This Tank Can Make You Uninstall! | World of Tanks Battle Pass Lorraine 50T

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World of 50 t, Battle Pass Reward Tank, Worst Battle Pass Tank?

Update 1.16 is and let's dive right into the new content.

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  1. Which battle pass tanks are you TOP 3 and where would you place Lorraine 50T?
    Hope you have a good one, still travelling in Africa, so if something big has been announced and I am not covering it.. Well, that’s the reason! 🙂
    BIG Love, stay awesome!

    • it is the only tank for the tokens
      I dont have in garage and I have doubts about it…not sure yet I will pick it up….on first it looks to me unreliable

    • Cobra & Char is all worth getting IMO

    • @Super Barnio 777 is the worst

    • My favorite is kunze panzer, very sneaky and fast tank with amazing seige mode. 2nd is cobra, I think it’s the strongest and most toxic, but expensive since you are firing premium ammo. 3rd is char futur, like kunze, but long reload, bad gun depression when the gun is on the side, less accurate gun, some armor, but I like it for its play style.

  2. i was thinking about this tank DEZ thnx

  3. I’d rather get bonds than this tank.

  4. Glad i got me some bonds 😀

  5. I can’t see a case for buying it other then having everything else.

  6. Phase one is best. Kunze is awesome if you stick to just sniping on a ridge, it’s a one trick pony tank

  7. this tank is my first 3 mark tank lol 😀

  8. Face reveal Drz plz

  9. Kelvis Shandei CountryMusiker

    Stillwaitin kampfpanzer 50t =(

  10. I like the lorr 50t a lot….when I play with my cobra and meet it in battle, perfect for a full clip 😉

  11. I allready unistal game. This MM and players on NA server…

  12. Found it decent in Hull down with good damage, but it’s Hull armor is absolute trash where even LTs can pen it on the front with standard rounds.

  13. Love the tank !

  14. I dont have the Cobra or this 50T but I was pleasantly surprised by the K91 and the Kunze Panzer. Third in my top three would probably be the AE Phase 1, I just wish its lower plate wasn’t so huge. I really like the Char but I personally am not consistent enough with it as I am with the other 3.

    • Char makes a nice accurate sniper. I have mine set up for the best accuracy, and dispersion reduction possible. 4 perk crew with full camo. Very fun support tank with nice full clip alpha

  15. Im sell this stupid tank!!!

  16. I play yesterday & i meet OBJ 283 , medium tank , tier 9 from russia . Looks like obj 430 version II

  17. I adore lorr 50t, 160 battles and im on my way to third mark, it is specific tank and u cant play it as usual heavy tanks, but it works wonders from medium ranges 😀

  18. @7:20 find me a Churchill GC fan lol

  19. This tank is much better than 279 e

  20. I bought it and sold it after like 25 battles. Its not even the bad hull but the gun trolled me so much i took it and threw it out the window. Its like playing the bc 25t ap gun. Half the shots just hit the ground

  21. Trần Việt Hoàng

    Then the Strv K is same brother with this tank and it a premium tank. Turret weaker than Lor 50T, 390 alpha with bad gun handling. No Hesh ammo too. Feel like cen7/1 down grade

  22. Hull is cheese.
    DPM is poor.
    Gun handling is ‘okay’.
    Mobility is ‘okay’.
    Armor is only good on the front of the turret.

    My proposed changes.
    HP increased from 1750 to 1825

    Fire rate increased from 4.29 to 5.75 rounds per minute
    Turret traverse dispersion reduced from 0.15 to 0.11

    Engine power increased from 900 to 1000 horsepower
    Top speed increased from 60 to 65 km/h
    Reverse speed increased from 15 to 17.5 km/h
    Tank traverse increased from 30 to 34

    View range increased from 380 to 390 meters

    This would make it able play a lot more like a heavium and less like an AMX 65T.

  23. Thanks for reviewing this tank its confirmed my opinion that it would be a poor choice to spend tokens on.
    That said I have little option as I have 39 tokens and already have all the other tanks on offer.
    So Ill buy it stick in in the garage and probably never play it thats still better than buying one piece of bounty eqyupment and then throwing away the other tokens on bonds at their pitiful exchange rate.
    Lorraine 59T, Bounty Exhaust or Protection system and then 1800 bonds.

  24. The reload is what really annoys me on this, the hill is trash but at least the turret is decent.

  25. I dont own it, but played it on test server. The gun is decent. Misses some shots, but i will say i miss more shots with my tanks that have much more accurate guns. We are talking guns with .28 accuracy just whiffing shots. This tank at least had consistent accuracy, even if not the best

  26. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Mine has .29 dispersion and while I do have a decent hit rate of 73% it’s mostly because I’m mostly close to my targets and even then I have to aim aim aim. Of course I switch to my Obj 430 with .39 dispersion and it’s just snap after snap of hits and not only hits but pens. It doesn’t even have all that much better soft stats. I don’t really mind the 50t but it really needs a big DPM boost.

  27. 1:10 uh they convert to bonds Dez

  28. LOL. I’ll say the Lorraine 50T is an unforgiving tank. So far, the best thing about its speed is that I get to a position to die sooner. Granted, I’m not that good, despite being an active player for over 10 years. I have a lot of re-thinking to do about game strategy when playing it. Kudos to those who have figured this tank out…

  29. I wanted to get Bounty Equipment thrice and I wanted spend all the remaining tokens if possible, so I took K-91-PT with Lorraine 50 t over Cobra and… I don’t think it was worth it in the end. Though I like that Lorraine has something unique going for itself and that’s mobility. It’s fun to take hull-down positions early with it. Beyond that, it lacks a lot of things, but I would like a RoF buff for it the most.

  30. 1:06 missed the best one, Kunze panza

  31. Actually decided not to get it as my last tank and picked up purple equipment in steed, do not regret my decision at all.

  32. No you’re right. The gun is definitely goofy, in game. I bought it and sold it after a few games. It’s gun is basically what the small gun on the m4 54 was before the buff

  33. Char Futur, SOOOOOOOO good!

  34. Dez therapist??? xD Thx for sharing this with the comunity xD
    BTW: Dez almost every frech tank got this problem with ground digging shells. Especially FOCH thats a top grave digger.

  35. I don’t hate the tank, I hate the one who create this tank.

  36. bought a cobra yesterday

  37. This tank is a true certified, card holding stinker, the only reason I could think of for putting this in the game is variety, because WG has been putting too many OP meta tanks into the game, they need to put some shit tanks in, so those tanks have something to farm. And fair enough, its a new tank, I dont have to buy it. But recently I was playing my IS-3 which used to be THE meta tank, high alpha, strong russian turret, russian spaced side armor, mobility, the whole shabang, but now I look at it and I wonder what is even the point of this tank besides something for premiums to farm. We have IS-3 A in the game which is literally the same tank that is a reverse autoreloader, so it has 3 shells in the clip and after it fires them it reloads a full second faster than the IS-3, and they also have 1400 velocity for some reason. Then you also have the defender that keeps the same dpm but with bigger alpha and has around 2.5 billion times better armor. And then there is also 703 II which is the same tank with much better armor, no weakspot on the turret roof and TWO guns, each of which reloads almost a second faster than the IS-3, and im not even gonna talk about the Skoda T-56

  38. I like this tank. Had only 5k plus damage in each game 🙂

  39. With less hp and a little turret nerf it would’ve been a nice t7 premium

  40. Char. Cobra then AE

  41. I’m sure WG is going to start an all new season of Battle Pass which they copied from War Thunder and is quiet the large cash grab for them so get ready to see some new reward tanks soon in the next cash grab I mean Battle Pass

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