This Mission Made My Balls Drop (Battlefield 3 – Thunder Run)

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This Mission Made My Balls Drop (Battlefield 3 – Thunder Run)


  1. Tato mise způsobila, že mé koule poklesly

  2. Fuck it, I’m going to say it.

    They don’t make games like this anymore.

  3. BF3 predicted the world today absurdingly accurate back in 2011, all those chaos in Middle East.

  4. no you wouldn’t want to be a tank loader. nothing but train train train, field field field and no care for time. oh and deployments where you don’t even man your tank because atm they are not needed. trust me. I’m deployed right now with CAV

  5. Oh Phly! Do the “Big Brother” mission from MW2 with someone!

  6. play medal of honor bro

  7. All the war crimes

  8. deadlypineapple satsumas


  9. Love this campaign goodness

  10. 12:16 *snort* “oops”

  11. Medal of honor vanguard please

  12. i mean dude your only a few years late to this…..

  13. BF3 Was THE best bf game in my opinion second only to bad company 1

  14. Phly, you should do the whole damn campaign 😀

  15. 15:45 that is antipersonel arty that detonated above the ground peppering the area with shrapnal

  16. Go have some fun in the pz4 f2 with the 2 ducks 75 and 30mm

  17. Keep it going on BF3

  18. if only there was a harder difficulty for this game, less that 5 hours of gameplay is bullshit.

  19. holy crap battlefield 3 still looks good

  20. I was in an ARMA 3 op with a clan that looked like this it was epic

  21. Fly the mig 17 for the great motherland

  22. Battlefield Bad Company!

  23. goosebumps and nostalgia combined

  24. good ol bf3, ahh the nostalgia

  25. Phly I want to see more of you play Battlefield 3 on the campaign missions.

  26. Pls more pls try battlefield 4 ?

  27. I Like, that They show the “highway of death” – it is not everyday you see something like this in a videogame…

  28. This is how War Thunder should looks like…

  29. Play some of the great cod campaigns of old. Maybe Black ops or something

  30. Because you played the best game with the best campaign (in my opinion) You’ve earned yourself a subscriber sir!!! ❤️❤️

  31. I hope War Thunder will get graphics like this one day.

  32. “What’s Happening Dude You Ok You Good?” – PhlyDaily 2017

  33. Dark souls 3 😀 Have a good day!

  34. Call of duty balck ops, any missions.

  35. America fuck yea!!!

  36. What I didnt like about this mission is that the fired shells are not affected by gravity at all. They are in multiplayer so why not here?

  37. I like how he says, “This game could’ve came out yesterday and I would’ve thought, ‘this is legit’.” …………..and it really is sad how true that is. These graphics were PHENOMENAL when this game came out. Top of the line. Fucking fantastic. And now? Well……no one has made any giant leap forward. We’re just satisfied getting the same stuff year, after year, after year, after year…..and the gaming industry has no drive to improve if we keep buying the refurbished products. Oh well, c’est la vie, right?

  38. Titanfall 2 Campaign.

  39. I see this mission and I think what War Thunder could have been

  40. Campaign?
    Not a bad idea, sometimes we like playing with friends in multiple players, but sometimes we also want to relax and enjoy the campaign stories.
    If you like FPS, try COD MW, or maybe BF(The MW storyline is so good)
    If you like RTS, how about trying an old game call “Company of Heroes”, is a good WW2 game and it has a good storyline.

  41. play the 2nd part

  42. EvilTinyBlockz Rebooted

    Plz might phly play the second part 🙂

  43. Koonnot Werewolve CH

    Hey!!! 😀 PhlyDaily!!! Next play War thunder use KV-2 1939 or 1940 and TU-4 pls XD

  44. Phly, i love campaigns too and i would love to see you playing one of my favourites (if not my favourite) campaigns of all time, the Call Of Duty 3 campaign. especially the Sherman Firefly mission and the british Paratrooper one (the one where you have to drive a Jeep)
    hope you consider my comment, greetings from Tuscany.

  45. Those A-10 gun run sounds lit

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