This S*** Made me Alt + F4 in FV215b | World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks FV215b Gameplay in Unbalanced Matchmaking. World of Tanks FV215b, Tier Special Heavy Tank. My Favorite Tank in World of Tanks.

Today I wanted to play with my favorite tank FV215b, which is my latest tier 3-mark as well… I did play with it, but oh booy… Did we have a challenging matchmaking with us, or what…

Enjoy the show!


  1. 2d ago I had a 7 battle session. Playing tier 8 I had avg 2.7k combined and we won only one game which was 15/2… that game is getting boring so fast… Its sad to see so many “teammates” with 40k+ battles with 45% wr and avg dmg 350… And it’s so obvious those are bot accounts because at the start of the battle they are staying after like 15-20s they will move the gun like they are calibrating and after 30s they will go and die… As a new player (started this year having 3.5k battles with 2k wn8 Kcyner EU) I don’t want to play it because it’s not fun.

  2. This is World of Tanks these day, sadly. Sometimes it’s better to press alt+F4 we all know that.
    Username: KickYourAss
    Server: EU

  3. Βαγγέλης Τζ.

    It’s a Game! With up and downs…
    Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It’s always a 50% win chance!!!
    Enjoy the Game.
    Username ET75
    Server EU

  4. Hi Dez! I just get used to it. Sometimes I take initiation, but if my team is hopeless, then I just go for my own records. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. I just want to do my best and that’s it. That’s why I pick premium tanks, that has mobility and – resaonably – high penetration: when I farm credits, I don’t go for win, I go for dmg and assist, because the multiplier for the win doesn’t matter, if my performance doesn’t add up. Keep up the good work!
    Username: Wild_Bill_KelsoHUN
    Server: EU

  5. A few of such battles and I always give up on the Win 4 battles daily mission. Maybe limiting the max number of auto(re)loaders in teams would help… In 10 seconds 2-3 of such tanks can overrun regular tanks easily, receiving little to no damage. If there were max 3-4 auto(re)loaders in a team, there would be less chance they end up at the same location and push through a flank so easily.
    But skill based mm could be useful too, since they already invented their WTR, they just don’t use it in mm.

    Server: EU
    Username: Zero_You

  6. its quite common in WOT and their superb MM..thnks for video Dez

  7. This video shows what My game play was like before Imhave taken a loooooooong break.

  8. This is like all my games. Team of muppets that die instantly.

  9. Tier X mm is just hot garbage nowadays, it’s no fun going up against broken tanks. I think I’ll stick with tier IX.

    Name: adrixyz
    Server: EU

  10. played yesterday evening about 30 games with tier 6 and tier 7. Mostly i was low tier, sometimes mid tier, but never top tier. This game is now unplayable in the evenings!!!! Thank you very much Wargaming, because you did all you can to let me having fun! Now i am near the point to delete this piece of s…!!

  11. Time to take a break…. forever.

  12. Matchmaking is horrible since last year at least. Team Battles removal made the game also less enjoyable
    user: akedintm
    server: EU

  13. The matchmaking is at very bad state right now this are more than the half of my battles every day cuz I am not with so high personal rating like around 6k and the enemies are like 9k average.

  14. I hate the MM. I have tanks with 1 or 2 marks and cannot get over 50% wins, because of MM like that.
    Name: niksan_nh
    Server: EU

  15. So many games where either it’s “where’d my team go?”, or you’re chasing damage as the enemy team melt… I think it’s a combination of lots of fast, high-DPM tanks and a large minority of players whose only approach is yo-lo.

    Server: EU

  16. I just uninstalled the game + WoWs months ago because of something similar 7 games in a row. I just had enough lol

  17. MM is like playing Russian Roulette 😅

  18. Hello dez noone want to listen to me, the reason of that 15/0 is two main factor : First TD positions are way less than before (remember wot 0.8 how much td positions we can found ) , second reason the change in accuracy RNG wich occur on 0.8.x or 0.9.x so now you cannot hit as much.

    Now you rush like lemming train and kill quickly 3 or 4 tanks and done you win the game.

  19. Žygimantas Petryla

    MM is this kind of thing that you can not change, so I try not to focus on it. I think not an MM is the worst thing but that WG is doing everything to do fastest battle. This is a big problem I think
    EU server

  20. They should obviously rework it, because when you are in a team of 44% wr with 40k battle that is still don’t know how to play, how are you supposed to 1 vs 15 ? They have to do a matchmaking that put people wich have about the same level on the both teams.. But they are more busy to make other premium tank i guess.


  21. When u are at work, u need to do some business and go to the toilet and then find out, that your co-worker intentionally turned off the fan coming out there 9 times out of 10, it’s exactly like that…

    aLLaN8602/EU server

  22. yeah match making system so damn shi*

  23. I think the MM is terrible. Lowtiers get decided on how many sealclubbers each team has and high tiers are mostly just roflstomps. I would have been happy with the games you had, at least you did damage in all of them, instead of instant ammorack explosions or teammates pushing you out of cover. my longest loss streak was 19 losses in a row, I just kept playing cause I wanted to end on a win.

    name : Herpedodo
    Server : EU

  24. Rarely, MM gives a good match-up between equal teams. Mostly, however, they seem to be lopsided battles.
    bjscherer on NA server

  25. For me each day feels like fliping a coin will I get wins or not, and that I can not influence battle outcome to the extend I was able previously.

    Username: luciffer
    Server: EU

  26. The MM should definitely take into account the players’ individual value. Some games are indeed unwinnable. More and more of them.
    Nickname : Lord_of_Rhinland
    Server : EU

  27. 2 days ago I played 18 battles….only 4 or 5 wins, started with 10 loses in the row….so yeah, I feel ya Dez <3 🙂
    sometimes you just wanna go in WG department and slap them, one by one. (just like that mim video with the kids and grown ups in the backyard).
    What am I thinking about MM- it so sad. I got battles where on the enemy side is 279(e) and platoon of two Chieftains and on my side I have is7, 60tp and fricking 50b. Balanced? Hell no!
    Or when enemy team have 3 top tier hv tanks and my team have 2....and instead of 3rd heavy tank, MM is like- here you go, medium paper-tin tank (who camped whole battle on one place). And you get more angry when you check stats, I don't do it often but when I do, O BOOOOY. Then it's so cleared to me why my team lost battle 15-0 or 15-1.
    There is a reason why player base is asking and demanding re-work for MM, as soon as possible. And WG is, I got you, here, buy this absolute normal premium heavy tank, it's not OP, just normal heavy tank. (Skoda 56). O.o ????

  28. Hi Dez they are days that i hate it with a pasion being always bottom tier or with them that don’t have a luck that day

  29. The matchmaking is super bad. They need to make some kind of a system if one team has a purple platoon other tem should get it too.
    LazaHaubica EU

  30. balance is getting better and better, why do even games are limited to15min when they last 5 ?

  31. Very familiar situation with FV215b … its not about the tank being bad. FV215B is my most played tank … not because I was winning a lot, but because I wanted to see, how long can MM keep screwing this tank. And it did just kept going and I just kept trying. That was the situation for this tank 3 years ago and it seems it still gets the same love from MM.

  32. In my weird opinion the MM is fine
    EU: Benkkuuu

  33. Its like im watching my games 🥶

  34. Was MM ever good?
    For me 3 battles like this and I’m out, you know it won’t get better.
    There are too many auto loaders now, tanks vaporise in seconds and the battle is over, I don’t see any chance of this ever getting better. WG also needs to feed the whales.

    Sad thing is, even being on the winning side of these battles is no fun.


  35. I already made nine battles in a row with no win so WG, ask Gaijin for help

  36. That’s why I don’t play any more

  37. 12:12 hmmmmm what could possibly go wrong

  38. Matchmaking… Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you play awesome and still lose, sometimes you win without doing anything.

    IGN: SouBrutal

  39. Bad bad bad….
    Hubas_is_Funny EU

  40. Today’s matchmaking results in quiick, one sided games that neither teams enjoy. You either get rushed’n’crushed or you chase damage.


  41. MM was broken in the past and will be broken in the future … we have to deal with it … but there are some little things that WG can do > removing RNG (or scale it down to +/-10%), reworking of the premium amo, only allow max. one arty per side, deleting the EBR …

    Pf_Tom | EU

  42. It seemed like you had a regular Games. It feels like this on NA too and every day for me. MM is broken by OP tanks, can’t play average tanks or you get destroy. Folkisher on NA server

  43. The current matchmaking is really bad. But WG only cares about money so dey dont fix it.

    server EU

  44. Well Matchmaking is… Interesting to say the least. After 1 month i’m still waiting to be top tier at tiers 5 and 6, and when I get into a battle either it has all Prem tanks or two tiers higher, or we loose 5 teammates in like 2 minutes, but whatever… Welcome to World of Tanks


  45. there is nothing wrong with the MM, works as intended comrad.(sarcasm off)

    IGN: hennyjr
    server: EU

  46. Players in WOT say Matchmaking is trash meanwille Wargaming ads a new Proken T8 Premium like Skoda T56.XD

    Alleswiedersehenundich EU

  47. Dez, I don’t know what you are smoking but the FV was never the best. Remember when it had 150mm on the turret? t8 could pen you with regular ammo. It got it’s share of buffs to have it’s niche in current WoT, but please do not exaggerate. IS7 was the king.
    And it’s coming from the FV lover too. It was my first T10 8 years ago and my first 3rd mark in T10. Still, I know this tanks place.

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