This T10 Tank is NOT WORTH IT in World of Tanks!

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World of Tanks. Not all tanks are in World of Tanks and this is especially the case with the AMX M4 54 – here's why!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Can’t we just stop for a while to appreciate the stupidly random damage it did from 440 to 610 to 500

  2. I agree on the Panzer VII, it is a junk T10 tank. I couldn’t wait to sell it. So disappointed.

  3. I’d pick the M4 51 over S. Conq anytime, especially after I face hugged one that couldn’t do anything against me, he was spamming gold on my hull, on my turret and not a single shot penetrated, also those french heavies are more mobile and 5KM/h faster in straight line, nice brawler tanks.

  4. the super conq is dummy proof and plust stfu abot gold rounds (quickybaby rounds) they dont make you better

  5. To anyone that grinding amx m4 54 line, please stop at amx m4 51 which is good tier 9 and solid heavy tank at its tier. I have personally tasted this abomination m4 54 at it is bad at tier 10….so please stop at m4 51 unless you’re masochist.

  6. IS4, best russin heavy tank. Good winrate, make silver, fun to play…

  7. QB hates it ??? mic drop ???

  8. Hi QB, it would be nice to know what are the crew skills and equipment you used for each battle. Thanks!

  9. So, when will you rank all Tier NINE tanks? That would be fantastic!

  10. u realize that u did half the damage that the tank can do? max 16,000. lol gg

  11. Qb: the amx m4 51 is great!

    Also Qb: spamming gold with it

  12. Why did QB load gold every time he meets a heavy armored tank? I thought he is a good player but it seems he just spams gold rounds 🙁

    • Thats just how this game is now. The second you meet anything with armor, Load gold, hit something flat, and profit. Waiting for rework from sandbox before i play again. Just don’t enjoy it. Granted the lack of weakpoints on some vehicles and rng accuracy drive people to use it more as well.

    • Denis penis,you are such a crybaby,grow up and l2p

  13. Honestly I’m going up the French heavy tank line, because the tier 6 and the tier 7 have been sooo much fun.
    The main reason I have not and probably won’t go up the S Conqueror line is because of the garbage tank in tier 5, 6, 7, 8, that I keep hearing about.
    I keep hearing about how awful the Churchills are, how bad the Black Prince is int he current meta… etc etc.
    All I really hear is how great the Conqueror and the S Conq are gods among tanks.

    Do I want the Conq and S Conq, yes I’d love to get my hands on them and play them .. but the rest of the line is just too painfully slow and boring to play. Whereas the Tier 6-7 French heavies I am having an absolute blast in them. I thought I wouldn’t like them but compared to the British tier 6-7, these are amazing!

  14. why do all the titles contain “in world of tanks” now

  15. Are they ever going to buff the 54? I’ve been waiting for years now.

  16. I love it when you try to show the world you’re not totally Wargaming’s bitch.

  17. Reminds me of the bathtub

  18. Maybe the reason why M4 51 has such a very high winrate is because only experienced players play that tank, and poor players in high tiers don’t want those stuff that does not give them any foolproof aspect like Obj430U or russian heavies. And yeah, no one wants to get to tier X of that line.

    I still believe that tier IX is not “too good” because really, it just performs anything it should. The tier X is really that underwhelming, no acceptable improvement over tier IX, and offers no unique aspect on it.

  19. Console does give us those hidden statistics

  20. All I have to say “why so serious”? This is a fun game. Enjoy, troll your team, push spg to water, run straight to enemy and explode, jump off hills … Who cares …

  21. God. Can’t imagine how wot would be if those Sheridans have ATGM, the balance would be like Thanos having 2 infinity gloves with dem stones lel. Although a Japanese td line is quite desirable, since there have been a tad too much prem tanks being released.

  22. Is that some old version of TIer 9?
    IN my tech tree the tier 9 looks like garbage 😀

  23. I had an awesome game in this and put my replay up with your name on NA server.

  24. You basically dislike everything that has mediocre gold ammo.

  25. The french heavies in Asia server are garbage bcs everyone are firing gold ammo on you

  26. The tier 9 is not op. It’s made that way as compensation for the m4 45 and amx 65tonnes of crap grind.

  27. TechForge Australia

    Hidden statistics that wargaming use

    no need for any “balance the game”

  28. What about the T57 heavy?

  29. I’ve had many an encounter with this tank, if I see it, I focus it down.
    If this tank is meeting 2 teirs lower, what are they meant to do?

  30. Can you rate all tier 9 tanks as it is the most balanced tier (in my opinion) and also my fav one? Also it is a good way to tell whether to go for tier 10 or not! I have no clue why everyone are talking about either tier 8 or tier 10 tanks but they always leave tier 9 out ?! (Maybe because highest tier premium tank is 8 and 10 because it is the end of the tech tree but still almost noone notices tier 9). Also why you can put decals and some camos only to tier 8 and 10. And there is nothing for tier 9, no tournaments, no all tier 9 gamemode ( tier 8 for frontline and tier 10 for ranked battles) Clear sign WG leaving tier 9’s out yet again, WHY?

  31. Hey this isn’t the Obj. 268…..

  32. I just hate it when quickybaby thinks the functionality of a gun is based on its premium rounds.

    • When the standard round is mostly useless then the functionality is based on it’s premium rounds.
      See T-54, FV4005, old Type 4/5 derp.

  33. Not the most terrible tank but also not worth it compared to the M4 51 at T9. If you want a T10 AMX heavy then get the 50 B

  34. Why do you keep referring to a tanks win rate as a ratio in the same breath as giving a percentage?
    A percentage is not a ratio..

  35. “weakspot to premium rounds” – whenever I would consider it, I am always reminded why did I leave the game.

  36. 14:41 Aimbot player at its best… watch that canon scanning quickies armor. WTF WG BAN THEM PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. And just think of how badly an ammo rework will skew the way we play and know the game. Replay’s like this will no longer be produced if the gold rounds aren’t as effective. Thank you snowflakes.

  38. he likes the gun with better premium penetration because he gets free premium ammo. at any given time the other team will have 2 players that have this little perk. get over it.

    • He doesn’t get free premium ammo. He likes the gun because the 270mm premium pen the other gun gets is garbage when the best normal T10 Heavies pen is around 260.

  39. Thats how it is, tier 10 use gold all time.
    So tier 8 + games are gold only = useless to nonpremium players….

  40. I think the problem is the tier 9 is too good but also wargaming gimped the 130mm on the tier 10 for no reason. Fix that gun and its a good tank

  41. Meanwhile 113 cries in the corner

  42. I prefer my Cent 7/1 over Cent AX.
    I keep both but I had more disgusting games in 7/1 than AX.

  43. Previously you said that this tank is 1 of the top 10…

  44. I legit just bought this Tank…..

  45. Russian double barrel action with Putinium armor…rest of the nations shit on tracks.

  46. So much gold. It hurts my eyes.

  47. Use the first gun instead of this one. It’s much more better

  48. *But but but*

    I love this tank! ?

  49. *Cries in wz120 looking at the stock t9 gun*

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