This Tank Cost 20 Million in World of Tanks and I HATE IT!

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Kirovets-1 was just sold in World Tanks and like a complete WHALE I overpaid, massively, for this disappointing tank!



  1. when u realised wg actually single handedly supporting the entire russian economy

  2. Hoàng Hà Nguyên Vĩnh

    Dear Mr.QB, random is random, i’ve got the Kirovets within 10 rolls , 3 of which are free. You cannot say how much or press that IT REQUIRE alot of pulls when in reality it is completely random. Some have it early , some have it late or never lucky enough to roll one. The problem is that the number of Kirovets are limited, and run out quite fast.
    I like the Kirovets, it work very much like an IS 6 with a punchier gun but lower DPM. It is very good at bullying tanks that are not fast but need to be on the frontline to work. Face hugging and dumb flanking moves are actually what it is very good at. A 703 II have more firepower, but will never be able to replicate it’s flanking or to go through dangerous area without getting shots to pieces.

  3. Sooner Stump Removal

    Wargaming = Russia.
    Ban it

  4. Wargaming has adopting the gotcha model. The reason you may not have seen this quicky baby is probably because all you play is wot and have no idea what else exist. Basically, wot hasn’t invented anything, and they’re doubling down on the aggressive marketing to squeeze the pennies out of their players’ pockets. They realize the remaining player base are just whales now, and they’re abusing it until they either run out of funds, or get fed up and stop playing. This is the death cry of wargaming because the game can’t sustain itself on the gotcha model. It’s a game about tanks which only appeals to a small niche of players. This game has been dying slowly, but now it’s going to be picking up the pace in the decline. To quote their new model, “Don’t make your game skill based, because if players get what they need by being skilled, you won’t make money. You HAVE to force them through a fee, or remove the skill completely.”

  5. The Free To Play players are almost moving targets

  6. You should take a look at World of warships the pay for premium ships went up from $70 average tier 8 9 10 to $120 for tier 8 and some tier 9s and $200+ for the better tier 9s and tier 10s. Its just the russians getten while the gettin is good!

  7. Vinh Quang Hoang

    In a few years who would be buying tier 8 prem when tier 9 prem is a thing?

  8. TacticaL Mech Tank

    You can collect things if it’s a PvE game because the competition is not strong and you don’t drag down anyone else. You can still clear most of the content in those games and be happy with your favorite unit although they are not meta. World of Tanks, on the other hand, is a PvP game with highly competitive environment, in which driving a weak tank does not only drag you down but also hurts other people who’s aiming for a better battle record.
    I wish WG would completely remove that big menacing win ratio number that stands right in the front of your battle record page, then I would feel much better to dive into the game and play comfortably without thinking much about the competition of it. This is why I don’t spend much money on the game (only 11 boxes every year’s christmas to join the holidays atmosphere), as well as playing too much on it (only 1k battles last year) except for event modes, where the stat does not count at all and the ejoyment is higher for me.

  9. The trading caravan is one of the reasons why PC World of Tanks is horrible because they put stuff like that into the game where you have to gamble for the ability to buy a tank but then they put a timer on you to claim the tank you gambled for I hope this crap never makes it to console

  10. Paint your tanks yellow and blue guys.

  11. If the game is losing number of players over time that makes the match maker slower. That make playing more frustrating and gives us players a sense we are holding onto a dying game. By giving us things to grind for that inflates the number of players in the match maker somewhat mitigating that perception of dwindling player base.

  12. It’s in game currency, they can sell it at whatever they want. Should they just sell all premiums at a real money currency rate? Yeah of course. Tier 8 tanks that aren’t as good get listed at 39-45 USD and meta tanks get listed $50-55. End of story.

  13. I got a Free TOG-II from the event so i don’t care i can now join future Tog Wars Sequal custom battles uwu!!

  14. Trading caravan event was the worst in predatory marketing.

  15. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    They released OBJ 268 v5 for 25,00,000 free experience because no top players grind yoh tech faster like Vz 55 so if you want take top of tech tree you must need to buy gold for real money and spend it but,now they make players spend credits for dumb even is 6 outperform it in other aspects except gun i think thay going to put a another black market event with a rare vehicle for credits i so if you want buy u need tons credits and free experience so, they give you a offer buy gold and use it buy those rare tanks from black market

  16. They found their mark.

  17. Keep up the good work QB, I have followed you for a few years now 🙂

  18. No buyers remorse. Never bought a a tank. Ever. 35 k in games played
    Keep yr money in yr pockets kids
    Free life advice from Uncle T

  19. Spot on. I recently crossed the 8 yr emblem for my tanks on Xbox. All of the hours spent grinding….. just wonder had I used those 8yrs worth of time doing something else like learning how to play the guitar or whatever.

  20. If the Kirovet had the 703’s gun handling that would be awesome and might even be a little op. Instead it had the IS-3A handling! Sure I putting more and more OP tanks is a bad idea but consider how to get the Kirovet it might as well had some other redeeming feature then simply being rare.

  21. What you said in your review you liked the tank a lot . LOL

  22. Perhaps this game is good mirror for our societys. Lies, treason etc., but we still fighting each other, addicted for progess. That could be the reason why we can be ruled easy. Spending money for treason and wasting our time, instead of playing our “own” life- games… However i must get this bond Equipment!!! Its nearly for free and this jucious premium days…. its so satanic! I feel like Gollum two voices in my head. Play! Don’t play! Learn english better.😉… Thank you for your time.

  23. I am perfectly fine with them releasing content like this. It’s way better than out right broken OP premiums destroying the matchmaker for a few months and even after things settle down, you get frustrated because the matchmaker thinks a Lowe and a 703 are an equal match.

  24. I remember getting leopard 1 pretty much totaly with my free exp from tier six on. And I hated that tank so much. Not anything what I thought it would be and it didn’t fit into my hand at all but I kept it as we used leos in our clan matches some times.

    • Leo 1 is one of the top 10 Tier 10 tanks for me personally, but it’s really hard to play. The gun is just on another level and the mobility is awesome! Also the PTA is a awesome tier 9.

  25. Vytenis Kajackas

    I feel scammed, I spend like 3mil credits on rolls and bought basically nothing, they just didnt tell that most of the exciting things have been sold already.

  26. Wait, so you’re telling me WG keep finding new ways to screw over their players, especially to exploit and frustrate their most dedicated and passionate players ? Shocking.
    Honestly, I have no choice but to consider anyone still playing this a massive M.

  27. What addons and/or mods you running there Sir Quick?

  28. Wargaming hasn’t been a good-faith company in many years. Be honest, if making WoT videos wasn’t your bead and butter, would you still be doing it? I suspect not. I know you are backed into a financial corner and dropping WoT isn’t realistically possible for you. I get it. But you are now chained to a corrupt, sinking ship. But man, you can’t ride this wave forever. You know, some day, this will all be over. Time to diversify or ride this lead weight to the bottom.

  29. one thing im sure, im not making that much credits because my only premium tank is t3485m and i have no premium account

  30. With the current meta and how fast it changes, it`s not worth grinding on the tech tree, (which keeps players grinding for weeks) so WG have to find new ways of keeping its player base hooked on the game, even if that means your grinding for credits for the next event

    • The Ranked Meta has been Kranvagn for 2 years, how is that for example not worth a grind? IS7, EBR, STB, Leo-1, 277, 140, E50, Vz and so on are all worth the grind and have been for the last years/ since their releases.

    • @Red4ox The current game meta is about speed and manurerability, … Now if someone has the time to spend 8 to 10 hours a day grinding line after line of tech tree tanks then good for them, but for the casual player who may or may not have a premium account its not so fun or interesting to do that, so WG has to find ways to get the casual player to spend money ….. thats all i am saying


  32. Great videos, you are doing a really good job and I am enjoying that…
    There are some less-skilled players (ME) who are not able to make more than 400k credits by playing WOT.
    For example, I play mainly Lowe and during the first 3-5 games I receive easily and pretty much for nothing 300-500k credits but then something happens and for the next 5 hours I am not able to get over 60k/game, in fact, I am actually losing credits… For some reason when I hit someone (and see his track is damaged) I don’t receive any points, or sometimes I am not able to penetrate any vehicle in-game with any type of shell (even though my cursor is green and I am standing next to enemy vehicle).
    So if I want to play I have to spend real money on credits.
    I am interested in, am I only one or is anyone experiencing something similar too?

  33. One has to remember it’s a game, one choice to play or not, pay or not! Life is hard for some people right now, war is a reality. Play for fun win or lose free to play is okay.

  34. Understand where you are coming from QB, but the big problem is that they WON’T tell you how much you will have to pay in to get it until you have got it… surely in the real world that is illegal

  35. They should put sanctions on Wargaming for being greedy bastards.

  36. If I’m gonna have fun i this game I’m down at tier 5-7. The rest is broken:/

  37. FSXNOOB - Games & More

    I spend 10m trying to get it, to find out it was sold out way before they so i spent 10m for nothing..

  38. 8:05 this seems really naive, thinking WG isn’t greedy when everything points to them being so. Maybe they’re not the great company QB thinks they are

  39. Why are you trying to put your idea in to others. I’m happy about Kirovets-1. Because i had only is-5 for soviet heavy and Kirovets-1 is better then Is-5. I do not have defender or obj 703 II etc. And this tank completely free for me. By the way i spent 40 million credit and i have no regret. Players are not idiots. They know how to spent there own currecy and money.

  40. I’ll never pay 20 mill for a tier 8… it’s just giving away your money for a novelty and, agreed, telling WG we are willing to overpay. Got the Kiro with my rolls… didn’t buy it

  41. Rerolled so many time and don’t think I’ve ever seen this tank but I did buy a ASTRON Rex for 1 credit so there’s that.

  42. its pretty good tactic actually, from a business perspective. i have been a f2p player for 8 or 9 years? when was 2013 , i cant math. anyway, i was a kid at the time, didnt have much money to buy things, so i kinda sent SMS message to buy gold with my phone number, 7.5$ later,. i bought churchil 3, tier 5 premium tank, parents were kinda pissed, but i just said i accidentally left phone data on.
    anyway, years later, was first ever marathon (if memory serves me right) .. i got Super Pershing after only 6 days. i remember playing my record of 121 games in one day , the day i got it… i didnt quite understand the event , so i just made sure i got it.. played a lot in it.
    anyway, years after, i made a huge break of like 2 years. came back just before EBR released. got t92 light tank from grinding a refferal 2nd account. then did marathon with it and the super pershing and got the ebr. from there on , until now, i missed only 2 marathons, the kpz 07 and amx proto 30. around in last 3 years i got turtle 1 from von krieger boxes when astron rex was there. one of f2p boxes, which i thought was pretty nice. from black markets i got caernarvon AX, t34b, shwarzpanzer , lansen C. so i had like.. 15+ premium tanks already.
    .. so.. i thought i was good on premium tanks.. but then i got a job (first job, at 24 y/o) , and had money to spend, so i decided to wait to see what was in boxes…

    and i bought 113 boxes. got m-iv-y on 50th box, caliban on 56th, skoda on 95th (around there) and only one 3d skin for all those boxes.
    from gold, i bought tanks on advent calendar, that i always wanted to have. SU130pm, strvS1 , elc even 90…

    anyway.. chrismas event ended.. and it dawned on me.. i have like .. over 20 premium tanks.. how.. what.. HOW THE FUCK did WG get me to spend money.. its not like i needed to spend it.. what..

    oh well.

  43. Hi Quickybaby, interesting chat on the currency marketing within the game. The best way I found of making credits was playing frontline with Panther8,8 and the Kpz 07. Obviously frontline isn’t always available but would love to see a vid from you testing out if playing this kind of mediocre tank (Panther8,8) with its low shell cost and buffed alpha is a hidden credit making gem for the community. Great vid, thanks for the entertaining insights! 🙂

  44. I think the real buyer’s remorse is displayed by the people who threw lots of credits at getting a chance to buy this tank but lost out. First rule of gambling, don’t bet money you don’t have. I was annoyed enough spending the better part of a million credits at the chance to buy a 703 II at 15% off. Am I a credit whore you may ask? Damn right!

  45. Was my first offer. Skipped it because its a garbage version of the 703 II.

  46. And on the console I got it in a loot crate a year ago and have never played it.

  47. Welcome to Wargaming and it´s the same in World of Warships @QuickyBaby

  48. I bought the T-22 med. for 52million credits, now they put it into the shop in this caravan event for 25k bonds(if you were lucky enought to roll it). In my opinion, i would have spent my bonds gladly and not my credits, but who cares. We are their cows and they milk us every time. If its not your real life money, then its your time. You pay by playing the game and providing the “playerbase”.

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