hi tank daily jk,I know you find more enjoyment playing tanks,so all I really ask is 2 plane videos a week maybe,I wouldn’t mind seeing the planes that have come out with the recent patch

  6. a shame you did not show the 3rd person launch souns because its beyond good

  7. TheTypicalPatriot

    I see you work with Squire too, hmm?

  8. TheDudeWho DoesThings

    Raketenjagdpanzer *2 HOT 4 U*

  9. Funny how I requested the IT-1. No gun one rocket. Yet here is the same thing just no turret and not Russian

  10. Vladimir The Derpy Impaler

    Why Is this video not available? …

  11. Comerade Phly,
    We fear war has been declared or our Motherland once more from those fascist in the east, with current intelligence Germany has broken through our borders with a great weapon of war the “tank”. These tanks are unlike anything we’ve seen before and it seems they’re unstoppable machines.
    Our weapon specialists have been working day and night to build weapons to counter these “tanks”
    We want you to take the new 57mm Zis-2 anti tank cannon to the frontlines.(Zis-30) We’ve also given you access to a LaGG that has been fitted with a 37mm cannon designed to stop tanks in their tracks. ((LaGG-3-34) premium)
    We expect a report back on the performance on the anti-tank gun and the performance of aircraft as well.
    We are eager to hear back
    —Russian High Command

  12. Phlydaily, nothing new. Epic Thunder have had this effect for months. thats why they stole it 😀

  13. This hill needs a nickname?

  14. Syrian War simulator

  15. LADEN !!!

  16. honey badger don’t care

  17. Challenge: take out any low tier Russian tank and get a kill with the machine gun on the back of your turret the rules are simple if you are shooting unarmored targets you can only use machine guns but if it has armor then the last hit has to be with the machine gun

  18. It’s like a honey badger, it just does not care ??

    Anyway nice video Phly!

  19. Too HOT for you new Shiny MBTs!

  20. Can’t hit an abrams moving at full speed but can shoot down an airplane with an It-1

  21. tiger 2 vs M1 abrams

  22. Cold War tank battle in a nutshell ,how much pay to skip and skilless gameplay war thunder need to be,the good old war thunder is gone .
    good vehicles model , good sound good graphics with a shit matchmaking shit game mod that all it is now

  23. +PhlyDaily did I see you in AWA earlier? Are going to be putting up a video on that soon? Something?

    Nvm, ‘twas an imposter… If your nick is still phly, that is.

  24. Woooooooooow..hehehehe..plydaily 2k18

  25. Big Shaq hates this tank.

    *It’s too HOT*

  26. “Ammo stowage”

  27. This missile’s coming in HOT

  28. Phly, we’re almost out of ammo but we still can fight!
    Take the M6A1 with only 37mm!
    For freedom!

  29. Phly the arma 3 tanks dlc is coming out soon could you check it out and maybe make a vid on it when it does come out?

  30. And this is why I can’t play high teirs.. just look. 6+ tanks all camping on the same Ridgeline just sniping.. it’s such BS as when playing low teirs it kinda teaches you to rush in and fight and use your armor. Then you get to rank 3 and the armor goes right out the window as everything can pen everything.. then later rank 3 it becomes a sit and snipe or you’ll get punsihed severely game..

  31. Onyx King-Keomaka

    Just came here from squire’s new video

  32. the power of german bias XD

  33. could you shoot the missile mid flight?

  34. PHLY!!! I have a cool request for you. I was thinking to myself, “Gee, I really wish Gaijin would do another Thunder League event, since I wasn’t around for it!”. And then I had a brilliant idea! Take out the M24 Thunder League Edition, with the addition of the P-51A, also from the Thunder League. Not many people have these rare vehicles, and I’d like to see you use them in a battle(s). Good luck to you, sir! Attempt #1

  35. I thought the graphics were supposed to be better in the next update… more realism and atmosphere.

  36. Take The Tetrarch or Asu-57 and try and stay hidden for the whole game.

  37. sorta like shooting apcr at low tier

  38. should try launching it high and to the side so you can bring it down on the roof of an enemy. other atgms could use this. not so much for this one lel

  39. The missile than can pen anything…
    *shows clips of the missile hardly doing anything*

  40. you should try to kill a plane with the ATGM

  41. Hey @PhlyDaily play Amerikan 75 mm antitank plane


  43. Thats a flying sausage! Not a missile lol!

  44. Singularity Raptor

    Thats why modern tanks have atgm counter measures

  45. Phlydaily:
    Now we just need Reactive Armour, and hell, even Rebar-Concrete, and Sandbags; and Spaced Armour made from Track-Links! Then you’re gonna’ feel pretty lonesome when your shot’s wont do as much damage, and you’re being Boofed by an old Sherman/Easy-8/Firefly/Jumbo/T-14/T-23, firing S.A.-made 75mm Sabot, now wontcha!?! *_:D_*

  46. “how can anyone see me from here”…. ULQ settings WILL render tanks at max edge of render range, but NOT render buildings and trees…. so basically you might as well be in the wide open regardless of buildings or trees. The only thing that will hide you at that magical render edge range is terrain… getting behind a hill or below a ridge line. (for the record…no most rocks do not count, ie they also do not render)

  47. Yeah…This is why I quit war thunder and tend to just watch other people have fun and suffer

  48. after watching some videos i decided to download warthunder again
    its great to find out that when you get banned you dont even get an email 🙁
    so no warthunder for me 🙁

  49. ATGM players should be executed

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