This Sniper is Truly DEADLY! | World of Tanks JagdTiger Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks JagdTiger, Tier 9 German Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks The Deadliest Tank Destroyers, The Best Tank Destroyer.

00:00 Introduction
01:18 JagdTiger setup
02:40 Announcement
04:30 First Battle
08:25 Second Battle
12:05 Third Battle
14:50 Final Battle
20:00 Conclusion & Details

Today I felt like playing with the old, but gold JagdTiger. This tanks has one of the best guns tier-by-tier in the game. When it starts slapping, it never stops. Beautiful accuracy with 560 alpha damage and good pen does magic.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. The OG JagdTiger, gotta love it, really. What is your favorite tank destroyer in the game?
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  2. I’d love to play the Jagdtiger again but since they force you to play the Ferdinand, I geuss I’ll just stop with the Ferdinand (I have two accounts, one with the Jagdtiger and one that is stopped at Ferdinand). The Jagdpanther II was (is) one of the best snipers in the game, sadly they took it out of the skilltree a long time ago.

    • You do know you can buy the JP ll in collectors store yeah?

    • @jalemonheigh Yes, I know but it has been “downgraded” to just a fun tank where you can just play and not move further in the tech tree. It was nice when you could choose between the Ferdinand and the Jpanther II, now you’re stuck with the Ferdinand…

    • I grinded the JPZ100 techtree and went through the Jagdpanther II back when it was still possible. with how they currently ranked the TDs I see why, but I hate both tier 8 TDs from that line.

  3. if they gave it console’s engine HP of 870 it would be better.

  4. People who have premium tanks pls give us who dont have any a chance dont be stupid and greedy pls

  5. This tank have so bad armor and it can be tracked quite easily.

  6. This comment won’t win the giveaway

  7. To say it short, it’s german. Well played Sir.

  8. There is no reason to play JagdTiger. WT auf PZ4 has the same gun and is so much better. Ony rebalance of goldammo could bring this pile of kaku back on track and even then it would loose vs WT and others. Look at Obj. 263. It’s almost impenetratable frontally only lower plate is weak with ok gun and mobility. JagdTiger would need armor similar to the russian. But this will never happen because it’s not russian.

  9. Deiaa Mo7med-ضياء محمد🔰🌀

    it’s armor so bad but great gun

  10. This was my first tier 9 TD and loved it although could do with 2 turbo

  11. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Hi Dez, is Gore Medal still possible after arty sabotage 2.0?!!

  12. I haven’t rolled into the German td line but I have always wanted to. My favorite td was the bathtub until they removed the 105 derp.

  13. Im too busy laughing at your E100 in your first game.
    Username: StonedVet
    Server: NA

  14. IGN: Steve_Steel_Stronk

  15. At 12:56, that little bush on your left was in between you and the Standard B, which is why you didn’t spot him.

    Server: NA
    Username: LikeABoss509

  16. Just another awesome video and thank you.

  17. Have to love it when an EBR commit suicide.

  18. A quick tip. Everytime you assess any german tank in this game whether it’s good or bad, just add the phrase, “… but it’s german” when you read each of its stats.

  19. The jag tiger held the world record for longest tank shot till a challenger beat the record in the Middle East, thing was a beast in 45…

    • Sorry to burst your bubble but it was the Elefant not the Jagdtiger which knocked-out a T-34 at 4500m in autumn 1944. It’s still an amazing tank I had my most kills (10) in the Jagd and still my team lost.

  20. Absolutely hated the Jagdtiger. And to date, my highest win ratio of any high tier tank, the irony

  21. Ah yes, quality gameplay.
    Username: The_Meme_Team
    Server: NA

  22. Great video always fun to watch and very informative.

  23. The TVP 50/51 in Dez team in the last battle was a pure pro.

  24. Username: Kaeptn_Kaos
    Server: EU

  25. Thanks for the wot news Dez 😀

  26. extremely 1 sided matches are rigged you to win or lose DENY IT WG!

  27. Those were some great shots gj
    Name: Dark_Stuka
    Server: EU

  28. Are you going to talk about the feeback sent to wg in a special video?

  29. Darko Matijević

    Username: dare_to_play3
    Server: EU

  30. catalin stratulat

    Creat0rs Eu
    Too bad it’s too slow

  31. With ebr captain American shield and Stalin titanium , plus German RNG, nope.

  32. Yannis Batsiolas

    I don’t like this tank

  33. Nice shooting Dez!
    Name: Chosen
    Server: EU

  34. Username: Marius_Samoila
    After i saw those matches probably my next line to grind could be jag pz e100.

  35. Dez the survey and reward is only for new players?

  36. Day 10 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  37. Gotta start the german tds

  38. User name: Tjdexter
    Server: eu

  39. Still don’t like the Gleam giveaways since you have to fill in your details with random stuff (first name=username, last name=server?). I use gleam as it’s actually intended for other giveaways, please think of some other way dez and create custom entries for Username and Server, since I can’t value a 50 euro giveaway higher than multiple thousands of dollars giveaways and i’m pretty sure if I’m chosen you’d just reroll me as I have my actual details in those fields, not username and server.

  40. This is my favorite td!

  41. I 3 mark this TD 2 years ago. I think it has most accurate gun in German as E50 does unlike Grille 15 and Leopard 1. In my opinion, this TD is not bad if people know how to play it well.

  42. Username: monmon05
    Server: Asia

  43. Loved that grind!
    Name: xZnakex
    Server: EU

  44. Username: camaro03
    Server: EU

  45. Hi Dez , wanted to say that I love your content. Will you consider talking about feedback sent to wg in special video?
    Gl to everyone xoxo
    Username: maq11q
    Server: EU

  46. Thanks Dez

  47. Hello Dez very beautiful video. I wait more like that
    Server: Eu
    Name: gabrielo02

  48. I really love the German TD line. It rocks!
    Name: Mister_Crane
    Server: EU

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