This Tank Is A Land Battleship

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Source: Spookston

The Japanese Ka-Chi is a somewhat rare event tank in . It's special in that it has pontoons that turn it into a quasi boat. The pontoons give it a ton of extra survivability, and the cannon is quite potent.

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Various Command and Conquer: Generals Tracks

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This Tank Is A Land Battleship


  1. I should’ve used sea shanties as background music for this one

  2. Not stupid enough, add a second turret

  3. hi spookston, i think you should maybe try the low tier premium Italian tank M14/41. its a stupidly potent vehicle with respectable armor, speed and reload rate but gets the addition of a unbelievably potent round and a 13.2mm machinegun in the hull. i have literally dropped 13 kill games multiple times in a row with this thing. it is a force of nature.

  4. The Budgie Admiral

    How about a Panzer IV video?

  5. Day 1 of asking for u to play the staghound

  6. your mother is a land battleship

  7. Ευαγγελος Παπαθεοδωρου

    Would you kindly play the T-55M Swedish Tech Tree Please? Day 1 of Asking

  8. spookston do you live in Texas?!?

  9. EdwardVonHorseteeth

    Please play the OF40 8.0…. it is quite literally the leopard 1 but with a laser rangefinder and and better turret armor(Its not thicker per se, but lots of weird plates) It also has a surprisingly good suspension.

  10. Play the ARL-44!

  11. I have never had an issue killing this thing, even with heat, if you aim for the turret it almost always kills.

  12. CV90120 I WANT CV90120 I LOVE CV90120 I NEED CV90120 PLEASE PLAY CV90120

  13. im curious to know what gaijin will do when they eventually add all millitary vehicles in the world

  14. Day 130 of asking Spookston to play the rooikat mttd

  15. I just noticed, there was almost no CAS this video.

  16. All should have access to it.

  17. day 78: asking spookston to play type-10

  18. 3:26 Where are they 😢

  19. day 14 of asking spookston to play wt mobile

  20. Don’t call it “baby jail” haha😅 13:47

  21. Day 12 of asking spookston to play the Sturer Emil

  22. Man the the team rocket reference got me

  23. Video 2 of asking for the shit little 2.3 valentine

  24. Is that a MFing Bruiser clip?!?😮

  25. Metal slug would be proud

  26. zeno god of everything

    Show us your red rocket

  27. type 89

  28. hello panzer 4/70(V) when

  29. Day 10 of asking spooks to play the M4A3 (105)

  30. Wait, are the tracks clipping into the corner of the front bow?

  31. 8:32 SCP-035 looken ass

  32. I felt called out at 9:40, its 9:10pm and i didnt drink anything, still in my work pants on the sofa

  33. I Sadly didn’t get the ka chi and as a huge amphibian tank fan it’s really annoying because it’s the most built for water and probably one of the best amphibian tanks does anyone know a way to get the ka chi today?

  34. (Sorry to ask but) Video 93 of asking for AMX-50 Foch or CA Lorraine Gameplay

  35. 13:57 the daemon’s speech to me as I, mortally wounded, crawl to the back of the bunker to trigger the back up melta bomb

  36. you should paly the dicker max or sturer emil so you can further increase your depression

  37. This tank’s probably faster when it’s in the water than when it’s on land, would make sense that an Amphibious vehicle would sacrifice speed on land.

  38. Not an Iron cross. Romanian armored forces roundel based on the Balkenkreuz.

  39. Can you play the M22 pleas

  40. 5:18 Spookston, that’s the Romanian Armed Forces decal. You just triggered an entire country with just a few words.

  41. NotSoRacistRaspberry

    Played against a guy with a 66% win and 16k games. He was spamming bushes and using tanks like the premuim T34S and KV1E. To my surprise he played a lot of high tier. People like that are so scummy. Like you are a good player the least you could do is not give level 12s absolute cancer.

  42. The fight with the LVTs turned ground battles to Naval battles for a moment

  43. Drive out the SMK!!!

  44. Hasty Hans with his Panzerschokolade

  45. Day 14 of asking Spookston to play the italian P40

  46. Look guys it’s a vehicle u pay real money for being overpowered

  47. seriously. youtube just gave me a notification for this. i had even watched it already

  48. day 31 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  49. 5:03 That was a great time for the War Thunder nuke ad to play for me.

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