THIS SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED | Best Gun For BR In GAME (War Thunder Tanks)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. What do you call the gun on this tank? An Otto-Loader!

  2. The_Night_Warrior_Gaming

    The whole 9 yards likely originated in WWI, in regards to the length of the ammo belt of a Vickers HMG, and that they often gave the Germans the ‘whole nine yards’ of the belt when they attacked

  3. bjorn de vlieger

    A B1 Bis can be suprisingly fast i can know i use the B1 Bis a lot downtiered xD

  4. this cancer…

  5. The_Alpha_Raptor

    Great video to watch on my birthday, @Phlydaily i turned 19 today.😅

  6. About time he realized the panzer 2 is op as shit

  7. dak dak dak dak

  8. Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

    I need a.3.7 – 5.7 german vehicle to go fast.. ty.

    • Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

      I liked and replied my own post.. first time .. u know what.. you try it 😉😉😉 its sweeeeet.. btw i want my comment taken and Gaijin will add something cool in the game asap ..thank you 😄😄😄

  9. Zellim Tsalikov

    Phly, where is the promised T-10 Video???
    Will you ever finish the soviet heavies?
    C’mon Attempt#8

  10. Phly, would you do a vid with the British linkon bomber PLEASE. Ide love to see the vid, so please do. You are the graitest warthunder play sortofe but good enough. Thanks.

  11. Blitzkriege;)

  12. gilang suryadharma

    They was effective on summer 1941

  13. With friends

  14. Panzer II F man. Same tank, same gun, same BR, higher fire rate.

  15. Nice intro music there, Phly 🙂 Laibach rocks!

  16. Low tier…..Happy tier!!!! TRUE words man 🙂

  17. Isnt the 9 yards from the F6F

  18. Never seen those as an issue, but low tier German AA in this game are disgusting, and several br below their equivalents in other nations

  19. Imagine grinding the lower japanese tree with this abomination roaming around

  20. Love low teir for a bit if fun. Also great fun doing some CAS at low teir

  21. Nicolas Le port

    Pls play the Brtish Hampden, OP bombload ^^

  22. Marco Hornbostel

    Rammstein! Greetings from Germany! 😀

  23. yeah its great up close but at range the rounds just bounce off.

  24. I’m gonna need an Sdkfz 140 vid soon

  25. The number* not the amount

  26. Love this channel, you fuel my love for War thunder, Out of Words. JUST FUDGING AMAZING X3

  27. When the tier 1 20mm does more spalling than the 57mm on the bagelpanzer

  28. Václav Kolář

    Take french vb 10 02 spitfire+mustang armament in one

  29. Spoony Thunders

    Doesn’t look like you’ve taken out the zsu 57 for a while…


  31. Otávio Camanho

    Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Play the M48 in stock configuration (you can uncheck the modifications making it stock)
    Or…play the M48 using only the APCR shell. Good luck, you will need it Attempt #50!!!

  32. “The whole 9 yards” I believe comes from WW1 British Vickers MGs with their long cloth ammo belts. At least that is what I have heard

  33. Can you please change your shitty looking hangar now.

  34. Thanks Phly, now low tier is swarming with Pz. 2s

  35. the whole 9 yards actually comes from Scotland for the kilt, it was the length of material for it.

  36. “the whole nine yards” comes from WWI machine guns

  37. Jostein Brede Røer Nilsen

    I truly enjoy low tier 🙂 like 1 and 2. As you said its alot more relaxing, less bombing and alot more fun than top tier with all that long range MBT sniping

  38. Metaliationgame

    Dear sir Phly I would really thank you for wakening up the European players out there. Trying to grind my french tree from scratch but the baguettes just snap at low br versing this monster.

    The french low tiers are no fun to grind as you know it and the dough which makes their armor is just leftover dough from their croissants or something. Anyways thanks for all your vids out there and maybe one day I will get the opportunity to take you out myself.

  39. Du bist eine Sealcloober


  41. Hey phly I wanted to say thank you idk if you know what u do for people but u HELPED me when I was homeless and all I had was my phone and car and your videos now I’m off the streets thank you you saved me

  42. German BR 1.0 is the most satisfying way to play ground forces.

  43. My best lucky tank ever

  44. Cost or British Tanks 6.7 is fucked up 😐

  45. Your theory about the origin of the “whole 9 yards” theory is no longer considered viable, since the phrase predates World War I.

  46. I finally broke down and bought it…

  47. Phly, change your *hanger* please.

  48. Gwyn's Last Knight

    Best gun for BR: Panzer 4 F2/ Panzer 4 Beefwagon

  49. Ya know This is the reasson I dont ike realistic Couse if you get matched with the germans Well good luck fucking killing the OP thing the Pz 2 is Yes yo can kill it very qiuck But every fucking 4 year old now spams it By byuing the premium Pz 2 and having just 3 Pz 2 in there line up

  50. *Headbobbing* in the intro

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