This Shouldn’t Have Worked… World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m building the KV-5 in World of in a way that should never have worked… but it does!


World of is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a download.


  1. Tomas Rusakevic

    You should use obj.263v4 I can ram even E100.

  2. Try fcm 50t with full mobility

  3. Someone has been watching Honest Gaming videos! 😂

  4. why doesnt anyone call the week point r2d2 anymore

  5. Reyhan Officiall

    F to that batchat xD

  6. KV-5 RAMpage, lol that is clever.

  7. I wanted to buy this tank the last time it was sold, but then my credit card expired and it took 2 weeks to get a new one. So no KV-5 for me 🙁

  8. Blyat 5 Da Dimitri. True Communist heavy tank. 😀

  9. On the bottom left next to the damage dealt counter, they should add a ram’s head symbol and a ramming damage counter when playing the KV-5 XD

  10. Christophe Regnier

    that’s kinda funny seeing this video today, cuz yesterday u just bought the E50M just to ram other tank, i configured it with turbo, spall liner and vents in 1st time, but then change vents into gun rammer for more dpm, but now, seeing how quick u repair with those equipment, maybe i ll take away my gun rammer to put the hardened one, i ll test it out =)

  11. Would you mind to shave your mustache, please?

  12. Magster Artabia

    i missed TOG

  13. yeah this is so Sovietish

  14. Jingles already covered this video lol

  15. did that with the e50/m. however of course I did not tech for more HP/ faster repair. which DID cost me alot amazing rams^^thx for showing me that. I will very likely use that one^^you forgot the oil though

  16. Jingles did this with a KV5-FCM50-FCM50 three tank train. Lot of weight. It was pretty funny.

  17. Gee thanks QB, now i am expecting Fast KV5s to be frequent in the MatchMaking 🙁

  18. This tank is so underated

  19. The DPM is largely academic as you can’t pen.

  20. On console, it’s possible to have +20% top speed and +10% horsepower with Enhanced Traction, Drivetrain and premium fuel consumable. Spall liner and controlled impact would round out that build. Methinks I’ll be setting up my Halloween monster KV5 sometime in the near future ^^

  21. Ramming is just self defense against bad RNG.

    I also pity the people who didn’t get an ace in their KV-5 this week because QB kept playing his and raised the bar to impossible levels.

  22. Looking at the tank stats it should work as well with the E75 TS.

  23. 06Wallst owns those copyrights , this is copycat behaviour , this is stolen.

  24. Jean-Philippe Morin

    Would that work on kv4? Could be a good meme build on other ridiculous heavies… like e100, maus, is4, or even is7…

  25. Ah good ol shell ghosting.
    Don’t forget that Wargaming claims this bug doesn’t exist anymore because they “fixed it” 5 years ago.

  26. Wow, the E50M definitely looks different from what I remember.

  27. That is a lot of fun and once upon a time, I played my KV5 as a ramming machine. Furthermore pushing the opponents around, turning them.

  28. If wot has come to that level of frustration….i go play wreckfest its much better.

  29. Just one thing Quicky Baby……it looks like maybe you need to fit a bull bar to the front of the KV5 to stop all of those small light tanks from going underneath and protect the front end of the tank a little better when ramming into others lol.

  30. your kv5 can repair it’s tracks faster than I can use my repair kits

  31. you say “30 kmph maus” like it’s a bad thing, lol

  32. “RAMMING SPEED” I can almost listen Ben-Hur on movie on those moments!

  33. wondering why you say it won’t go up against tier 10’s? Don’t you get the wonderfully crappy 3 tier battles?

  34. You forgot to add two FCM 50T’s to the back.

  35. Kind of a view months late for that idea but maybe he comes up with the idea of two FCm 50t s who are speeding him up even more…..

  36. 0:57 “so we can last for longer once we pull off that initial ram” … hmmm qb… that sounds nasty


    WOT is broken so bad.

    And I said that years ago….

  38. Glad I stopped playing this game

  39. I feel Quicky plays Blitz because this video came out the same day the KV-5 got a discount on blitz.

  40. Just lols! and more lols!

  41. Nguyễn Thế Hiệp

    Oh thankyou alot quackybaby ;D i will try this on my 6k3 games KV5 ;D

  42. Hornet Something

    will you play wot blitz

  43. Livin' to Learn

    Someone’s been learning from our boi Wallst apparently…

    For those who don’t know who that is, check out the channel Honest Gaming. Believe me you’ll have the best time of your lives watching his shit XD

  44. Ah, the old ways. The KV-5 has always been my go to tank for ramming speed fun

  45. Quicky Baby plz make list or vid about premium which have preferred matchmaking (didn’t meet high lvl) cuz i save some bonds and wanna know how tanks from that list feel in random today especially IS 6 B and IS 5

  46. Kv5 is my favourite tank, so unique and fun, 5k battles and counting. Got mine set up almost the same and it can do some crazy things but most the time the team let me down and don’t help when I make a push.

  47. The only way to truly buff kv5, buff the R2D2 to have same armor thickness as frontal armor( 180mm ). Or remove completely the R2D2 weakspot so kv5 like kv4.

  48. Wonder if that build work on Super Pershing

  49. Try to set up O-Ni the same way and have a game?

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