this shoots fast | VCC-80/60

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this shoots fast | VCC-80/60


  1. this might be my best title ever

  2. Day 49 of asking Phly to play the British Crusader III and Hampden TB I for 5000lbs of destruction at 3.0 in ground RB

  3. great intro !

  4. goliath The senpai

    @PhlyDaily there’s a 1 pixel spot in between every single side skirt on every Abrams that has 100% of ricochet chance


  6. I am watching this video while eating pasta 😂😂

  7. Phly can you please make a 2 minute intro on the controls that you use for playing. I think it would be especially useful for vehicles with weird weapon systems (Day 12)

  8. Great Anti-Air, but a major part is definitely your skill.

  9. Yep. It’s like Falcon. The best tank destroyer in game 😂

  10. This is what the german Flak was supposed to be

  11. There’s more than just tomato pasta silly phly.

  12. It a bit worse otomatic lol

  13. Its a more interesting questuon what did indians eat before chili pepper

  14. Day 78 : Phly out the VG33 and Dewoitine 520 to show em the strenght of the wind powered Hispano Suiza V12 👀🇨🇵❤

  15. Look how tigor floats… magic

  16. day 8)
    hey phly, could you pls make a video with the tiny soviet SU-57B?? low silhouette, very good gun (145mm pen) and br 2,7

  17. enemy spoted

  18. Hey Phly, since your Sheridan-video I fell in love with barrel-atgms again. Please make a video on the AMX-ACRA, I absolutley love it.

  19. Italy is the best) I wish they add more Italian planes like Aermacchi and Caproni btw

  20. Maybe they should add those torpedos that where guided by birds pecking at a screen. Gaijin could add a really “cool” mechanic where people have to headbutt their monitors in order to score hits.

  21. Your thumbnails keep me up at night…

  22. Anyone else see the holy tegor

  23. 3:14 we don’t think to be pasta central! That’s a stereotype invented by foreign, who think that Italian cuisine is only pasta and pizza! 😂

  24. Fusion The Protogen

    I love that he’s just ranting about tomatoes and in the middle shouts “NO” followed by a gunshot

  25. Backyard deathtraps

    I bought your warthunder pack just for the kitty i think its brought me luck lol i get more kills now

  26. polish dancing cow

    I just started war thunder is grinding out the Italian tank tech tree worth it

  27. 3:12 Steve is beginning to believe 🗝 Keep questioning “Old World Revisionism” dark rabbit hole

  28. Italy actually has some nice CAS options, but I guess we have to wait 3 years per plane or so.

  29. As an Italian. Original Tomatoes were from South America, but what we eat today Is very different from the fruit they had. The Italian name for tomato in Italian Is a testament to this “pomodoro” aka Golden fruit, tomatoes were so different they didn’t use to be their iconic Red. Now which country does have the best tomatoes? I don’t know, what I can Say Is that the fruit grows very well in the southern Italian enviroment, and with time our people developed many varieties. But I would not be surprised if some other countries have Better varieties that fits Better with pasta. Peace

  30. China number 1

  31. “South America has the best tomato in the world.”
    Laughs in *San Marzano covered pizza*

  32. Tangents.. he has them.

  33. The laugh you have is priceless.

  34. Begleitpanzer 57 has the same playstyle.. very nice in anti air and meh against tanks except atgm

  35. Pasta originated in early 12th century Italy.

  36. O love the intro music

  37. It’s called funiculi funicular

  38. Spaghetti did not originally have tomatoes in it was originally a white sauce or cheese sauce and same with pizza

  39. Hey phly, love your vids on weird veichles!!!
    As an Italian I wanted to clarify that the tomato was an ad on.
    Real Italian cuisin uses a lot of different veggies and cured meats. Tomato fits well in it and grows wonderfully in Italian climate. So much so that (my mother is Colombian, father Italian 😊 ) I ate the best tomatoes in south Italy, not Colombia, as insane as it is, it was almost meant to arrive on the pizza

    • Btw, I’m not subscribed now (have been for a year or two), only because I have a bit of an addiction to media and I’m trying to cut out by not having the notifications

  40. no tomato=no pasta sry phly

  41. Hi phly! Its almost Lunar New Year (its is CNY), and it is the Year of the Tiger, so take a random Type 62 and kill enemy tigers. Time to troll the zodiac tiger.

  42. I 2 hate Italy they think they are major but they are miserable because their predecessor wants the part of our coast that belonged to them during World Wars 1 and 2. Greetings from your Horvat (Croatian) neighbors. And u cringe.


  44. @Phly you do realize that Pasta =/= Tomato, right? And that there are many pasta sauces that don’t use tomatoes? And that cuisine changes throughout history because of foreign influences? Oh what’s that… you made a joke? Silly me.

  45. To-Mah-Toes 😛

  46. When you talked about Italy it was one of the most dump and stereotyped things I’ve ever heard

  47. Ithink phly greatead a new paradox the Pasta Central Paradox.

  48. XCheffxSPOx sed hello and love your show

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