This tank destroyer has 0.5 second reload. It’s okay (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Don’t leave bread out for too long…this the result (War Thunder)


  1. Geeze seems youtube really didnt like this video, if anyone is noticing the pixelation was fine before i uploaded. Sorry fellas still hope you enjoy!

  2. AMX-30 DCA AKA the French kugelblitz. attempt 1#

  3. F, RIP Churchill Mk VII :'(

  4. 4:37 dammit phly

  5. Play the la-11
    Attempt #2

  6. “He was lookin at him too son”

  7. Kugeblitz is probably the SPAA I fail to connect shots with the most, the 40mm is fun because it has great range and velocity and it’s easy to get used to.

  8. Play p.108A serie in tank battle
    Attempt #6

  9. Im very exited for all the new french stuff coming out

  10. 19:39 lol the churchill sent you a friend request

  11. No armor

    Is best armor

  12. Christopher Bennett

    Hey phly ya gotta play the chi-nu or the chi-nu2 on the channel sometime 😀 (Attempt #13)

  13. RODRIGO Martínez

    6:31 sounds YMCA song

  14. I presume i’m not the only one to think “Phly is on some Harry Potter business here” at 2:32

  15. Kerbal VAB music! FTW!

  16. Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Play the M48 in stock configuration
    Or if not up to the task, play the M48 using only the APCR shell. Good luck, you will need it Attempt #201!!!!!
    If you have fun during it i can guarantee you are not doing it right

    Requesting it before it was cool

  17. i’m scare SPAA 😱😱😱😱

  18. What’s the name of the vid that goes nico naaaahhh when the intro starts

  19. Is it just me or was sneaky breaky music the Kerbal Space Programme theme music?

  20. French tanks still on Axis despite Italy being released… REEEEEE

  21. Hm never heard of that happening before. Out-flanked by the French.

  22. 16:11 – “support ASSet” – I see what you did there XD

  23. Phly makes a fun video about a french tank

    hope it’s not downgraded.
    Place your bets bois, 15k repair ? slow because reasons all of a sudden ? Shells can’t penetrate anymore (rip triangle boi) ? get’s uptiered to 6.0 ?

  24. how is this 4.7?? together with the ZSU-37 which now has 102 mm pen

  25. Dyadya Zlo = Дядя зло, which is “Uncle Evil” in English.

  26. the new kugelblitz is here y’all

  27. Phy, Give the SU-85 some love.

  28. i wish you do more of that funny challenges they are so funny
    like choice one of your team and keep him alive or try to go to enemies team and hide between them the longest time and all this kind of things are so funny

  29. Can’t wait for an SPAA with APFSDS

  30. In case u dont know, this thing could penetrate the side of Centurion/Vicks/any British tank around that BR from 1k away.
    Haven’t test if it could penetrate Challengers’ lower front plate though.

  31. Jesus, just rename the channel PhloppyWoppy already, man.

  32. phly im following u for a year but do u know u can press r to reload than waste bullets?

  33. Good old WarThunder bullshit meta.

  34. He killed a StuG but never be the StuG. I hope one day he will give a shot on the StuGs.

  35. Dat KSP music though.

  36. The music makes me want to see Phly playing Kerbal Space Program XD

  37. heavy tank no.6

  38. Hey Phly, try germoon 5.7 tanks and see how cancerous the win/loss rate is. A few days ago i dedicated myself to do 11 battles without switching the factions out of rage. 10 losses 1 win. Checkmate.

  39. sneaky french boi ahahahha

  40. Phly! You missed the churchill player adding you @19:38

  41. It’s fired baguettes

  42. phly. when are you gonna play the t72a?

  43. Every time Phly says he’s gonna protect someone, that someone will surely die.

  44. I need a teammate/teams to play with.. I’m on PS4 any takers? And my high rank is the T34

  45. so many comments everywhere

  46. Rhaena Targaryen

    Did anyone notice that the churchill friended him afterwards

  47. And people complain about the Wirblewind, smh

  48. Looks like the Valentine with the 40mm AA Gun

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