This Tank DOESN’T CARE in World of Tanks!

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The T57 is one of the most dangerous tanks in World of Tanks and because of that it just doesn’t care what’s in front of it!


World of Tanks is a 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a download.


  1. I watched this live, wholesome moment with the e100

  2. I am curious why QB likes this beard and haircut

  3. 12 seconds into the video and he makes a mistake. Just redo the intro lmao.

  4. U r the best QB馃挭馃徔

  5. ‘American Tier 10 Autoloading TD’

  6. Definately it cares the artiez and artiez dont care in this game

  7. T57 heavy was my first t10 tank and i loved playing it in version 8. with i think a 1000 games in it. only got a good 50% winrate though..

  8. This is going to be my 1st tier X although I haven’t been grinding hard in WOT this is the one I have been moving towards. Good or bad this is the one I wanted the most. So thanks for the demonstration.

  9. Thank you QB, for making this game fun and entertaining. Sometimes I get bored of WOT, but this guy always find something to talk about, inspire us with amazing plays, and etc. Thank you!

  10. 飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富

    How does he know BC will be top of the tree?

  11. *autoloader tank destroyer*
    Umm excuse me?

  12. T-57 – it鈥檚 been a while QB! 馃槈
    Such a fun tank to play!

  13. I feel like they nerfed the gun handling too much

  14. I thought QB just mistook the t57 for a TD but then he said it again…

  15. Naica Silviu Gabriel

    The t57, average american weight edition

  16. I prefer 50b.
    T57 is on this channel again,when someone could review 257?

  17. Scatterbrain Brain

    Badger dont care

  18. One of the cool 3d style in the game, I was wait 2 years for this style resale.

  19. i was here for this live!

  20. I almost said actually jingle wait

  21. Haha jokes on you I don’t care!!! Hahhhhh!

  22. Its actually dumb to go for irm over improved aiming.
    Vents stabs and improved aiming

  23. the title is so uncreative .-.

  24. more gold than ap as usual….

  25. Quicky, are you reading my mind. Literally am working for the t57 so I was watching your old t57 videos and hoping for a new one, just used my progetto 46 and you just made a video and decided on the tvp as my next tank like a week prior to the tvp video. Great content, love this channel

  26. Leo Venice Borinaga

    Quick baby can you talk about the e5? Many people say that the conqueror is hetter than the e5

  27. Great vid, how many of these games you had in the T-57 Heavy?

  28. Hey quickybaby could you do a video on the the console version putting modern tanks in the game on The 27th?

  29. What a cool looking tank

  30. Nice game saw it Live

  31. Unbelievable, you even “touched” barrels..

  32. “Autoloader tier 10 tank destroyer”

  33. Definitely my all time favourite WoT tank.
    Old now, but still great.
    The Swedish one is nice too, but still T57heavy is much more special to my heart.

  34. Is that a E100 with the long 88?

  35. Advance along? More like behind

  36. Qb:tier 10 aouto loading american td
    Me:what did he say?

  37. Just finished the BC-12t yesterday – finally…
    Thought I would give the french mediums a chance seizing the opportunity of top of the tree discounts.
    Love your videos and enthusiasm as always sir quickybaby!

  38. Fawlkes Lessaariss

    So, entirely unrelated @QuickyBaby , but I was looking along the French Tech Tree on the wiki to plan out my advance towards the BC 25t, and what do I see? A new branch at Tier IX: AMX-30 1er Pr -> Tier X AMX-30 B
    Seems like the 30 er Pr is going to be a tech tree tank?

  39. The Anonymous Gecko

    Td i thought the t57 was heavy or did they name it wrong 馃槀

  40. I love how he is using the same chair

  41. derLASERcrafter/wally

    finn gef盲llt das

  42. Message In the Bottle

    I’m glad that this is my first tier 10 tank, when start playing world of tanks again definitely gonna start playing this tank for fun 馃槑

  43. This tank will drain you
    Just go to Foch tier 9 TD
    It’s much better

  44. well technically the T57 is a TD, i mean its not in anyway built to tank the hits and brawl like russian heavies. its main role is just to clip out opponents and punish anyone on reload or catch them out. its more like a heavier armoured and slower 50B, provides support and firepower where its needed, being a heavy weight assassin with worse mobility. sometimes a tank that isnt officially a TD often fills the role of a TD nicely because of its characteristics and intended use. but ya know, its just semantics

  45. TD ? Hmmm

  46. you know what the best thing about WOT is Uninstalling it off your computer, it’s just a broken mech piece of crap now
    it was a great game but now with bad game mechanics and their pay to win crap. I’ve played since the beta version

  47. Gaming with Pranzal

    I think he says American ‘Tank destroyer’Because it can destroy tanks lol.Jingles moment

  48. The guy does so much so good World Of Tanks content so we have to forgive him a T57 heavy tank destroyer. Give him some likes pls

  49. Hiding beghind E100… GJ QB

  50. T57 my first tier 10 and still the best tier 10 around all tho the E5 comes close depending the situation

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