This Tank Cannon Was Fired With A Human Shoulder (War Thunder H.35)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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This Tank Was Fired With A Human Shoulder (War Thunder H.35)



  1. *10 buxs spelling mistakes, and was not high or drunk while editing this. I might have mental issues however ))))*

  2. “”Only the dead inside have seen the end of War Thunder.’ – PhlyDaily” – ActaCaboose

  3. War thunder could be such a great game, it’s a shame it’s held back by such shitty greedy devs who care about money more than their game.

  4. The key to making good videos is honestly adding sound effects they make the video really funny?

  5. In my opinion I think the M22 Locust is cuter

  6. Designers make it work?

  7. Tetrarch and m22 are how you say “kyawawii”

  8. Or a tank with that thank the h 35?

  9. Make a video from the b1 ter

  10. Ohhh that songs the moons national anthem

  11. Are you playing runescape? Lol

  12. Thanks for the ear rape

  13. This video is one of your bests.

  14. French sexyest baguette ????

  15. Tetrarch is cuter=)

  16. Nice work phly, this is dephinitely my phavorite video. Love your content

  17. A BoB Semple or a M22 locusts

  18. Phly play m11/39 if you want tank with low pen.

  19. Beware of yt demonetization phly, be aware…..

  20. war thunder actually gave me depressing tho 🙁

  21. Do the American m2a4 plzzz
    Or any of the Stuart tanks.

  22. I think VFW is much worse than pz2c …. idk my opinion

  23. Pls make a new video of the t-35 he is patched

  24. cuter tank? panzer 2 luch.

  25. 20mm Autocannon Br should start at 2.0. Its like machine gun vs muskets at 1.0 as it sits.

  26. ??????????????

  27. The intro so hilarious phly ? you should make more

  28. Could you play the Mig9L please

  29. love your editing, always makes me laugh

  30. play the IMP1 and the F4 phantom 🙂

  31. panzer 2 high tier, wouldn’t that be enough punishment for it ?

  32. Dude this is nsfw, keep laughing too much.. Long time since I’ve watched your videos, this was hilarious. Will check back more <3

  33. The Ha-go or Ke-ni could be cuter.. no wait its clearly the Ro-Go :^)

  34. yup it’s from the bresilian part of France!

  35. The cannon more to spitting on your face ! Phuuiihh phhuuiihh phuuiihh(80 rounds fired)

  36. Those banzai sounds made me almost actually lol. It is 4 am and that was a little too funny

  37. Plz play the he-111 h6

  38. I wish if you played this tank with Devildoggamer though. ?

  39. Panzer X
    Pens or O

  40. Please Phly the I-16 TYPE 10 with some historical information

  41. Ki-109
    2nd try 🙂

  42. Hey PhlyDaily can you check out the m15a1 aa vehicle I was wondering if it’s bugged for you as it’s bugged for me, the 12.7 mm machine guns don’t line up with the 37 mm like it should when I’m in a battle, interestingly it works in the test drive just fine, can you take a look please

  43. Hey Phly, do check the auto generated English captions / subtitles for this video, the part you were humming. You will find it hilarious…

  44. I think the cutest tank is the asu cuz they so tiny in every way even the tracks

  45. French and British are the same


  47. I’ve been trying to unlock all the camos for all my tanks and I’m convinced a better idea rather than awarding it for x number if kills it should be based on achieving a certain score. Rather than 150 kills for a camo make it that much but in score. That was I can cap and assist my team and get rewarded. Assists and spots give me nothing as a light tank if my goal is camo. Camo should be a reward for being g a good teammate and not a solo kill spree’er. What do y’all think?

  48. Phly, it’s “The Girl from Ipanema”…and I had it stuck in my head before I watched this. o_O

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