This TANK has some GREAT potential!

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  1. My last wot battle was almost 7 years ago, but if there is new upload… Oh boi, pleasure to watch

  2. Tier 6 tank that can do 400 370 dmg every 7.5 sec damn

  3. Man am I glad you’re back on youtube

  4. Return of the king!

  5. wait another circon video man i am one lucky motherfucker, much love my dude <3

  6. 2 or 3 days ago I was watching Jingles and I thought about how you stopped uploading and wondered if you’ll come back, and viola!

  7. Welcome back to YT!

  8. LMAO I get a new Circon video right on my birthday? Glad to see you doing well man and welcome back!


  10. Why has Circon left YT for such a long time?

  11. And even the curtains are drawn a bit, is this THE new beginning?

  12. actually cant even express how happy it makes me that these “dailys” are back. <3 circ

  13. Omg finalyyyy

  14. Speedbird Schwarze Legion

    Welcome back beardman!

  15. What is that MoE-addon called?

  16. Welcome back sir!

    And almost 100k subs!

    Also 2:39

  17. Woah, Circ is still in business?

  18. Congrats on the third mark

  19. two videos one weekend?! another daily video

  20. he stream, he play like he on crack, but more importantly, circon is back <3

  21. So glad you are back. Rock on.

  22. Past few weeks I’ve been binging all of your wot videos from 5 to 7 years ago (back when I played the game). Game is so different now but those videos I can rewatch endlessly!

  23. Wiktor Dymkobierca

    Yeah, Bassboosto… Pretty… pretty balanced.

  24. Again welcome back sir! Irs been a minute. Hope you and yours are well.

  25. potato chips man is back! More content!!!!!!

  26. Welcome back Sir! Just watched your “old man” stream and laughed my ass off! again!

  27. Isn’t this tank literally just like a better JPanther at tier 6? Jpz4 seems even trashed then normal. Those two need a buff I think

  28. Holy shit. It’s alive!

  29. BRO where you been.

  30. Where have you been hiding you gremlin


  32. The man, the myth, the legend. Been awhile since you last posted but i’m always happy to see some dank memes from you Circon 🙂

  33. Oh nice ! I was rewatching the best game ever yesterday x)

  34. This lil tank is fun. Nice 3 mark, and welcome back to YT. Hope you stick around a while!

  35. Sławomir Grzegrzółka

    I’m currently at tier 8 and stopped playing this line. T7 and T8 feels underwhelming for me compared do nice T5 and great T6 (when maxed out). Basotto alpha and decent mobility gives plenty of fun.
    Btw I’m glad that you’re back. I’ve been checking your YT every now and then for the last year.

    • Yeah i feel the same. Am on the T8 atm and its like meh. I liked the T6, it has a good punchy gun with pretty good camo also

  36. We have missed your game play welcome back !

  37. OMG Cirlord is back, RING THE BELL !

  38. Circon is back

  39. HOLY S#@T Man have i missed you. Seeing this brightened my day man.

  40. Is it me or have you decreased in size? Love too see you again dude!

  41. Welcome back – you have been missed!!

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