This SPG Player Changed my Mind in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. I usually curse SPG players for drowning and clicking me constantly – but this player coloured me impressed!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Love my M44. Alwways makes me money, especially when facing Tr.8s. Arty players: we love the taste of the tears.

  2. Gah. 3 marking an arty…

  3. This stuff is only doable with mobile arties like m44 or french ones. All other arties are too stiff slugish and slower than every Heavy in game

  4. I have 4 kolobanov medals myself. 3 with tds and 1 in arty. 😎👍

  5. 3-marked arty…disgusting…just disgusting…

  6. There is a place for indirect fire in the game. It’s needed to counter hull-down positions, overtuned tonks, and ultimately get the damn game moving when everyone camps. What I’d like to see is more of a blam-and-scram style of gameplay, like the FV304 but with lower range and more HE power. High gun arcs to clear cover. Short range would require arta to get close, be vulnerable, shooting would likely cause some sort of map ping or other notification to other players, but then the arta could retreat quickly to reload and go again.

    This would allow for mobility buffs in most cases, view range buffs so they aren’t blinder than Ray Charles, while making them closer combatants, more vulnerable; and still keeping the indirect fire mechanic. Of course, this also relies on the wheelies getting nerfed so they don’t break the early game like they keep doing.

  7. Three gun marks on an M44 “*puke*”

  8. Ever loose 1300 hp and loose 3 crew and 3 modules and get stunned for 27 seconds and be a free to play so small repair kits. So broken

  9. Seal clubber…

  10. Gj qb now the east side is just more powerful than before since all the plebs watching qb are going to use that position with arty….

  11. Young.frankenstein55 _

    Do more reviews of arty!

  12. M44 and leFH18B2, most disgusting arties in WOT.

  13. He may have played regular tanks a few times.

  14. I also changed my mind.
    Before, I was advocating for taking arty out of the game. Now I think that anyone who ever played even a single game in the arty should be expelled from WoT completely.
    Watching this abnormality pouring shell after shell on honest players from the red line makes me sick. THIS SHIT HAS TO TO OUT OF THE GAME.

  15. G__G i see a german potato

  16. Actually biggest troll is that my first tier X tank was G.W.E 100
    P.S i’m grinding on type 5 now but is it worth?

  17. I like playing closer & constantly repotioning with Arty,the best way to play it is to find a spot where you can hit many tanks.

  18. I have won 3 or 4 battles as arty, but not while being outnumbered like this guy. In my favourite T57 arty in the old Province map my remaining team mates would not cross the valley to get the last enemy tank. So I drove up the valley and up the hill to the castle. He was hiding around the corner, but I could see the right front corner of his tank and blew him up, getting my 10th kill for the battle. My only 10 kill battle (got 8 in my T30 once). I am annoyed that they changed the T57 as it was a good rammer… and also people ramming me in front knocked themselves out. The next two may amuse some of you. In an old Sand River map battle me (M12 or M40) and another arty were left. I wanted the other arty to fire at the same time as me, but it seemed that he had given up and he did nothing. The enemy, a T95 and, I think, a T30 were capping 300m away behind some houses. I blew both of them up and won! More their stupidity than my brilliance. In another my M37 was the last and their M7 the last. I knew from an earlier spotting the bush that he had been behind. Time was about to run out so I fired at the bush and got him!

  19. Do another tog video pls

  20. Hans Flammenwerfer

    This is what happens to people who don’t do social distancing

  21. Keitaro Erushima

    fro some reason QBs voice is not in synv with the video. dunno maybe just me

  22. Everyone that plays M44 is a scumbag, especially if he has 3 marks on it. Change my mind

  23. Great game, but more importantly, your hair! Guess its going to get worse as the lockdown continues? or we looking at a Tanya buzzcut?

  24. No sir I hardly ever see SPGs drown. Must be a European thing. Though I did have a battle the other day where 2 drown themselves at the end of the game. To be fair though it was 0-15 game so F the enemy.

  25. The Allies should have killed all the arty players back in the 1940’s.

  26. awesome replay! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Please more arty replays like this one on this channel 🙂 (I am serious 🙂 )

  27. Awesome

  28. I haven’t clicked on one of your videos since I stopped playing WOT , it’s been about 4 years. You’re still as entertaining as I remember 🙂

  29. I’ve always despised the suiciding arties as an arty player myself. This is the exact playstyle I have. I use top down (I frown on the horizontal aim personally), use various positions, shoot and scoot, WATCH THE MAP, fight to the bitter end, and know what I can and can’t do. Thank you for showing not all artillery players are drowning scumbags.

  30. idc if you do good pigs are pigs.

  31. Did not change my mind, artillery and clowncars spoil a good game. Will continue to add blacklist and report anyone i see playing them and afk rounds that have 3 or more of those noobmobiles on team.

  32. Huh.. a rare breed Arty players…. interesting

  33. Mum get the camera!!! There is a arty who actually know how to use WASD to move !!! What a miracle!!

  34. This reminds me of a tom and jerry episode 😀 ,,a cornered mouse never fights” XD XD

  35. Ed Arandia Dela Cruz

    Hope you can see the replay i sent years ago using the for me that was a mega game sad i don’t have the replay anymore it’s an AT15

  36. i won a 1vs5 with my M55 (old one with enough ammo)

    people don’t understand that a (fast) arty is also a low HP TD. you can always hit out one or two shells if you are left alone in a game. Don’t drown yourself, take the enemy with you into the grave!

  37. Is his headphones broken? Didn’t hear the shot from the last arty before it was spotted. The last kill could have been much easier

    Edit: so the situation wasn’t actually that awkward as the SU8 could have easily been killed if he had heard the splash behind him

  38. Ha, this why every arty game I play, first thing I do is message team: No flippers on this b***h!

  39. The only “nerf” the artillery ever needed in this game was to get rid of the overhead field view showing live gameplay. Artillery indirect fire should be aimed by moving your dispersion circle over a static map of the field and priority targets would appear as an appropriate class icon appearing on the map for a fixed period of time by your teammates lighting up targets by putting a enemy in their sights and hitting the T key. Or alternately pinging the game map in the rough location with their cursor and right mouse button. Then it would be safe for SPGs to be given their historic gun and armor performances which would allow most of them to play as tank destroyers

  40. Bush Master Flash

    Player CuteGaroyle used to have a signature block on the forums showing she had 2 Kolabanov’s in her Hummel.
    Not the arty you want on the enemy team.
    Just checked in game. She 100% does have 2 Kolobanov’s in a Hummel. And 2 Fadin’s.
    Those are not the sort of epic medals you get if you go around drowning yourself.

  41. Per Arne Ljostveit

    the SU-8 shot just before charging inn, so in theory he could have taken him down sooner

  42. Perhaps if all SPGs (especially high tier) were more similar to the M44 and Bert the Avenger, people would try to fight more often. If you’re in an unarmoured box that’s less manoeuvrable than a Maus and has a 40+ second reload, you don’t stand much of a chance no matter how well you play.

    That still doesn’t excuse drowning yourself, tho’.

  43. Gosh the enemy team…Really wanna get the Coronavirus don’t they…Do they not know what quarantine is?

  44. 3:18 1337 damage 🙂

  45. 👍 Great game.

  46. wow!!! I dont play tier 6 but I might have to buy this tank

  47. There was a moment where he had 1337 damage racked up!

  48. Just wow! Hats of to that guy for not just giving up👌👌

  49. Player’s stats. WN8:

    AMX 12t: 1284
    MT-25: 92
    Hellcat: 962

    Jagdpanzer IV: 92
    M44: 936
    SU 8: 383

    Going one by one, even the last two arties.

    Changing mind epic game…

  50. Arty with a keyboard. Interesting.

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