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  1. @Aroxsch how

  2. Can you do a vid on the SBD-3 with the MGx4.

  3. How did i end up in your game lol

  4. ___v̶v̶øl̶f̶w̶e̶r̶b̶l̶o̶ød̶s̶ ___ XXXII

    Love dis mixs up ground An air battles. Also bomben.,

  5. KV 2 has the least explosive ammo

  6. @11:49 I’m not exactly sure why or when but somehow the KV tank’s rear armour is a little more armoured than it used to be. I have fired a German 75mm from a panzer 4/StuG at the rear head on no angle close range, it bounces :/ must be volumetric

  7. “Whenever you guys are ready.” (signs of a stroke)

  8. that kv2 run was hilarious

  9. I-16 type 10 with historical information please Phly. Requesting since Sept 2018.

  10. say soviet


  12. Lol great advertisement. You got to sass that travel bag!

  13. That last battle reminds me of an old Russian Cold War Joke. Two Soviet Generals meet up in Paris, the first one looks to the second and says, “So, who won the Air War?”

  14. You look a bit like Freddie Mercury

  15. Russia 3.7 it’s very nice, KV-2, KV-1, T-34, I-185, ZSU-37

  16. Welcome to Los santos san andreas nice

  17. My Life for AIUR.

  18. Firecrest pls

  19. You love oysters huh? Hmm maybe thats why theres an addition to your family hehe. Actually I may try them.

  20. Respectfully you fucked up that oyster. Try to scrap to lid of the oyster to detach it from the shell. I mean idk how you shucked the other ones but I hope it wasent like that. I’m happy you enjoyed the oyster, make some minionettes.

  21. OysterDaily

  22. Can I use Phly100 for a free box?

  23. Quite an imposition

    Can someone make a meme of phly eating an oyster

  24. Dont you worry about the Tis Ma’s BR now. Its perfectly balanced and thats all you need to know.

  25. Day 4:
    Phly, play the Panther F in Combo with the Amerikabomber and show the allies how real War Thunder Suffering feels

  26. Im definetly not drunk watching this at 9 am

  27. He just lost 12mil Sl from the sponsor lol

  28. is KV-2=ZA HANDO or is KV-2=Killer Queen

  29. first match is how the top tier should be

  30. … this habit of repeating endlessly a sentence… please abandon it. It’s… so… fucking… AAAAANNNNNNOOOOOOYYYYIIIIIING!!!! :'(

  31. God tier sponsor ad, seeing Steve doing what he loves makes me happy

  32. Phly, when will jou please play the FV4202? Last time was so many years ago!

  33. Does anyone agree that Jomboy and Phly sound very alike??!!??

  34. I liked when he saif “UNKILLABLE” and a moment after he is a plane

  35. Day 133: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  36. How do i rotate my camera without moving my turrent? Sry i’m new to wt

  37. last time i saw a Phly kv2 video, his wife was his girlfriend!

  38. 17:11 “We got a dick here”

  39. Hey Phly great video!! Are you planning on making a video on the new enlisted event?

  40. 50% funny and enjoyable tank footage. 50% loop de loops and shooting open top vehicles. Dull as fuck.

  41. You literally look exactly like how your voice sounds. Lmao.

  42. Day 79:

    Hey Phly! Please play the Tiger1P (Pz. Bef. Wg. VI (P) ) again 🙂
    You can also combo it with the Fw 190 F-8, or the Do 335 B-2, havent seen that monster in a while!

  43. Phly idk if you’ll read this but I’ve been watching your channel since I just started highschool, now 10 years ago. Somehow you still manage to be entertaining and have a great personality. Thanks for the years of entertainment and being down to earth and relatable with myself and most likely the majority of your viewers. Ik this sounds cringey but it’s almost like you’re some friend I’ve known for a while whilst never actually meeting you.

  44. Have you used PBV 301 ?

  45. Its always the best when your team is watching u die

  46. If you love oysters come home in Arcachon, you’ll test the local ones !

  47. 17:40 Big Smoke be like

  48. so is it the higher rating your vehicle is, the more rp you get?

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