This Shell Weighs As Much As A Human | FV4005 183mm Doomsday Cannon (War Thunder)

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This Shell Weighs As Much As A Human | FV4005 183mm Doomsday Cannon ( Thunder)


  1. *I meant to say an average human being not from america* )))))))

  2. I was listening to random youtube clips while at work, work in a factory, so the volume were up kinda high. YOU DESTROYED MY EARS! Like this shell destroys life.

  3. I like to call it THE BOOM BARN

  4. Why does this tank turret look like something that was stolen from the Normandy beach head Guns.


  6. Loved the intro so much I went back for seconds

  7. Im 18 and this shell weight as much as I do and the TNT mass of this doom shell weight as much as my 2,5 year old brother.

  8. It’s the shyt barn

  9. The renaissance man

    Meme time:

    FV4005: hey girls (enemy tanks) check out my machinery.. pls dont make me shoot.. it will last 30 seconds !!!

    ENEMY TANKS: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (scream)

  10. if the kv-2 is stalins fridge than the fv 4005 is the queens walk in frezer

  11. You need to put a roof on it. Camouflage as a building.

  12. Phly could u try the obj 268 but only HE round. Love the vids and remember when u played with baron, devil and slickbee

  13. Launch me out of your massive cannon FUWU4005-Daddy

  14. Instead of a volume warning how about you just don’t be intentionally obnoxious?

  15. In World of Tanks, we call this beauty the “Shitbarn”

  16. Russia:our is-7 can take down anything

    Uk: observe

  17. Those volume warnings always get me unprepared.

  18. Classic case of cas just not needing to be in tank rb. If spaa isnt allowed in air rb. Planes shouldnt be allowed in tank rb. If people want that shit it should be a whole new mode imo.

  19. ah yes the moving barn…

  20. Does anyone knows how to do this messuring Range Thing?

  21. SpetsnatzLegion 336

    Britain: ok so we’re good at sea but not always so good at land.
    Britain: soooooo we took a naval artillery cannon and put it on a tank!
    America: what the fuck dad are you ok

  22. I started bleeding out of my ass listening to this intro. Thanks Phly…

  23. that moment when you cant mute fast enough so your laptop’s speakers blow up

  24. I go bankrupt playing British 6.7 but I like them a lot ?

  25. Because of the antenna on the thumbnail i wiped my phone for like 2 minutes, thinking there was a hair on the screen

  26. KV – 2.1

  27. Tank:drives by a FV4005 in bushes

    2 seconds later

    FV4005: gone, reduced to atoms

  28. fuck u and the start of this video.. rip my ears

  29. Whats the lil red thing at the bottom of the screen at 15:16, what does that mean? I’m confused

  30. Cullen Des Brulais

    I cannot express in words just how long I have Waited for this Video??????? dreams do come true….. Thanks Phly you Phucking Phantastic gent …. keep it real absolutely love your work. Been watching nearly every day for close to two years and still never get bored watching you…???? keep it real Pham

  31. Geez a cure for the coronavirus could be made in the time it takes to reload the gun for this vehicle


  33. Volume Warning: Exists
    Me: I’ve heard enough earrape memes to know where this is going …
    Me *still surprised, yeets headphones off my head

  34. All in favor of adopting ‘human’ as a universal measurement of mass — say ‘aye’ — all against, say ‘nay’.

  35. I’m so gonna die when I get this thing and it’s stock… but I’ll enjoy it!

  36. Volume warning? That’s my roommates problem, not mine.

  37. Ah the mighty ShitBarn

  38. Wait, wot? They have the Shitbarn here in War Thunder too? Damn, suddenly I’m getting Word of Tanks flashbacks. Hahaha

  39. There is nothing so satisfying as getting one-shots with british Death Star.

  40. change the title of the vid or valve will copyright claim it

  41. 00:43 did that Vickers come out of that haystack?

  42. 0:02 when you connect to cromecast, tv was about 60% yeaa it was loud af i heard it on the other side of the house

  43. Ich bin dumm und habe keinen Plan aber,

    would you like ww1 vehicles in wt ?

  44. Twp shots two kills?
    Nah man, that was 3 shots 2 kills.

  45. so this is YT…. loud vid with random gamer with loud personality get many comments cause volume is shit. money made. legit

  46. You always make a video the cheers me up! Keep it up man.

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