This Robot Tank Is a Future of Armored Warfare #Shorts

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Source: Military Analysis

A new unmanned ground combat vehicle represents best look yet at the future of unmanned warfare. The X robotic combat vehicle (RCV) is a heavily armed, unmanned mini-tank that could act both independently and alongside manned vehicles. Cheap and easy to operate, unmanned combat vehicles like Type X are likely future of warfare as manned vehicles grow increasingly expensive.

Milrem, an Estonian robotics company, introduced the X combat vehicle earlier this month. Type X builds upon Milrem’s with robotic combat vehicles, including THeMIS multipurpose vehicle. Unlike THeMIS, which is more of a robotic mule, Type X resembles a scaled-down main battle tank.

X is 19.6 feet long, 9.5 feet long, and 7.2 feet high. It weighs just 12 tons, making it light enough to airdrop from transport aircraft like C-130J Hercules or carry as a slung load under a CH-47 Chinook heavy-lift helicopter.


  1. We must not rely too much on killer robots, it would be dispoyalty and dishonor. Because robots don’t have a soul, a heart and they don’t know loyalty and honor. Winning wars requires human soldiers who have hearts, souls, and who know loyalty and honor.

  2. Heavily armed? It’s a 12.7mm mg, its reasonably armed, if a 37mm AC then I’ll say heavily armed

  3. Taliban gonna love this when Biden gives it to them.

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  4. AbdurrahmanAhmadAshShiddiq Ahmad

    if taliban found this robot in somewhere else be like*is it for me?👉👈

  5. Wolfgang Gugelweith

    Our earth needs peace! We had enough wars and killings! Didn’t people learn from history, so humans must be idiots!

  6. Vulnerable to RPG’s and IED’s, etc… Also a technologically sophisticated enemy can jam communication between the robot and a human operator. A machine like that may be valuable to provide automatic fire support with a large calibre round and work in conjunction with drones to provide close support to soldiers but has almost no value operating on its own.

  7. I want 8 Stationed in auto detection mode feeding visual and audio back to my security system linked to my phone Scanning my future property!!
    PLUS Real Dogs as the Dogs are smarter and quieter!!
    That would be A DAM good security solution!!

  8. Is imagine having to fight a platoon of these.
    Reminds me of terminator. Say like there’s a
    1 to 1 kill ratio, the side with the machines will always win.

  9. Will never need Wonder woman to cross that field AGAIN!!!

  10. I think we left a few of those behind also! That tally got all kinds of gadgets now. I’m confused when they say they’re not capable of doing what they did 9/11 they didn’t use any military gadgets 9/11 they hijacked our planes now they just have an elite weapons armed Force on top of they’re pre-existing hijacking capabilities!!!!

  11. Oh s*** more skynet crap to take over until all the humans great this is what we’ll have to fight when the Taliban get them from Biden

  12. “Johnny 5 IS ALIVE!!”

  13. Little Estonia doing big things 🇪🇪

  14. Easily defeatable shoot the ammo box and mess up the ammo inside it will run out of ammo.

  15. A little bigger please! But they got to have more of these cause anti tank missiles are just too deadly.

  16. No way that’s 12 tons ! It wouldn’t be skipping over bump if it was.

  17. Reminds me of the 30s & 40s Soviet teletank

  18. Not a tank…


    I want one

  20. Ryan lifelibertyhappiness

    This is a joke compared to manned main battle tanks like the abrams or even an m2 bradly, this will not replace an ACTUAL tank.

    • It’s not intended to. This will be best utilized by operators like the SEALs, Delta Force, or MARSOC, who can’t carry a .50 cal. Browning machine gun with them. Nothing says fire superiority quite like Ma Deuce! Except maybe a M134 minigun.

  21. Skynet is coming.

  22. Pax Калимеро

    Sounds more like a walking 12.7 than a tank

  23. Pax Калимеро

    By the way the vehicle isn’t called Type-X but THeMIS

  24. This will be invaluable for SEALs, Green Beret Alpha teams, and MARSOC operators, needing heavy firepower behind enemy lines, but regular grunt will still be supported by MBTs like Merkava or Leopard 2.

  25. Its looks like the early stages of the T-1.

  26. Can anyone say Skynet this is how it all starts

  27. Finally I can use my xcom robot to eliminate aliens

  28. ahhhhh…nice.
    SKYNET everyone!!!

  29. “This month”, lies it was introduced on 2020.
    Reported for misleading

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