This Tank Is Absolutely Devious

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Source: Spookston

German SPz 12-3 LGS is the latest battlepass reward tank in War Thunder, and I think it's quite fun. It might not be the fastest, but its armament more than makes up for it.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Various Command and Conquer: Generals Tracks

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This Tank Is Absolutely Devious


  1. New historical video this Sunday hopefully

  2. I come for the gameplay I stay for the halo one liners

  3. Play the Sd.Kfz.234/3

  4. Attemp 5 of asking Spookston to play the Su-122 br.2.3 version

  5. Bro spook if the leopards ugly what does that make the abrams, its so unsymetrical and its turret is also huge 💀

  6. spookston you should play the strv 74 because it looks very funny

  7. Every time I see the recoilless rifle in a thumbnail I get my hopes up. You better try the HESH when you inevitably play the type 60 sprg!

  8. LEGO Arms Manufactur

    Can you play the Jagtpanzer G1

  9. The complaints are from German mains what did you expect

  10. I must disagree with that Leopard 2 statement

  11. commit self deletus

    Leopard 2 has a massive turret, abrams is way too asymmetrical, the challenger looks alright but it’s British, the leclerc doesn’t look alright and it’s French.
    So are there just no good looking western tanks?

  12. The devious Centauro sounds somehow…

  13. 3:10 I hate wehraboos as much as any other man, but you just freeaboo’d so hard there I had to hold the vomit back

  14. This turret gives me strong Pz. II vibes

  15. I look at the Leopard 2 from top and I f**king love it

  16. Hey, day 5 of asking for the comet!

  17. Hey Spookston, you should try out the AMX-50 Foch

  18. Could you play the aml 90

  19. Plz play kv 1 c spookston

  20. video 65 of asking for strv 103

  21. Video 28 of asking Spookston to play the Ratel 90

  22. Leo 2 a5 and 2 a6 ugly ??? 2 a4 kinda ugly yes but defenitly the sexy arrow headed leopards.

  23. Day 6 please play the 2S38


  25. Thank you for documenting my untimely death lol 2:04

  26. My friend calls this a rat vehicle. So small it’s easy to overlook, tends to scurry in and out from behind vehicles or cover, and deals some surprising damage.

  27. Dont know what you are talking about Leopard 2 with out the turret weges is a sexy tank. Leopard 1 rear quarter view is also very good looking

  28. This game supports russia

  29. Leopards look sexy. Pre or Post A6.

    You cope ❤❤❤

  30. but can it swim? FIAT wins again

  31. pls post control scheme

  32. Ontos is by far the best gargoyle tank in the game

  33. Reach image and music appreciated

  34. Round 83 for the Ariete Spaghetti

  35. I have to disagree completely. Tanks with big Turrets are some of the best looking in general, as long as the turret doesn’t look like it is “detached” from the hull like on the TV-8, with so much empty space between the turret and the hull.

  36. 54th video asking for a T-55 video

  37. Ok, the fact you say the Leo2 is not beautiful means this video is disliked.

    How in the hell you think the late Leos are not beautiful? What is wrong in your head? Seriously.

  38. Play the t 35 if you like multi turret

  39. what’s that scream sound at 2:05 ? xDDDD

  40. STRV 122 is much more beautiul than the leopard 2 smhmyhead

  41. 3:45 My brother in Christ, you are describing every modern western MBT.

  42. Algirdas Radzevicius

    Nineteenth time asking you to play BM-8-24 (perfect low tier rocket launcher)

  43. Day 12 of asking spookston to play the Chi Ha short gun

  44. Day 2 of asking for your pizza sauce recipe

  45. What is the soundtrack at the very beginning of the video? Sounds like halo?

  46. The reasons why this tank IS utter garbage are many:
    1st. both the recoilless gun & the 20mm turret have a abysmal slow traverse “speed”.
    2nd The 20mm turret can ONLY move ±100°, (can’t shoot behind or rear side)
    3rd The 20mm has only 6° of depression & a very limited 20° of elevation, this means u can’t even engage most planes.
    (unless they attack in a very shallow angle AKA noob pilots.

    4th Ur reverse “speed” is with 13km/h is almost as bad as the ruzzians.
    5th The Recoilless Rifle has even worse elevation of 13° wtf is even that?

    The only good thing about it is, its MOSTLY .50 cal prove & has 5x meat armor.

  47. The ugliest tanks are born the most powerful.

  48. will you play the is3??

  49. 1:32 ltg reference

  50. bounced off the ground, the warhead was set off on the tracks rendering it less effective, and still penned at a shallow angle and blew him up, paid actors XD

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