THIS TANK COST 700,000 FRE EXP in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Version V was recently auctioned for a minimum 500,000 free exp but I spent 700,000… do I regret it?



  1. First here

  2. I got it for 548000 Free XP

  3. A Girl Named Julie

    Because of the title: afaik a German youtuber and streamer got it for like 550k. I got it myself for 650k

  4. no joke, or even a couple million silver.

  5. lol this tank cost 2k gold on the console was the final reward for the season pass a few seasons back

  6. One of my friend got the tank in Asia server with around 250k+ free xp lol

  7. I love myself some fat claps..

  8. HK (Asia) Server, I got it for 330K free exp.

  9. in SEA is 370,000 exp min

  10. u are crazy

  11. On console you can buy the tanks that are ranked reward tanks on pc for 450.000 free XP. This 268 V5 and the WZ-111 QL were already on console, sold for 450k.

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