THIS TANK has 21,000 ROUNDS of Ammunition #$%# | M2 Medium (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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THIS TANK has 21,000 ROUNDS Ammunition #$%# | Medium (War Thunder)


  1. Phly the top mounted mg cant fire because they have no ammo conected to them so they might be replacement mg`s

  2. The pinnacle of American tank engineering

  3. Try the M2A2

  4. Armando Jesus Alejandro

    Girls und Panzer!!!

  5. Armando Jesus Alejandro

    They’re detachable machine guns on top… there’s a pin with a chain connected

  6. Phly the ones on the top are just spares

  7. Its so not Japanese or anime its so American of spamming machine gun every where on the tank

  8. Is4m HE shells only
    Attempt #2

  9. Attempt #1 It’s April 1945! The allies are storming Berlin comrade! Take out the Marder III (not the H) into top tier and kill those pesky allied tanks!

  10. Its replacement machine guns lol

  11. 9:12 – Phly, serious racism there. I’m very disappointed. You need to watch that Gillette “woke” commercial a few hundred times. Now, back to WT.

  12. Phly play out the pt 76-b

  13. It’s almost perfect, just replace the 37mm with another .30 then you have finally reached True Perfection!

  14. That was a nice BB gun they strapped to that tank.

  15. I love Girls Und Panzer

  16. “What have they done to this gun?”

    *lip smacks*
    It’s called balance, sweaty

  17. I think Phly needs to see Dominion Tank Police… and try to re-enact it

  18. Phly is boomer confirmed

  19. They are replacements

  20. 21000/7=3000 on barrel — nothing special, but cheeks is good

  21. M2A4 has 24000 bulets to 7.62

  22. Let’s be honest here, it’s turret rotation is horrible.

  23. What soundpack do you have?

  24. Phly Und Panzer 🙂

  25. phly please watch girls und panzer it is really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. the .30 cal on the turret are AA.

  27. Have you got a differnent soundpack for the gun and explosion sounds because the sounds i normally hear dont have that POP that i hear in this video

  28. Hey phly! Could you do a video about the french baguette delivery chopper aka the h-34 choctow ?attempt#4

  29. not gonna lie you should play the t50, best fucking rank 1 tank put there

  30. play the M36, its shreds anything at the br

  31. You sound like Tom Hanks when you’re angry and t’s great.

  32. 21K rounds but still won’t damage anything more than an armored car

  33. Do an Ar 234 C-3 formation

    Attempt 1#

  34. Phly, pls play the VPHW into 10.0.
    (Side skirts down, get 5 kills and bonus if done with squad or Bo)
    Attempt No 46.

  35. Nanoatic Alaeddine

    warthunder logic :
    12.7mm M2 browning = 20 mm cannon

  36. Play panzer 4 f2

  37. Lieutenant-Александр War Thunder

    When I keep watching War Thunder Vids a World of Tanks or World of Warship AD keeps popping up.

  38. Phly. Play the jagdpanzer IV/70 and the fw 190 f8 cause I don’t think there is a single video with either vehicle

  39. That edit is Pizdec phly.

  40. The guns at the top were incase a gun jammed and needed replaced on the battlefield, or it could be used as a support weapon by someone i.e. a soldier could walk up to the tank, take it and use it as an LMG

  41. Now I want to see phly play hoi4.

  42. Is it me or did you really start to stutter

  43. Could you please play with the Jananesse PE.N1S 4 inch?

  44. Please play the l3/33 smollest boy but find buildings and things to hide in on a capture point for the entire game, it is really fun and surprisingly effective I suggest playing on the Tunisia and Sinai A points attempt #2

  45. Rafael Eugenio Romero Gamero

    @Phly, the two on the spoilers are for AAA use…

  46. bro, a bit of a long shot, but how abouth u try out some crossout again? it has been ages since u play it

  47. play the Japanese type 16!

  48. The Americans were known for their love of machine guns in ww2. They strapped it to everything, tanks, planes, bombers , you name it.

  49. Check out the American M2A4, not as many guns as the M2, but boy does it make up for it in ammo count.

  50. Man nine shots for 270 Silberbucks! 09:38

  51. “Fam how you want dem machine guns on your tank?”
    “Just fuck my shit up”
    “Can do!”

  52. Hey umm PhlyDaily by any chance do you own an xbox

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