This Tank Broke The Game For A Year (War Thunder KV-220)

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This Broke The Game For A Year (War KV-220)

Music –
ES_Play by the Rules – Elliot Holmes
ES_Bad Man's Son – Elliot Holmes


  1. Can u make an unedited version, cause I think u might have killed me from 1 or 2 games. Only time I seen a kv220

  2. day 5 of trying to get phly to play the italian helicopters

  3. You’re a mean one mister Grinch. LOL!!!

  4. back then if u were US vs this thing, your only hope was CAS.

  5. Please fly the BTD-1 and get kills with mines. 😀

  6. Pretty weird that we don’t see so many of ’em anymore. Weird because this tnak is completely OP.

  7. how long have you been play war thunder


  9. That tank was and still is such cancer. Even moreso with the volumetric shells. Imagine it being at 5.3 and you will understand how even the long 88s had so much difficulty penetrating them. Especially since those fucking KV-220s could easily oneshot you. So you needed to pixel hunt and they can snapshot you.

  10. Day 11: Play B-29 (it’s not much of a matchstick anymore, I’ve played it)

  11. Dude your so cool abd the kv-220 is like a bomb

  12. Yo Phil, how u van Have a Lot of this silver lions? I need too! You buy it??

  13. ITS 2021

  14. I remember a game, when i played Arcade, where there was a KV-220 in a mainly 4.7 Game.
    I didn’t knew about this tank, I flanked and was sure to end his killstreak.
    I still have PTSD from not getting a green cross when I approached his side.
    He got like 2/3 of the team, speaking for itself, the team with the KV220 won.

  15. Pershing should be grouped in with tiger 1s and is 1s not wunderwehr and the god awful t44
    Like maybe I’m just bad and panicky but t44s are impossible to kill

  16. When someone says you are a noob for using the KV-220: Talking tons of smack for someone within oneshotting distance

  17. plz stop doing this videos

  18. We may not have the 220 but now we have the EBR against us now.

  19. Did you use an instrumental version of The House of the Rising Sun as the music?

  20. me hears squire.
    ah yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss

  21. You have a great voice man! Radio like 🙂

  22. Most of the these guys on my side always aim for the front but me I studied meny tanks and meny tanks I believe have there engine in the back

  23. The German Boomstick

    Day 4: Hey Phly I would suggest playing out the Marder III H it is one of my favourite viehicles and you have never made an video about it and it dosen’t get a lot of attention

  24. Play P-36A attempt 97

  25. the KV-220 shattered shells like crazy, thats what made it overpowered.

  26. Is there any Poles in the film?

  27. @ryan peel you dirty thing no, i mean Polish Pilots

  28. Day 15: Ho Ro meme complimation with blue eyes derp face.

  29. LessNapkinMoreNate12

    what happens when you give Phly an armored tank 😐

  30. When was the last time gijin put in a new map? Do they also have any intention of redesigning any of the current maps? I know you’ve touched on this before, but I feel like instead of putting as much time into new vehicles that re-vamping the maps would really go a long way.

  31. 2 Baloons flying thru desert sudenly one scream watch out ! cactusssssssssss other one just reply BSsssssssssssssss.

  32. I love when phly talks about how good the armor is and then a tank that can carry HEATFS completely ignores the armor.

  33. I enjoyed this video yes,

  34. Bro what on earth is the clickbait

  35. day 31 of asking phly to phly the ju 87 d-5 with the 6 20 mm’s

  36. one thing that War Thunder and World of Tanks have in common: The Kv 220 is overpowered af.

  37. the overperforming russian bias shells

  38. (That t-34-85 from the beginning of the video nickname meaning is “Alexander from Kostroma” Kostroma is the Russian city =))

  39. phly, why u bully

  40. Challenge: take out katyusha (soviet truck) and blend in with one of the katyushas near the A point on Poland map
    Attempt #43

  41. What is PTFO? Put the fryer on?

  42. 1:01
    niemcy! niemcy! na dole!

  43. That triple mine kill with the BTD was the funniest thing

  44. im honestly just watching these videos anymore to see baby tigor

  45. Bouncing shells is fun.

  46. Day 32: hey Phly please take out the Aussie vehicles

  47. You should do a Vietnam War one called Rolling Thunder

  48. I encountered this tank before….and boy is it annoying :3

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