This Tank Cost 8500 GE And It’s Totally Worth It | T54E1

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Source: PhlyDaily

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●M.2 NVMe Storage : https://amzn./3iV6tcU
●SSD: https://amzn./32QINRc

0:00​ INTRO
4:04 what is your (game one)
10:39 mine is purple (game 2)
14:31 people make of me 🙁 (game 3)
25:54 bye


    *Thanks PHELLAS See ya tomorrow :)*

    • phly put the name of the songsu use in the vid like the hardbass or whatever, i wanna see my hardbass bois get more recognition

    • ___v̶v̶øl̶f̶w̶e̶r̶b̶l̶o̶ød̶s̶ ___ XXXII

      No it’s not worth buying it’s easy to get one shot and clap.. anything about 270mm Pen. Can kill that in front. Or turret.. an hull..,

    • Dang, several hours ago I put several hundred dollars on a Visa gift card (Didn’t want to give my cc number online) for the May day 50% GE sale. However to my disappointment, the sale had lapsed by two hours, I totally forgot about GMT, going by West coast time.

    • Jelle Bastiaans

      My pc litterly died 5 days ago

    • my favourite colour is also purple as well 😉

  2. I like the fields of Poland when it’s just the town and lake, not the full map

  3. my dad’s was purple. it was cool. nobody made fun of it because purple is AWESOME! (1997 Mustang GT)

  4. *”Well that’s awkward.”*

    -Phlydaily, 2021.

  5. mfw phly keeps calling this a heavy tank when it’s a medium and praising its armor when it literally has the armor of an M48

  6. They moved m24 to 2.0, sorry phly but i just dont wanna play the game anymore lol, favorite tank gone because of dumb gaijin.

  7. So Fields of Poland

  8. Hey @phlyDaily I am sort of new to the game, and I was wondering how to best grind towards the mid tier planes? I just found your channel today, but I absolutely love your videos!!!!!!!

  9. Lol, funny that you are shilling for them when they also increased the drop rates for these premium vehicles. You are more likely to get these for free now than before. Dont feed Gaijin money lads

  10. The new upside down tank mechanics are so bad. Why must Gaijin torment us?

  11. Gaijin is a money machine.

  12. Christopher Combs

    Attempt 191 t44-122

  13. Dual wield Doom Turtles. don’t move forward they spin the earth under them

  14. the t54e1 is a piece of trash I would rather get the magach 3

  15. keyboard warrior

    me: clicks on video
    Phly being louder than the pornhub intro: GoOd NeWS!!!!11!!111

  16. Day 16 of telling phly how much we love him!

  17. Phly can you plz play my fav tank, The Lorraine 40T it has a 4 second reload

  18. “he wont be able to kill me” BMP proceeds to kill him. Sweet justice.

  19. Hey ply i have been a subscriber since 2014 but never comment for what every reason, but what to say i got back into war thunder and git the m163 and i got to ask have you ever looked at it armor when it get shot at by any machine caliber. It can be pined by 7.62 on the turret and though the whole body by 50s aka the armor it say it has is 38 to 44 can you ceck it out if you don’t mind? Have a nice life and a great family life.

  20. *TankDaily*

  21. Day 8 Play the Sturer Emil, it One Shots Everything 🙂

  22. The best tank I have ever used but I can not get it 😭

  23. Mr. BigSaltyNuts

    My Favorite is Green, Amethyst, candy red, Azure and Cerulean. And depending on my mood and what I might have it on Black 3.0.

  24. Hey Phly! I just started playing War thunder and, man… its is hard to get gud I keep on getting killed lol 😆 ….

  25. Purple Is An Awesome Color, Phly. o7

  26. That Russian intro so g is the best

    Could someone plz tell me what song ig is and where to find it

  27. 17:30 – Holy balls! Anderson Windows are some quality product.

  28. “A little bouncy of a lay there, but i’ll take it”, thats what she said…

  29. Day 74: Play the BF109-K4, its been years

  30. lol i found out something new about phly he likes purple and so do i

  31. Asking to play with phlopy 223

  32. Hello phly

  33. its okay phly i like purple too

  34. m22 child km13n ma you da

  35. Hay vid idea: planes bf110 g-2

  36. Doesn’t that guy have a apfsds, heat and a stabilizer at 8.0? Why am I 8.0?

    *Cries in entire French tree*

  37. STRV 103 – highly recommended???? Now we know you’re a sell-out! I suppose having a baby on the way means integrity is a luxury?

  38. It’s a medium tank

  39. Even tho that war thunder says that It is a medium tank


  41. 4:09 AKA the players who shit at the game want quick in and out CQB match and die in 3 mins so most of those players keep voting those shit map

  42. intro song ID?

  43. Jaspreet varaich

    What is song in intro?

  44. Cinnamon Noakes

    America 8.0 is insanely powerful, especially if you have this, T54E1, T95E1, AH-1G, Sheridan, Bradley, M163

  45. Only, show us something that is also good when sucked up into higher be which is like 90% of the time xD
    Also could you do an update on medium-sized hesh rounds and whether these are still good?

  46. I can feel you Phly, I like also purple..

  47. I got it when it was 50% off

  48. I swear the BMP-1 UFP is just an auto-bounce no matter where and how you shoot it lol

  49. PSA:
    All pilots who fly in ground RB are g a y losers who need to feel better about living in mommies basement.

  50. Dollar is better!

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