THIS takes it to A NEW LEVEL! (TS-54 Premium Tank and WoT Plus)

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World Tanks Plus (WOT+) New Pay to Win in World of Tanks? World of Tanks TS-54, Tier 8 American Double-Barreled Premium Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Update 1.20.1 Patch – 1.20.1 Test Server.

Article to the update:

This time let's talk about the new World of Tanks Subscription service (World of Tanks Plus or WoT Plus) and new tier 8 premium heavy tank TS-54. This is the first high-tier American double-barreled heavy tank. Is WoT Plus giving massive advandage to the paying costumers?

What do you think?


  1. Just fix the MM before making it even more destablized. It’s that simple… but we will never get it, right WG?

  2. Uninstalled the game a couple of days ago. They are taking their greed to far while changing the game too much at the same time.

  3. Chronological Gamer

    P2W its worst thing in existence

  4. The game was already dead for a few years but now the corpse is getting dug up to finally burn it aswell

  5. There is 2 more weak spots on the turret both sides on the blue bar around 200 mm easy for normal ammo. If tanks gg is correct.

  6. Chirs Rock: Don’t hate the player , hate the game .

  7. Wg, leave bond eqpiment alone, no free demonting on a sub. This will destroy bond value and make us switch it all the time to diff tanks, no point in using bounty or other eq also…… and leave the crew alone too, dont kill the game. Im not buing wot minus

  8. The biggest issues with this update is the fact that the new crew skills are going to make the seal clubbers and stats muppets even worse. for a newer player like me (9months) i dont have seven skilled crews (ive got 1 or 2 crews that have just started their 5th skill) by adding in an extra 2.5% faster reload when in close combat, more pen and more dmg, these things are going to widen the gap for us. i can already see the seal clubbers in tiers 1-5 just destroying and chasing off 99% of the new players, thats going to help grow the game and keep it going isnt it? tiers 6-8 might be more tolerable but lets be real its still going to be a shitshow and the same with tiers 9 and 10. all this really is, is a way to force feed newer less experienced players to the stat muppets. plain and simple, its bad enough the mm is horrible already. some new guy comes in buys a t-34-85 m and buys the 100% crew so he is at 0% on bia going up against some stat muppet in a BZ-176 with a 7 skill crew, yea thats going to be just fine isnt it. hurry up stat muppets jump in here and flame me because you think that stats are the reason the game was made for, hurry lol. dont get me wrong i have the bz and its fun to troll in but other than that it does not belong in t6 at all but wargaming doesnt care. it feeds the monster they have made now that they have turned this game into stats in stead of teamwork and winning. before anyone spouts off about stats + wins and get gud, new players cant get better when the rest of you only play for yourselves, they copy what others do so all your doing is teaching them wrong. on top of that this subscription thing, its not horrible but we all know that soon they will add bigger and better tiers to it so those who are willing to pay more will get more so this is the begining of the real pay to win scheme for wargaming. i have no issues with spending money on games i like and wot is no diff but wow. i mean lets get real, weekly gold (which i think is honestly on the low end considering if you buy the extended battle pass with gold its only 10 bucks extra and you get 250 gold a day), free demounting (everyone should get it for free except for bond and experimental equip), train your crew while your at the bar getting drunk, blocking extra maps which everyone should get free no matter what. whats next, guaranteed 70% wr, better rng, instead of 480 xp towards the new “im getting drunk at the bar and training my crew” training they give you 1k xp an hour. this is where this subscription thing is going to lead to. all of this if they continue is going to kill the game and i dont want that. i like the game besides the stat muppets who think they are entitled to do and say what they want.

    • You have 5 skill crew after 9 months lmao …this is the problem with the game its moving to fast.
      How many tier 10 do you have in your garage?

  9. keep up the good work @dezgames, you really are the last content creator i have any faith in….

  10. I uninstalled WoT over the weekend, if they push through the crew rework without changes I won’t even look at it again. So that’s 500 euro a year it has cost them straight away, not that they care I am sure. The Eu players need to grow a pair and take a stand or WG will destroy the game.

  11. I think a big problem about WOT + is that you get depended on it if you fully use it. Using the equipment switching means you can sell unneeded equipment. Thats the moment you get hooked. Because the second you stop buying WOT + you have to rebuy all the equipment.


  13. I think the subscription should only give you access to unlimited camos
    All camos are unlocked and “free”

  14. Anyone who buys the subscription+ is a complete wallet holster.

  15. Players must show WG how we feel about the upcoming changes. We should emty the servers to bring online for a minimum, at first for a couple of hours, then for couple of days and so on until we will be heard. CC-s with some balls can rally up their viewers and lead the way. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

  16. I would say that for average random battles additional 2% of something will not make a difference in 99% of battles. You are a winner or a loser much faster than that. It will impact all more competitive actions (Onslaught, CW, etc.).
    And those players will have to pay, to be competitive. But it is not mandatory.

    Saving some bonds will help with collecting more tanks (that most of people will not play) and some more bond stuff.
    Regarding gold – people have a lot of gold anyway.
    Regarding passive training – it’s annoying as hell, as skills requires sooooo much exp.

    WoT Plus will be annoying, but as I have not spent a penny on the game (literally I have not opened my wallet even once) I do not care much. I will not pay for it anyway.

    I only play in a platoon, as playing alone is a terrible experience anyway.

  17. it’s good for new people, who want to play the game but still not ready to buy a PREMIUM TIER 8 tank

  18. I’m gonna buy it too, but I’m sure as hell I will buy less lootboxes or any next cristmas

  19. Unfollow and unsub from WG channels in yt and twitch to show them we mean bussines!

  20. I just hope it is a great April Fools prank but surely this can not go live…

  21. i was always thinking it would be nice to have more maps to ban, +1 for regular account and +2 for regular premium, or only +1 with regular premium if 2 would be too much, not a 2nd type of premium account to stack on top..

  22. I do agree. NO MORE cash till they confirm such rap is not implemented. It is not anymore about having fun but crush new comers or those without deep wallet versus P2W. Coming from a WOT Beta tester, playing non stop since +12 years.

  23. Practically, they cut the fresh players from the game and now they are pushing the limits of the old players. I ‘ve been playing this game for 8 years, I have bought a few things, but now I think this is the end for me.

  24. my opinion of this would be, 99% of beginners wont even know of the bond equipment switching so i dont think anyone will be put off from this unless he is already heavily invested in this game, also beginners are not going to lose their duels because the enemy has 3,5% faster reload, they will lose because they are new

  25. How about giving players an “item level”. +50 per bond item, +50 per crew skill then you enter games with players with a similar item level as yourself. That would prevent seal clubbing!

  26. WoT doesn’t seem to care about its players. That is simply not a sustainable business model. If the changes go ahead, then it will be the death knell to the game.

  27. I don’t have an issue with WOT+ so much as with the crew changes. The latter will cost a fortune and if I am right will cost even more if you want to move crews as you progress up a tech tree. The game is just not worth that money.

  28. I agree, WoT has become a nightmare for new players and the planned changes will make it much worse.

  29. You still have the opportunity today to equip every tank with Bond equipment.
    Where is the Problem?

  30. nay nay nay

  31. WOT Plus is way to good

  32. I’m speachless . . . Hell neyyyyy !

  33. just make it cheaper so it’s not a whale thing.

  34. Turret have 200m on the left and right side, so its useless

  35. Moureau Pierre-Olvier

    heck nay!!

  36. Dez , did u heard about CC boycot the game for 1 week ???

  37. So after WG Butchered WOWs, now they looking for a new child to get butchered. WOT is next I guessed.

  38. The + account isn’t the biggest problem. You could always get “better stuff” if you were spending money.
    The crew changes are the killer which multiply the disparity between players.

  39. So you can get wot+ with 300 gold and you get 2000 gold back?
    So you can basically run wot+ for “free” if you only put 300 initial gold and then use the gold from the subscription to fund the subscription ? Hmmmm….

  40. not buying it. hate it. fuck subscriptions like this… replace the premium account AND battle pass, remove the bond equipment thing too

  41. You forgot 1 big part. The spaced armor “horns” are 200mm thick with 0 armor behind. Thats a pretty decent wekaspot imo

  42. Well, I think is time to finally quit this game, after 12 years.. I still remember 2014-2016 era, best fun I had on this game… After that, it went downhill with rocket boosters on…

  43. I, as a casual player(playing from the beginning(10+ years)), i would be ok to pay extra $2-4, but not $8+…so, nahhh from me

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