This Tank Deletes You in 4,5 Seconds!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Cobra, Tier 9 Battle Pass . Best Battle Pass Reward Tank in 2023?

Today let's talk about the Cobra, arguably one of the most if not the most evil reward tanks play against… When it can delete 1,960 HP in 4,5 seconds, you know it means business.

What do you think?


  1. So how would you describe Cobra? Best one gets pinned! 😛

  2. social3ngin33rin

    pay2win cancer is pay2win cancer

  3. The closest thing to un nerfed HE 😂

  4. BZ 176 is way worse. Cobra is fine

  5. It is new best sometimes. I clipped out a 13-90 in 3 seconds yesterday. But use the wrong ammo and it’s not much different from Char Futur.

  6. Is it just me or is the wot replay site not letting people log in? It keeps giving me a system error 503 and won’t let me load replays.

  7. My favourite tank in the game. Even 3 marked it 😂

  8. Cobra? Better call it Cockbruh…

  9. Is name is a Cobrass Pain

  10. On console it has a hard 3 second aim time.

  11. What equipment you used?

  12. Nah, still prefer the Trip 7, I don’t bother with the Cobra, it just sits in the garage

  13. Hi Dez, I don’t know where to contact you, I don’t even know if it’s interesting, but I encountered a GSOR 1010 (wheeled brit medium) and have a reply of it. Since you made a video on TITT Rosanov and TS-60, I guess you could make one on the GSOR 1010 ?

  14. World of hiding in Bushes

  15. When i get suprised in the open by a cobra, i just let go my mouse and accept my fate… 🫡

  16. I read it wrong,, how to delete equipment in 4,5 second.

  17. Cobra is ludicrous. People want to (rightly) complain about the BZ, but this thing is soooo much worse. We need old HE back.

  18. Universal Gamer

    Cobra shouldn’t have returned with this battle pass

  19. My greatest game was with 6,9k dmg, but it was against tier 7 😅. And we lost it… 😑 When someone wants to see it, its in my channel. 😊

  20. Martin Leon Svendsen

    Replay bugs… wot after 12 years!!!

  21. I am sitting on 24 Tokens and wondering if I should go for the Cobra or wait and get the new TD, Thoughts anyone that may own both?

    I am more of a TD player than a Medium player. Should this be my deciding factor?

  22. Csongor Gergely

    Thank God i stoped playing this game…

  23. Cobruh

  24. One of the many things pushing me away from the game more and more. I’m not interested in this type of game play.

  25. mini WT E100
    you basically traded 1 shell for some armor and a British commander

  26. Alexander Stoyanov

    Best Cobra description would be skill hissing 😉

  27. NorthernUnion13

    Lol I don’t know what you guys are worried about. I have this tank and my win rate in it is 29% win rate 😂

  28. I just call it the centurion 7/1 with anger issues.

  29. Consurator Simoff

    Abomination of dignity

  30. Demonic

  31. Cobra is “the bitch slaper” 😂😂

  32. Sold mine a month ago.
    – Credit sink
    – Infuriating gun handling
    – Reload is a joke
    – Crew roles don’t match regular brit MTs

    Hated it, barely played it 15 times and got rid of it

  33. 2nd most cancer FV being no.1

  34. when you said the most disgusting, i automatically thought chieftan or 297e

  35. This tank suites well for well played player. No, it isn’t difficult as Bourr did, but yeah. Still need time to make the tank works..

    And,for those who crying about this tank. Go get some rest, this tank is not limited to everyone. Everyone can get it, either you F2P or PAY TO PLAY player..

    Just need some time to take it to your own garage

  36. So Cobra its a little Waffentrager, but better. 🙂

  37. noob_tetris_player

    Cobra is a good player tank. In the hands of the average player, this tank is relatively useless because of its very long reload time. Let’s face it, a good player will outwork even worse tanks.

  38. I just can’t get the hang of this tank currently. Hopefully I will do so soon!!

  39. Just wait til you get the AVRE and Taran

  40. 4.5 seconds of awesome followed by 40 seconds running for your life.

  41. Marvin schönfelder

    2min in game damage :4K

  42. Thats why i stopped playing wot. Game became more imbalanced with every new tank

  43. very very very very bad quality.

  44. Ever tried full silver-HE? Deals even more damage.

  45. the best description of WOT in 2023 …

  46. Ok im convinced not to install the game again.

  47. Abomination of a tank, truly disgusting

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