This New Equipment Makes Camo Crazy! ► World of Tanks Manticore Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Manticore Gameplay, Tier 10 British Light Tank. World of Tanks Battle Pass Season 5, New Bounty Exhaust System Equipment Unit. World of Tanks British Light Tanks. The Worst Light Tank in World of Tanks… Or The Best Light Tank?

Update 1.13 introduced many big changes to the game, new features, buffs and nerfs and also Battle Pass Season 5. This new Battle Pass season gives us a brand new bounty equipment unit called Bounty Exhaust System and it makes camo or scounting quite crazy!

Let’s see what we can do! 🙂


  1. What next? 🙂 What would you like to see on my channel next?
    Have an absolutely fantastic weekend, DezNation, Much love!

    • Maybe the same setup with the small elc even 90

    • codygree GodOfBattle WoT

      The T95 /Chieftain I saw it in you garage

    • Make a Video about the Matchmaker or the Gamebalance or a Vid about to smal Map´s or 4 min Games or nis Games with 1:15 play ….ther is enough work to make the game better.

    • How about mid-tier LTs with this new equipment, what else would you use in addition to bond / bounty optics and this bounty exhaust? Eg Type 64, where you can’t use Vents and get the first box bonus.

    • Can you do a video about how WG have killed arty as a class. Tracer = blind shots, damage nerf and accuracy nerf. GG WG, pandering to crybabies.

  2. DEZ, i love your vids but PLEASE get a decent mic !! its like youre talking through a bucket of mud.

  3. well, this game is slowly making everithing pay to win and “Balancing” the game to fit that pay to win tactics.
    They may not make more OP tanks, but they will make OP pay to win Mechanics or ETC.

  4. You will never stop whining about the EBR even though it just got nerfed again. Whining is getting annoying, can u do some whining about E25 so they nerf it.

  5. what about T-100 LT?

  6. Next time you want to check out max camo on a vehicle (or other max stats) dont forget about the Comparison menu, where you’re able to choose equipment pieces for free, so you don’t waste gold or demounting kits. Just a little “life hack”

  7. With all the screwing around they’ve done the game is broke don’t waste your time or money in this game there’s better ones out there…

  8. More equipment to make games even faster.

  9. I blame Momix for making you love this tank. xD

  10. Guys I just want to see if anyone else is having a bug with update 1.13. Is anyone else getting loads of ghost shells since the update?. Especially for arty?? Or just me being crap :/

  11. Isn’t this for the already broken EBR too? So great buff for already broken tank from WG. BTW again one equipment which you can boost your tank with paying. This game starts to be so full of P2W shit it’s eating my motivation to play even I am P2W. But his goes whole time on and on..

  12. GG WG RIP arty and no balancingto the arty missions. WG simple solution to arty 1 max 2 per game and most of the players would be happy the positive thing is showing of the tracers. And the clown cars still have magical absorbing wheels. HE rework more RNG on all the durp guns.

  13. T 100-LT is my go to light tank

  14. AusCan Plant Support

    RIP heavy tanks. 🙁

  15. I agree with your opinion on Manticore! Momix made me grind it, and oh boy oh boy the grind was painful but worth it. Love this tank.

  16. How would this set up go on the ELC90?

  17. “You have to think about every position” – as he sits in an open field and snipes.

  18. say hi to youtube jayjay :D, thank you for another great vid dez 😀

  19. This power creep is stupid. They’re supposed to be balancing things, not making certain things crazy overpowered.

  20. When enemy Lt vs our spgs that have skill play lol.

  21. do a max cammo on the strv that would be nutz

  22. I have the update yet I can’t see any of the new equipment

  23. wait a min, 11.5k combined and only 2nd class ? GG dez.

  24. chris Cjunleashed97

    Isn’t this still worse then elc even 90

  25. Manticore is my no.1 favourite tank in this game, I was even in the BRW:136 with it, I did 19,7K spotting, but 3K dmg a game is not rare too, I love how you have possibility to make “bad” tank work just because you are small and enemy cant see you

  26. This game is dead….even more players gone leave this game…..low players and new players wil leave this game.

  27. I still have the 15% off on the Mantalorian I’ve just been stingy with my credits. I have a feeling I’d like it.

  28. 11:30 What a nice 15:3 Game in 4 min….nice Matchmaking WG, the best is all the SILVER what you pay for thi 4 min….40.000 Silver + Gold-Ammo….good thats WG promote you.

  29. Hi Dez, maybe do an honest appraisal of how WOT have stuff the ARTY class… virtually have killed it off by their latest BS !

  30. Dude 9 perkz on 2 crewmembers? How dare u!

  31. That’s why I like shit tanks, you have to work hard to get good games in them. Rhm Panzerwagen lover here. 😀

  32. Day 11 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  33. Funniest thing is that even with 10k combined, u scored only second class mastery

  34. Alexander Schmidt

    when we get this patch with multiple setups … Manticore is going to rock every map 😀

  35. Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki

    How do i get these purple equipments?

  36. Do this please with e25

  37. Very good video, as always!
    You and skill4ltu are my favourite youtubers

  38. Adam_ TheRagingChild

    Me, see T95/Cheftain in his garage, Also waiting for WG allowing him to play it

  39. What the Manticore really needs is a module that gives it 12 more rounds of ammo 🤣, 2 out of 3 games I run out of ammo, often loose as the enemy will cap out and I cant reset.

  40. Me: laughs in E25

  41. No Giveaway in this VIDEO?!?!?!?! Worste Youtuber ever 😛

  42. 1:OO There I stopped the video. It does not make sense to continue.

  43. i start laughing at the yes no yes no yesss !!!!

  44. i think that map is bad for all tanks

  45. DID YOU SEE???????????? in slo mo 😀

  46. Ichimaru_Holly3FSt_All_Box

    Even with this good features, I can’t deal with or make better a light tank than a medium tank on WoT, today. Sorry.

  47. Use this on e25 :D, would be interesting how could it is when firering

  48. Knight of YouTube

    10k assistance and still not even a mastery class badge. Wargaming go home your drunk.

  49. Aleksandar Drekic

    My JgPz4…Camo 63.01/15.75 when not moving and 30.38/7.6 on the move…LOL…XD

  50. @DezGamez instead of switching the slot you could just have destroyed the equipment. Much easier.

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