This Rocket SPG is STUPID | World of Tanks Overwhelming Fire

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World of Tanks Overwhelming Fire – B-C CS 59World of Tanks Machine Guns Testing. World of Tanks Autocannons (Automatic Cannons) in Overwhelming Fire – XM551E4 Hailstorm, Flakpanzer VIII Flakmaus, M5YE2 Thunderclap.

Overwhelming Fire is here, with all the tanks, including the Rocket SPG B-C CS 59. Let's try it out!

What do you think?


  1. I drive EBR and hunt them 😂 I really hate get tracked

  2. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    death from above….

    and literally what MRLs is all about.

    and it reminded me of the chain missiles i used in armored core 4/4 answer.
    one push of the trigger, a salvo go zooming.

  3. Lionnel Lacouloumere

    I want that arty in the game, the lefh18b2 big sister

  4. WG is testing next Gen premium tanks.

  5. funny how everyone hates arty but the que is full of arty :))))))) people are funny when they go doublestandards 🙂

  6. Next game mode: War thunder but the game is called different

  7. Stop crying, bush wankers. You whine over anything that interrupts your camping.

  8. Gianmarco Guarnier

    I like the idea. If they give arty low dmg I think It would make sense, better spg at blindfiring and good against crowd but pretty useless against single enemies behind cover.

  9. We need that arty on the public 😂

  10. gamemode is broken cuz artillery

  11. This arty shoots 6 shots per salvo 😀

  12. Arty players have been asking for more variations of arties for years and finally we get a taster of rocket arty. The arty seems to play alot like an FV304 lots of damage but has to be in fairly close.
    Also it shows how many people are interested in playing arty just from the number of arties in queue.

  13. People crying that arta is better than them LOL

  14. 132 in the queue, 130 of those trying to play this arty.

  15. Yup. Matchmaking is broken again. :))

  16. Event looks fun. Im actually going to log in for the first time in almost a year.

  17. Actually, that arty is awesome. I would call that fun, is completely nonsensical but who TF cares anymore with this game. That arty is damn fun!

  18. This the M53 equaliser on roids i pray we get this tank on normal battles or something alike like SPGs dont get love despite them being the least played type of tank im sick of everyone crying about them

  19. “Wanted to have fun in a gimmick game mode? HA, hahahaha haha, no.” – WG

  20. This game is broken, that’s why I won’t play it anymore after 10 years….This is not fun, this is rage !!! Star Wars mode activated !

  21. kurt benedict Cruz

    OK this is the first time I’m gonna say that I lake an arty and wanted to be in the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I hope belaRussia fucks around and find out some heavy sanctions so companies like WG are forced to fork. Maybe if the US studio gets to modify the game in a way that makes it less retarded this game becomes fun again.
    This shit is ludicrous at this point.

  23. Straight in with the “tunnel vison” dislike of the arty… What a surprise. But I wouldn’t worry guys, cry enough and WG will nerf it to hell anyway… 😉 Introduce an auto-loading KV2 with 4+ barrels and no complaints… hmm. 😉

  24. World of Warship theme in World of Tanks

  25. I need this in tech tree

  26. WG: Let’s make tiny maps and give everyone rockets. It will make so much sense.

  27. I honestly wouldn’t mind if some of these mechanics were added – as long as they dial back the alpha/DPM.

    OK, so maybe some of them will end up with the required 3k DPM, but only 1 or 2 alpha lol

  28. Imagine introducing the soviet bias ,op rocket wheel vehicle , the one and only katyusha

  29. As if they didn’t give the FV40005 it’s IRL autoloader 😂

  30. Katjuschka ❤❤❤ will be back in the Christmas boxes 2023 – pay 100euros extra to raise the chance to get one in the lootboxes 😂

  31. WoT did something stupid? I am shocked

  32. Who still plays this dog shit Russian game?

  33. Κώστας Μουζίνας

    i hope theyll add this arty in the main game , i will insta sell all my tanks and i will play only this tank..

  34. so technically

    MAUS got 8.8 cm Anti Air gun
    JPE got 5 cm Rapid fire gun
    Object 140 got ZSU anti Air gun
    Hailstorm got Chaingun
    Thunderclap got 75mm Autoloader gun
    EBR got…… ? 40mm automatic gun
    BC got 150mm rocket launcher
    TVP TVU got 57mm Anti air gun?

  35. i would pay money to get to use this in the normal game. WG could make a fortune. Make it a Katyusha

  36. Standard games need rocket SPGs so I can shit all over people’s enjoyment.

  37. This is what arty players have been asking for. With the introduction to the wheeled vehicles if the ebr’s yolo the enemy cap most arty is dead right at the start.


  39. Sr.Leôncio Almeida


  40. the prut is like the russian zsu-23/4..cold war

  41. It can be just like a minute reload with this 12 shot barrage

  42. WoT players “arty are cancer!”. Wargaming introduces new arty. Also WoT players “Ooooh let’s try that out!”

  43. Stupid as in stupid fun!
    Not that different from the Soviet Katuysha rocket launcher or the German Nebelwerfer or the American Calliope really.

  44. First battle with the arillery: 12k dmg. You just need rush the enemies from behind and do 3 to 4k dmg

  45. Best WOT content. Thanks Dez, for being so cool and so nice all the time. We luv ya!

  46. fun fact, the PRUT tank’s name is actually fart in Swedish, well, sort of. but the sounds of the tanks gun and a fart are very similar!

  47. u know its bad when even dez gotta say the f word

  48. Unbalanced nah make it tier 8 premium and call it a day 😉

  49. game for 6 years old kids

  50. “We received such good reviews for the mode that we decided to introduce a tank from the console version of the game, the M53 Equalizer, as the first premium SPG”

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