This Tank Can be Disgusting in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Caernarvon, Best Tier 8 Heavy Tank in The Tech Tree? World of Tanks Best Epic Battles / Best Replays.

► Played by: Panzer0815_1

It has been a long time since I featured one of your replays, so let's get this going with a banger! How about one of the best tier 8 heavy tanks in a tough match? Let's see!


  1. there are two MAJOR flaws in WoT that, if corrected, will raise game’s popularity to double . one is premium shells. we need a limit on premium shels specific for each tank. for example i would give a tank a number of max premium shells equal to 20% of it’s standard rounds DPM. this way you will have some shells for the ultra-armoured tanks and still keep it balanced against the rest of the enemy, putting more pressure on the player to use tactics and strategy instead of just aim and shoot cause you got big wallets. and the other very important thing, as important as premium shells and both being top 1 most important changes we need is.. fuckin individual gains in xp/money. that is right. NO MORE money/xp tied to the win or loose result of the combat. its very bad and has no logic for your game reward to depend on some idiot’s bad game. win or loose, if you played well, you get rewarded. if you play bad , you get less reward. if this two things would be looked upon, we would have solved almost every balance isssues.

    • The premium ammo thing would only work if all tanks had weakpoints easily penned. How do you want tier 7s pen any of the tier 8 premium heavies? like bz176, defender, etc

    • limiting gold ammo sounds good but it would be disaster, first of all, when you get to play as a bottom tier, you will be even more useless than now, and second, there are too many overarmored tanks in a tier 10 to do this, WG would have to rebalance so many tanks, but we all know how good they are at balancing things…

    • The higher pen but lower damage in prem as seen in WoTB is the best example on how to balance prem ammo. WG have an article in 2019 about implementing it on WoT but 4 years later still it has not gone in the game.

    • @Shamsiel Shahar they tested it on sandbox and it didint work

  2. Dez,,,You gotta get me those Victory Girls.. 🙂

  3. 11:11 on WoTBlitz you get bonus credits for rare medals and mastery. Max bonus is around 100k credits for Ace in tier10 tank.

  4. Mauricio Federico Egel

    Smart player, I bet his cardio was to the roof!

  5. 08:03 what is that blue aim marker ?

  6. A great tank, only down side is the pen, needs +20 on both standard & premium.

  7. We had rewards for medals, for some time you got bonds for scoring ‘epic’ medals

  8. Love my Caernarvon. Got to 84.7% but have now dropped back to 79%. Doh

  9. Yeah, I enjoyed this tank a lot. No, I didn’t even taste the 17 pounder or barrel A/B. I just goin through to the mighty 32 pounder. Damn it was so good..

    The problem is, only ammo capacity. I mean, it need lil more of ammo. Like 10/15 i think..

  10. What’s the appeal of installing coomer mods in WoT?

  11. WOT should add a 12 kill medal !!!!!

  12. Kan- Ar-ven is must likely the proper pronunciation, it’s probably named after Castle in Wales which just to add more confusion is now spelt Caernarfon .

  13. honestly after wg dropped the “we want to kill off wot” update i just started playing warthunder ….and yeah the physics and sound if wack but honestly after playing it for a while ….the game actually rewards you for playing better ,,,i always swore by wot but even though they fixed the worst things about wot plus …. there stupidity gave me time to try other games…and lost a loyal player……even if things are fixed the dmg is still done

  14. Pool’s medal should reward you at least 1 million credits based on how rare it is.

  15. Hi Dez, it is pronounced as Ka Nar Von. Even native English speakers can struggle with this one as it is a Welsh place name.

  16. this tank is in my opinion, the best tech three tanks and best tier 8 heavy. The combination of things is insane and you can hold your own against tier 10s. Cearnarvon was the first tier 8 heavy that I third marked and would love to do it again. The fact that you can perma track tier 10s and fully farm them is insane.

  17. First clip is you start of saying he’s supposed to be in a Centurion (@0:13) but the hull definitely is NOT Cent as the roadwheels/suspension are wrong.

  18. Yeah this is an amazing tank, overshadows the prem version even

  19. yea, we need that Pools Medal!. This is awesome!

  20. Kudos to the IS6 driver – he played a smart backup game.

  21. I remember doing one of the HT-15 missions with the Caravan. Stars aligned for me on Lakeville valley <3

  22. That was certainly some boss play.

  23. If you get RARE medals should grant you extra credits/bonds/gold

    WG is facking people even if they carry hard

  24. clownwagon

  25. I earned this tank and EVERY SINGLE BATTLE, from the 1st one, has been Tier X. It’s like it has some “secret bias”

  26. Andreas Nørregaard

    I Think you should get 10 or 25k Credits for every battlehero medal(the ones on the rigth)
    Maybe 10k for topgun and 25 for pool or kolobanovs. The more raere ones

  27. I really hate such pay-to-win “heroes” (for which I’m sure RNG is much different than for the regular free to play players), that do snapshots like these 0:33, 1:25, 4:59, 5:45 and 90% of the time they perfectly hit their targets. In contrast, I am doing full aim shots (let’s say with stupid SUX 130 with bounty aimer and 5 perks for each crew member) and sometimes I hit 1 of 5 consecutive shots. This game is such a BS…

  28. They need to remove repair costs , they are just toxic and add nothing to the game, keep ammo cost sure but games too grindy if you don’t have a prem moneymaker.

  29. Ca-nar-vun

  30. Wot Addict Global

    DezGamez, could you please remove the Dog Tags from your options? They take away from the battle, and are very annoying, imho!
    Let me know if you can do that, thanks buddy!

  31. Wot Addict Global

    Very nice battle, especially the team-work at the end by that IS-6B and Caernarvon AX!

  32. Ah yes the Caravaan

  33. You are make a Video from he game send him some gold 🙂 if youtube is going to give you something because of this

  34. Bro Turbo Caernarvon is hilarious. No one expects it be that fast and its DPM is crazy.

  35. British hull downs are just *chef’s kiss

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