This Tank Destroyer Reloads in 0.50 Seconds

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Source: PhlyDaily


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  2. I did it again I watched you play i thought it would be fun then got on and regretted ever subbing to you in the first place
    Still enjoy the content tho its just that you are a temptress

  3. Aircraft are already GROSSLY over-powered, over-represented, under-economized , have xray vision (ULQ), etc and you want to give them HARMS???

    Are you FKING insane??

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  5. when you decide to give anti-air APFSDS it becomes AA-AT(anti-air-anti-tank)

  6. No Worries Jasper Is Here

    Remember the Storm Trooper that Bump his own head?

  7. Hello just wanted to say that I love your vids and every time i watch them makes me join the game and play it . Keep doing this great work and stay safe <3

  8. But with the radar down you cant see the phlydaily decal… haha

  9. The Song in the first clip is from flyingkitty.

  10. the god old OTTO…

  11. Intro is freaking awesome xD!!

  12. Phly daddy new name 100%

  13. I swear to god if someone say fortnite one more time…

  14. All I hear is..

  15. I grinded the while Italian tech tree just for this bad boy..i have used this thing more than anything else lmao and i have had it for a while now its been awsome. In glad to see you use it too haha

  16. hard to beat plays

    anyone have tips for new players?

  17. This mans humor is madly underrated lmao

  18. 6:44 Tom Hanks playing War Thunder

  19. Please bring back the old intro music. attempt #1

  20. 🈂️€💰❕🅾️✝️0️⃣Ⓜ️🅰️🎚ℹ️↪️‼️

  21. Day 6: of asking Phly to play the He 112 A-0 in a Ground RB match

  22. Hey I am new to this game and I wanna know what he did at 2:15 whit his amonition and how can I do I to when this action had a sense in battle. So if someone know I would be happy if you tell me

  23. bud this is anti-aircraft vehicles

  24. Phly play the F2G 1 super Corsair and the a4e Skyhawk

  25. How this guy stays alive for this long in a game ? It had extremely rearly happened to me in 6 years of playing this game. Are those custom made battles or what ? Because it is weird .

  26. Okay, let’s try, because I want to see this.

    Could you play the Ki-109? You haven’t played it in last few years, if ever, so I want to see you take out the 75mm Dragon out in Ground RB and deliver some APHE sushi rolls.

    Dae 1.

  27. fun fact: the OTOMATIC radar is made for elettronic warfare in a way that radar seeking missiles can’t lock on it

  28. Shud’ve called it the OtoMagic

  29. Stanisław Barczyk

    6:46 I hate this when I play in my OTOMATIC xD

  30. Useful Maus

  31. this guy sounds like he would make 3 am videos

  32. 0:27 Uh Phly I think your Bridge camo is kind of hindering you a bit.

  33. otomatico:shreds people in battlefield 1
    otomatic: shreds people in war thunder
    both italian


  34. bruh i have it

  35. Go back to the roots of war thunder and revisit the MiG 17

  36. Phly Why don’t you make a video showing your stats?
    Like the most tank killer, the most usefull tank….
    It will be nice.
    Attempt: 1

  37. Panzer of the lake

    Atleast credit the guy who made the toucha my spaghet mem

  38. Day 25: Hey Phly can we get another officer locust vid 🙏🙏🙏

  39. I can not wait to listen to phly after the baby. How he will play war thunder after not sleeping all day elbows deep on diapers and pray the baby isn’t colic. Phly pre record lots of vids for those bad nights.

  40. “hey its me your real dad” lol

  41. Do an update of your favorite tanks and aircraft in war thunder!

  42. PLAY THE M8 greyhound attempt no#2

  43. 8:17 look at his breach and then his firing
    Warthunder ESPORTS READY

  44. Day 26: Phly can you please play the SK-60 or Saab 105 in Ground Realistic?

  45. Dad?

  46. this tank is cancer

  47. Day1 oh askin phly to play the tu4 in realistic battles

  48. That Intro Timed with All Star was just great.

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