This tank is a JOKE in World of Tanks

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The Object 279 (e) is so easy play in World Tanks I’m about to have a chance to break my recent 10,000 damage record. Practically cheating…



  1. I know you hate playing it but this is your duty to keep exposing WG. They are in collusion with the boosting services to grind this tank for money ! THAT is why they refuse to nerf it.

  2. Thank you for talking about these broke. Tanks, I stopped playing years ago but i still hate Wargaming Décisions

  3. If the community would all just suicide at the beginning of any game that has these stupid reward tanks, Wargaming might start getting the message.

  4. Right, but not only this black joke tank should be removed from WOT, EBR-s si ELC-s too who effectively destroyed the game…

  5. 8 years in game and still didn’t get the Excalibur yet so maybe another 20 years I will get it 🤔

  6. quackyception

  7. I ammo racked this tank in my T 30. One shot one kill.

  8. When I’m fixing to say I understand you’re not supposed to do that but when this time was released threesome odd years ago used to face them on the battlefield still do I used to complain complain and complain to the point to where it got to where I was cussing people was banned from Clan chat everything I had a philosophy back then or an idea that if you take all the people in these higher tier Clans or people that just own them and you just make this right here a teir 11 tank and if you play this tank this is the only game you get you get four Maps this tank and be happy wargaming will never do anything with this

  9. This is some serious QBception here.

  10. First time I ever saw this tank in a match it was against 3 of them. I was tier 8 we still managed to destroy all of them in less than 3 minutes into the match idk how but yea lol

  11. The ONLY place you should be able to use this stupid tank is in ranked

  12. Operation Whispers

    I remember seeing this thing in the field and just laughing out loud at Wargaming.

  13. i like the 279e like this , gives me something to grind to

  14. Thankfully 279e isn’t too powerful, thank goodness we nerfed arty into hell so players can counter 279e **derp**

  15. I hope that you doing this video to get same content… I dont want to think that you are stil a noob , because your game and the things you say are totally wrong. If this was good players, you was about to be dead in 45 sec…. in your (strong) 279. Dont create more noobs, confusing people like this. Is always easy to play in any tank , when you play with Enemy noobs.

  16. OBYEKT 9777


  18. Missions? *laughs in wot console* *pays 15k gold for the tank* *dies immediately because of constant gold spam*

  19. QB, they will only nerf the Obj 279e when I am about a week away from obtaining one. That’s what happened with the DeathStar, WT Auf E100 and Kranvagn. FML.

  20. Thank you, QB, for this video. Today I beat 279e’s ass with an Emil II, thanks to your informations shared in this video. Thanks again!

  21. Joke was enemy team, not 279e …

  22. Games like this almost never happen, normally alone on a flank you would just get rushed and encircled if the enemies where somewhat competent. Still, a great result!

  23. I just have to say it… I used to be your very big fan, I have learned a lot, especially the basics from you, when I was new at the game, but for some reason it feels like you are stuck in 2015/2016/2017, crying about every little unbalance and “thanking God(or whoever)” for not making your personal DMG record with, in your opinion, OP tank, which 279e is not.. I spent over 2 years on global maps and I participated in many clan related events and clan wars campaigns and I have to tell you, if the person is above average, as they mostly are at tier 9/10, they will penetrate 279e frontally even while lifting the front of the tank. Trust me, it’s not that hard, you just have to aim properly and the real reason why you think 279e is broken OP is because you have never participated in clan wars (last 4 years).. It is broken in +2 MM only and even then it’s not stupidly broken as you think and present….. Unfortunately the meta is changing so there is no shame to have DMG or EXP record in OP tank. Please do not encourage people to play “bad” tanks when they have “good” ones as well, let them enjoy themselves in the game, that is the most important thing… PS.. QB can I ask, why are you are so tilt when ppl talk about other streamers and content creators, can you explain it to me somehow without unnecessary emotions ?

    Thank you

  24. The enemy team should have rushed you and you would have had to fall back. Trading shots with this tank is not a winnable situation.

    I like how you actually tell ppl how to fight against OP tanks and therefor make the players of OP tanks a bit uncomfortable.

  25. funny thing: every time I got a 279e in my team I lose the game with the 279e done 1-2 shots of damage… and when I look into the profile statistics of these players I see about 4-6k personal rating… I guess some people pay others to get them this tank…

  26. Qb is spot on, this game is just doomed by the incompetence of the dev team just doing nothing to Adress the issues of this game been here since 2012 and started 2 accounts which the 2nd is 3k plus wn8 with 70k games played between the 2 anyways , I’ve seen it all just like Qb and I learned everything from him at the beginning of the game because all other ytbers just wasn’t there he’s a og. Let me tell you this game doesn’t event know the chance it as to have all those great ytbers doing videos for that company they don’t even deserve it,. All those years those op reward tanks ruining the games for us, all the rigging exposed by qb and Claus kellerman those fucking paid company’s to fuck our games up and we still buy those damn premiums hahaha what a fucking joke my friends for real. anyways I stopped playing wot and my life is doing 110% better, enough with all these frustrations and u should all consider it. It’s all just pixels ain’t worth all those frustrations, the bad teams that will never end anyways ciao wg go steal someone else money. THE SHIP AS SAILED!!!!!

  27. TBH I reallly don’t think that 279e need a nerf(I don’t own this beast BTW).What? It’s simple, the amount of missions that you need to deal to get it is an pain in in a**.So getting 279e is endeless grind for most of us and I/We dont wont to get nerfed tank .And also something that I have to metion, is if I buy some prem tanks It’s because of the stats of it and then WG decide to nerf any of them I really think they need to refund my/our money and they can take it away because its not the tank that I/we purchased,I really do understand the policy of WG(grad the money from those players) making new line with op top tier, getting players to grind,spend free xp or buying gold to get it soon as is it possible to be the king on the field and also for stats padders to get easy 3 marks.Then after 1/2 months they decide to nerf the tank/s.WG stop making new prem.tanks, make better maps, start again clan wars.Sorry for being out of the content a little bit.

  28. The soundpack does get boring and repetative very fast

  29. Me knowing the weakspots of the 279e is just funny. outplaying people, that probably bought the tank, in my amx 50b because they think theyre invincible. They just drive out willy nilly to get a single shot into me and i pump my full clip of 1600 damage in their face. They do it again and i shut them down while they did a meager 800 damage after being sent back to the garage 😂

  30. 1:55 Yeah, I’m that guy, QB. Sad, but true.

  31. Premium tanks and premium gold ruins this game. That’s why I didn’t play it anymore cuz it’s pay to win

  32. Kamoliddin Muhiddinov

    Which mod and how can I do that QB did here: 9:19
    I am dying to know that. Please, leave comment! Thank you!

  33. one of many big scams in the game!!:..its just a ridiculous tank in a more ridiculous stupid game!

  34. I do enjoy heat spamming them in my 777, it’s funny watching them panic

  35. They nerf all the tanks that normal players can use, but not these monsters… WG needs to make happy its high-spending chickens.

  36. I was playing tier 8’s yesterday and twice got destroyed by one of these. They should only get tier 10 games.

  37. Part of the problem is you look at the real vehicle the tracks dont cover the whole front end there is a hull section between the left pair of tracks and the right pair of tracks however the real tank was modeled in Armoured warfare just proir to its release into WOT so for some reason they made their model a nonexistant vehicle but still called ita 279 but added the E to it when infact there was no such tank just the 279 but since when is that new in WOT that they invent vehicles that never existed and in many cases were never any serious designs just well the perfect tank would have this hull look and this turret loojk and this gun type or size and then they make it you have to use gold ammo to even stand a chance to do damage to these invented tanks all to make this game as pay to win as possible.Also QB you say your plays for free account you never spend any of your money on which is hard to imagine IF as when i played WOT you only had 3 garage slots for free unless you got a reward tank or a premium one as you had to purchase slots to have more than 3 tanks, So my question about your plays for ree account is how many garage slots have you purchased for that account and how many did you get given to you for winning extra reward tanks etc that you had already won etc so this gave you those extra slots for free?

  38. This Tank really is a scab tank worse than the Artar cancer

  39. how can you still be playing this piece of shit of a game?

  40. I will never understand what’s this guys problem with this tank…The effort and time it takes to get and then my reward should be just another average, balanced whatever tank??
    For the time I put in to get I want it to be OP and destroy other people. If anything I want it to be even stronger, cannot wait for the new equipment.

  41. I can never understand how I can’t shoot thought the track and hit the belly of the tank, sure it don’t have a lower plate but crew must be standing/sitting on something or are they running on the tracks

  42. I want to see 1 279e VS 15 TOG IIs in an assault map.

  43. 3:29 that shot straight through the gun AND hull

  44. All you can do is give your opinion and try. Great video

  45. And only the best of the best players can get their hands on this. Again proving wargaming protects their best players to make sure their stats just gets better and better

  46. 279e doesn’t need a nerf the enemies didn’t push as group the pushed one by one like noobs

  47. How could u pen the IS3-2 gun barrel?
    ohh and for the 297 it would be the best if WG only give players as a time limited gift whos WG rating is under 2k and win rating under 47% and have at least over 3k games just to make things a bit closer to be a fair game 😀

  48. you like to hear your own voice tell you how good you are.

  49. Please don’t nerf it just yet… I still haven’t even got it lol

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