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Source: QuickyBaby

In World Tanks II is a tank that hates EVERYONE and Fafa and Luan show why!



  1. QB i would say play the sturmtiger on wot console I just had a game where I one shotted a tier 9 French medium for 1650 hp

  2. what do you think of FV4005 from wotblitz ?

  3. if this game was only good, matchmaking is shit. as a new player you have 0 chance to learn the game at your own pace. you get matched all day against players who are just veterans. in normal games. that’s just outrageous. i do not even understand why they would lock ranked away at tier 10. (sbmm)
    i would never play normal games if ranked was available in earlier tiers.
    would never be matched against an unicum. what a lovely game that would be.

  4. Awesome to see you featuring other players games once in a while again

  5. They can literally replay the match and with the exact same positioning and aiming, get a 0 damage game. That’s how trolly the shit barn is.

  6. Wait a second how people plays WT E100

  7. Synthetic Danimal 90

    I run rammer, aim device, and rotation device. Certain maps ill switch rotation device for a camo net out of desperation of not being spotted till firing. Lol

  8. No, that tank is not a monster

  9. this tank must be buffed about reverse speed and concealment.

  10. FV4005 is as low as it is because the average player is probably not using gold ammo exclusively.

  11. gundorethemighty

    even with the mod”s to help you hit your shots . the rng plays a huge roll on the tank . you can be fully sighted in the the shell goes way left or way right or hits the ground

  12. A dumb tank that shouldn’t be in the game as is.

  13. It’s a KV-2 on steroids 🙂

  14. I don’t want Fafa on my team. Passing up a kill on the Grille because he would not score enuf hitpoints in damage is not a team player.

  15. There is a reason this thing is called the Sh*t Barn

  16. Just got one shot by one of these suckers earlier. Absolutely disgusting.

  17. Great White North

    Most likely their stats are garbage because they get focused hard all the time. I know that’s the story with my deathstar. The moment I get spotted, the reds will literally drop what they’re doing to end my game

  18. Oh look the 532nd video of the 4005. A shitty gamer reviewing a shitty tank from a shitty game.

  19. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Oddly enough I played 18 games in the M4 51 today and didn’t see a single one, just a Conway who tried to go hull down on me.

  20. Iv seen a video of QuickyBaby getting over 10K damage sooo what are you talking about? Have you forgotten?

  21. Insane luck

  22. social3ngin33rin

    Still can’t wait to get my 4005…but without the HESH spam v_v
    Maybe QB just needs to play the 4005 200x times and maybe he will get the 5 digit dmg he wants 😛

  23. Quicky “I use a turbo” Baby

  24. So “this tank hates everyone?” does that mean it’s like Squidward? it’s got the nose.

  25. Decebal Decebalus

    War thunder is better

  26. When people say tank destroyer, this is the kind of damage I think of!

  27. I personally think ap rounds on this are underrated since you only roll for 300 every shot with hesh 90% of the time

    • Yes,getting so much penetrating hesh shots are really lucky here. I usually end up loading half ap half hesh and only use hesh on squishier tanks or hitting tanks from behind

    • With HE nerf and intuition, you should have like 50 50 HESH and AP.
      Armored targets ap and meds/lights hesh.

  28. One reason for the low number of shots is when one is spotted they tend to get focused, because NO ONE wants such a dangerous vehicle roaming around!

  29. Ah, The FV4005: The tank of the true nihilist. Because they hate you, and you will hate them for destroying you in one shot. And thus, the world keeps spinning lol

  30. 3:46 Well that was pure f***ing luck 😀

  31. FV is like KV2 , in a T10 battle. Its just for fun, because its always a gamble shot. Its either big or small, fun to watch if its tearing 1500+ hp damage, its sucks when its just doing 150+. After the shot you’ll hide for the next 25 sec due to long reload, long aim time, low armor, and poor manueverabilty.

  32. QB this vehicle can roll up to 2188 for what I know ^^

  33. Ryokajimo Sensei

    The amount of times this vehicle have been featured on this channel, I can tell QB loves one shotting tanks.

  34. Interesting how some guys never miss a shot, nomatter what crappy guns they are playing with.

  35. I sold my FV 4005 because I got so frustrated playing it.

  36. Arty whine and cheese arty whine and cheese.
    Shitbarn enters the chat: crickets…

  37. would love to see FV215b183 vs FV4005

  38. The FV is so broken and needs a big alpha nerf

  39. The tank who hates everyone is kv2

  40. Is it just me or is European server filled aith bots cuz boy I never seen players play like that in NA server

  41. soon to be nerfed

  42. Phương Thanh Đặng

    He tricked the Manticore by turning to other way, then suddenly turn to Manticore position that he suspected.

  43. FV4005 & 183 are basically arty but better. The fact you can delete another player is the funniest thing. Dab that 2 key and drink their tears as you laugh evilly.

  44. more often than not a game in the trashbarn goes more like “Oh there is the trashbarn, lets move to the other side of the map!”

  45. FV4005 is a horrible vehicle to play with

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