This Tank Fires Nukes

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Source: Spookston

The Swedish tank tech in War Thunder is often heavily overlooked, at least at its lower tiers. One tank I rarely hear anyone talk about is the Strv m/42 EH . It has poor penetration, but it carries as much HE filler as the infamous . Basically, it one-shots everything.

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Various Command and Conquer: Generals Tracks

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This Tank Fires Nukes


  1. I played the Conqueror the other day, it broke me mentally. Expect that Friday or Sunday

  2. @dashesmashfinbar2148

    Day 2 of asking Spookston to play the Na-to

  3. Spookston play the kv2 zis 6 a kv with a 107 and an absurd aphe round with 440g of he filler

  4. i see it

  5. You should bring the first Stuart on the us tech tree into like 7.0 br or something

  6. Episode 9 of asking spookston to play the Panzerkampfwagen IV ausf. E / F1 oder Panzerkampfwagen III ausf. N with HEAT (preferably at 5.7)

  7. Day one of asking spookston to play the amx m4 before gajiin moves it up

  8. You should play the Swedish Bkan 1C

  9. @dalyngeldenhuys1919

    Day 1 of asking for KV-2

  10. Day 1 of asking to play spookston su 85

  11. @christophersiddle2391

    Spookston if you want to be a gremlin you should play the Russian BTR-80a

  12. @snortingcookies1567

    I randomly decided to watch a war thunder video while playing FFXIV and man just slams me with Louisoix in the very first frame you dont have to rub it in ok ? Lmao

  13. day 5 of begging on my knees for pvrbv 551 gameplay

  14. Play the arl-44, one of the only french heavies not made out of baguettes.

  15. i am back and yet again asking for an M901 video

  16. When me and my dad were driving to a tires are us I saw a m56 scorpion

  17. Challenge idea:Use jumbo but only 20 regular AP and 5 HE

  18. @garrettobrien5197

    Day 8 of asking you to play the American M16 as a TD

  19. would you be able to revisit th sprut-SDM1 cause it got the 3BM60 now

  20. Sweden is scary, should definitely be nerfed

  21. wouldn’t it be a teehee funny moment if spookston did a challenge to get a a kill with german machine guns?

  22. spook can you play the m109g next

  23. Spookston try out the m24 chaffe at 5.7
    Its really fun

  24. play the d2 i know that the gun is horrible and the mobility too but with 40mms of armor all around if you angle it it is pretty insane

  25. Day 28 of asking for Ikv 103

  26. day 2 of asking for German helis

  27. day 75 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  28. Hey spookston if you have time and something can we have some TUTEEEL action next?

  29. @thomasdahlstedt7108

    day 124: asking spookston to play type-10

  30. >side of Pz3
    Yeah I was had a perfect side on shot on a Chi-Ri I think, in my Jagd L70. Weird armor geometry ate my shot and the other tank killed me.

  31. @houjisaifeddine5524

    day 103 : you should try the jagdtiger sometime. it’s extremly slow, doesn’t have a turret, gets uptiers all the time, and most importantly, you’ll have to play with german teams. the very definition of suffering.
    (i know he saw this comment, but imma keep at it until the Jagdtiger video is out)

  32. the 42-EH and the Ikv 73 are beasts xd i use them when im trying to farm SL

  33. Wait wait…the swedish tech tree underrated? Kek 😂

  34. Day 10 of asking Spookston to play the super Pershing

  35. Day 1 of spookston of going to chernobyl and adopt a mutant dog

  36. 1st attempt of asking for the T10A pls

  37. @standard-carrier-wo-chan

    Ho-I 75mm APHE with 460g filler: “hold me nonexistent sake”

  38. I hate low tier Swedish tanks, absolute gremlins…

  39. 1:19 you went away from the explosion.

  40. 3:20 had me crying laughing

  41. 108th day asking for a T-55 any variant video

  42. @marlenacooper3165

    Day 70 of asking Spookston to play the t-35

  43. Man needs to buy a small fan so hes not burning in his room😂

  44. This vehicle is the polar opposite or French vehicles lmao

    France has decent pen but no damage, this has horrible pen but absolutely annihilates the crewmember’s teeth

  45. F*ck, i missed an day, i believe. However, day 92, 93 or something? Of beging spookston to play the Ferdinand ❤

  46. I hate matches where one team gets spawn trapped and stomped immediately, too… mostly because it’s usually my team getting stomped and spawn trapped immediately.

  47. I fucking love that jeanine pirro meme

  48. @Mustang_Officiall

    Should do a game playing Sweden low tier bc they have APDS

  49. tiger H1 and tiger 1 E watching with 200 gram nukes: 😀

  50. @sheldonisaacpascual617

    I give up asking this man to play the M2A2

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