THIS TANK COST 50 MILLION in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks recently put the WZ-111 Qilin up for auction in the black market and it ended up costing me over 50,000,000 credits!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Gosh.. now you are like me.. dead broke and soon dirty, because you can’t afford the soap.

  2. christopher heck

    It does do 560 alpha on console

  3. It wasn’t the same guy in your first game because there was a different name lol🤣

  4. when they changed the map , perhaps they were thinking we have tanks like the indian PZ and the Kran, let us givethem some place to be successful?

  5. Only one thing comes to my mind…idiot ! For buying that !

  6. The Indien Panzer from the Prokhorovka game, tho, what a funny nick they had. Literally translated means “gonna ef myself lol”. And what a praise they got from QB.

  7. Miguel Montenegro

    WG really appealing for that Chinese market

  8. Manipulative MM and RNG this is WOT

  9. I'm the captain now

    well if wot knows one thing is that grindy games retain more players but it also loses more by not having people even start playing because its so grindy.

  10. When you had to pay so much for a tank that you can’t pay for a proper internet connection anymore 😀

  11. What I got it for 25 million credits!

  12. Not 50 u can get it for 23!!!

  13. Was it worth it? Would you buy it on your F2P account? No.


    Wargaming needs to stop ripping people off. The black market is supposed to give people red deals, not really ripping people off. Like it’s their big chance to make big real money that is what has become sickening with the game

  15. LeavesUselessComments

    You really can’t blame a corporation for taking advantage of a community that will seemingly buy anything for inflated prices

  16. looking at this tank with my 8’057 credits

  17. Guy in my game in a quilin said he did 22mil

  18. Buys unique 50m tank that shoots flames….
    proceeds to scope in for the entirety of his games

  19. QB experiencing the way i play 95% of the time
    QB complaining of that destroying his game
    QB still getting some great games with great mm….

    Me experincing ping between 70 and 1600
    Me “suck it up, your pc sucks…”
    Me getting such a game 1/8…

  20. aleksandar kurtovic

    In tier X I never get tier 8, twice in a row, let alone three times…

  21. Qilin cost so many credits because it has preferential matchmaking – look it cant meet tier XII 😛

  22. it didnt cost 50mil, many people got it for 27mil

  23. China manage world by corona virus

    Now world of tanks WTF

  24. jesus christ that this is ugly

  25. did you actually get 3 games in a row vs Tier 8 ?! 😀

  26. lol fellow clan member got it for 35.000.000

  27. ‘This is tough, Twitch.’ said QB while recording a Youtube video

  28. Actually it costed me 29kk

  29. Qilin are thought to be a symbol of luck, good omens, protection, prosperity, success and longevity by the Chinese.

  30. 50 mil credits! That’s about $500 US.

  31. no fire animation?

  32. Shakhriyor Zulponov

    When it fires, it needs to make fire in the gun

  33. Well they know how to drain your account with nonsensical crap for sure. Ask yourselves this, what happens to all these neato frito tanks and gimmicks the day Wargaming shuts down it’s servers for ever? That’s right stupid 😉 You are very welcome!

  34. That tank looks hideous!

  35. One more vid where QB showing his great skills in tier X tank against tier VIII tanks driven by bots. I cannot recall of his vid where he outplayed some good players with same tier tanks.

  36. Nice to see that You are not always the übermensch

  37. hope it will return the next year. I can’t manage to have one

  38. General Saufenberg

    no, it costs 32.000.001 credits! 🤣

  39. All good tanks (or any other weapons) will be useless in the hands of a bad player. The skill of the human/user is much more important than the tools that he use

  40. I bought this beauty with the price of 31M. 👌 50M is utterly overbiding..

  41. This vehicle on the console also has a fire-breathing effect on the gun when firing as well as higher alpha

  42. like i said in your last video quicky, a very good and fun tank. only thing different i would have done is on prov, 1-4 wins. the hill is moot and when that many arty a death trap. and i believe the hilol from the side you spawned is the worse, hill is so much better spawning from the north. they cannot cap you out if they take the hill as they will be in a kill zone. 1-4 i think the number is around 7x% for wins. you can flex you can push you can retreat. while keeping an eye on your cap. 3 arty is tough in any match, take all this with a grain of salt. good hunting.
    those fake bushes, bushes have different values depending on which bush you are in. i think that bush on your left was a high value bush while the right bushes were low value camo bushes. i could be wrong but give it a check.
    fun tank all in all and your games was about average that tank should do for a superuni player. wait until you hit a few 8k damage and 12k combined games,

  43. This thing looks sick | Btw 5:04 is exactly my experience of WoT in the last couple of months except I have 15ms all the time. They should get their shit together, its not running good.

  44. “This is one of the most coolest looking tanks”

    It looks like someone covered a Ford Focus in plywood spoilers and gold spray paint.

  45. lmao, I just caught the whole number

  46. so you pay 50 mill on a Camo no one going to look on hehehehe

  47. Your just propagating the circle for wargaming with you 50million epeen.

  48. WG: you really don’t want this blyatiful Wz at only 50.000.000 credits?

    ME: sure ,yes.

    WG: Take this Aufk. Pz. Panther at only 10.000.000 credits!

    Me: I turn away and go back to sleep.

  49. So…. why is this not a skin for thw WZ 5A?

  50. In eu server whe i saw this it costes 150 million

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